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My Angel Secret Santa

I hear you grumbling that the holidays are over and you don't want to read anymore about them unless it's a picture of my assembled Tower of Power. Yes, Balsam has headed for the hills but the ToP still sits in the box, thanks to TW. But this is a beautiful Christmas story that deserves to be told.

Back in November I signed up on @CheshireK's blog for Secret Santa—not to be confused with the Secret Paws that Brulee and Truffle's Mom Paula works so hard at. This one is mainly Twitter anipals and this was the 2nd year I was participating. Around December 10th, I sent out a nice package of toys and treats to the cat I was matched up with and what a package it was—Halo treats, Greenies® treats, not one but 2 kickers, a laser toy and more. My package arrived in Pennsylania safely.

Angel Ryker
I waited and waited for my Secret Santa to arrive. December 20th … nothing. Christmas Eve … nothing. December 26th … still nothing. New Year's Eve … nothing. I was stiffed and I wasn't happy. Sure, I won close to $75 worth of swag in December and it seemed like the peeps were picking up packages for me everyday. It's the principle of the thing; I wanted what was due me. I wondered if it was lost in the mail or just deliberately not sent. I learned from the other CK that my Secret Stiffer was from overseas and since most of the cats on the list are from Australia, I'm hoping that Mr. Custom's Man didn't bring it home to his cat. Na mean?

I did what anybody who feels cheated does in these times—I posted about it on Facebook. The unexpected happened: an Angel read my post. Angel Ryker Richman. Last Thursday I received a Priority Mail package that said "Secret Paws." The return address read Maxwell, Faraday and Allie of A Tonk's Tail (er…Tale…). TW was leaky eyed before we even opened it up. Inside the box were so many presents and they were wrapped with tissue paper and ribbon. Being a cat, I was instantly entranced by the ribbon. TW tried to get a photo session but that wasn't happening.

Whoa! Check out this ribbon!

Score! They really know how to wrap for a cat!

Of course, TW had to taunt me with the ribbon, only to hide it from me later on.

I"ll get you, you little red tease!

Feel the teeth of pain!

My package included a nice card from Ryker and Allie. They talked Faraday and Maxie into sending some toys to this little stiffed kitteh. Lemme tell you about all the cool loot. There was a door knob dangler, wand toy, 3 pink smousies from Allie's private collection, her snowman covered with primo nip, and a spool with feathers. There was a toy for each day of Chanukah, which they celebrate and I may start celebrating. Oh yeah, I don't know why they had to send TW stuff also. Lord knows she has enough. They sent her a cutting board with a pad and pen and sunglasses and a Laurel Birch case for them. She loved and appreciated her gifts as much as I loved mine.

I love all my new toys even if TW had to Photoshop me in the pic!

Guarding my new blue spool and snowman.

I've played extensively with the wand toy and woke Pop up the other morning playing hockey with the spool, which is sure to put a smile on Faraday's face. What a great toy! I've sniffed the snowman and jumped for the pink smousies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Angel Ryker for thinking of me and also to Mom Lisa. Thanks Ryker's Boyz and Allie!

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  1. Yeowsers! There really are such pawsome furriends in our paw blog community. I did not get my Secret Paws either, from Truffle and Brulees' excellently managed event. I think I am now the only one, or maybe there is one other, but my Secret Paws was also international, sent their package Nov 28 (they reported to Mom Paula)...but sadly, I never received it...bummer 'cuz this was my first year...but Maxwell, Allie and Faraday and Angel Ryker give me great hope for next year. Paw hugs, your BFGF Savannah

  2. That Faraday and Maxie are just the best to send you a secret Santa package. We are so glad they did that. Their Mom Lisa is just the best. And they look like great fun prezzies. Take care.

  3. Wow what a haul CK...and all that wonderful red ribbon too...So next year you'll be doing the Chanukah Crawl with us I guess ... welcome to the faith BOL! So when exactly can we expect to see that Tower of Power? Your audience awaits!

  4. You have very wonderful furriends!

  5. That was so sweet and kindhearted of them! What great friends!

  6. Awww sweetie- that is such a thoughtful and caring family. Congratulations.,

  7. Those guys are the best! Simba won the gift cards to use on Shutterfly from them, and the humans got a whole bunch of 5 x 7 prints done of the BABY. Though we wish they had gotten all those pics done of US, we still appreciate their super giveaway.

