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Blog the Change—Help Wanted

Linda rescues Hope.

My favorite animal rescue is A Call 4 Paws, in Jersey City, NJ. We've become friends with the owner, Linda Perez, and her son, Steve, who's studying to be a Veterinarian. Linda also owns some land in Jonestown, PA, which she converted into a Cat Sanctuary. At the beginning of this year, the lady who was taking care of the cats at the sanctuary left. Linda is looking for someone to live at the Sanctuary. This person must be responsible and must love cats since they'll be looking after them; i.e. feeding them, cleaning their boxes and bedding, providing them with love, etc. In return, the person gets free rent and utilities. In short, this is a perfect job for an artist, writer, retiree, or someone who loves cats and wants to make a difference.

Let me give you some background on A Call 4 Paws and their Cat Sanctuary from an article I did back in 2011. Unfortunately, Linda's is too busy saving the lives of animals who have been abandoned or abused to be innerviewed at this time. You can see some of their adoptable pets at

Can you find me in the picture? Reporting is hard work.

This is Stunning Keisha, your Roman reporter, coming to you from the A Call 4 Paws Cat Sanctuary in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. I'm here to find out just how hard life could be