    Wonder what happened to your original Secret Santa package. In our experience, sometimes stuff from overseas can be sent the long way round via China or sumthin'.

  8. That was very sweet of them to do! And may the kitties who stiffed you be blessed with a bad case of dog breath!

  9. Oh that is such a heartwarming story it makes us all leaky eyed in a good way. Angel Ryker, Mom Lisa, Ryker's Boyz and Allie are tops.

  10. That was so sweet of all the Richman kitties and their human! They are awesome!

  11. How nice of them to send you a Secret Santa package!

    We're sorry your Secret Santa package never arrived. We had a similar situation a couple years ago but the other way around...we sent a package to an Australian kitty and it never arrived....though the post office said it did...but you know how screwed up the P.O. can be. We sent the coolest stuff! We bet some customs person's cat got some really fun toys and treats.

  12. Sorry you got stiffed but wow that's a lot of cool stuff from Ryker's crew! How very sweet of them!

  13. That was very nice of them. We always try to be positive and hope the package is just delayed from the post office and you'll receive it. Sometimes that happens. We only have one kitty on the CB Secret Paws that hasn't received his/her package and we have a copy of the tracking paperwork showing it was sent November 28. We're keeping our paws crossed it will arrive soon!

  14. That's really sweet. Cat people seem to be especially nice. When we moved to our new place and mom didn't have any green papers (hers never does as hers is on a "fixed income") a bunch of our kitty friends and moms jumped in and helped us get some things for ours new place! We is so greatful to has such wonderful friends!

    We is sure glad that they sent you a prezzie! So sweet :)

  15. They is just the nicest! Woowzers! Yous is a furry lucky cat! Me did not gets any secret Santas Stuff the Christmas either, but that was because MOmmy forgotted to sign us up! Wes is never going to forgives her.

  16. Wow! Score! We lubs the Tonk's Tails kitties and Humans and now we love them EVEN MORE.

    Yeah, CK, I'm thinking about the whole Chanukah thing too--I mean EIGHT nights? Think of the loot potential in THAT!

  17. What sweet furriends! That's what the CB is all about. xoxo

  18. Oh how kind of Ryker Boyz & Allie. They are great so we are not surprised they took pity on you. Nice One! Maybe your other stuff will eventually get to you? Overseas post can be way slow and during the xmas period even slower. Enjoy your brilliant swag Keisha. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  19. Homey, what can I say. ryker is still watching out for us! Maybe I can share some of our toys with ken and Parker scent on them? Ken is a silvavine head, BTW. Nip is good, too, but the vine....

  20. this be WAY total lee awesum oh de rykers boyz N allie cathy keisha and ewe did get sum grate gifts !!! high paws N headbonks...ouch.... ta yur secret santaz known az rykerz N allie N mom :)....

  21. Such purr-fectly pawsome gifts from incredible blog friends! Thank you for sharing this! Purrs...

  22. Those kitties are all heart. I bet this was a Christmas ...or Chanukah... you'll never forget.

    We just love Allie, Maxwell and FaRADay. They are always cracking us up.

    xo, Katie

  23. No ToP? I think we're going to have to repurrt TW to the SPCA, don't you? I mean, honestly, Christmas was like ***16*** days ago!!

  24. Awww that was so very nice of Maxwell, Faraday and Allie!

    You know, I sent a package to New Zealand recently and it took about a month to arrive, so maybe, just maybe, it can still arrive...

    Humans are so lazy! They could invent something to send through our Internet connection so that packages of goodies would arrive instantly!

    Have fun with your new toys!


  25. Maxwell: *bluuuush* awwww, Miz CK...*scuffs paw* why it was nuthin really....

    Allie: Oh girlfriend, we tuxies look OUT for each other!
    :::secret paw gang sign to Sister-From-Another-Mother:::

  26. CK, we are sorry you got stiffed, but we are glad that Ryker, Allie, Faraday and Mom Lisa were so thoughtful. We are plas with them, and they are SO awesome. :)

  27. Yeah, In Australia and New Zealand, The custom always took the treats for their woofies ! anything kitties can eat and all natural products are not allowed. Some they may can received but they have to pay big bucks to get it. It's evil and it happens here CK.

    And Hooray for all gift ! keep you busy, hah ? ; )
    Have a fabulous time CK.


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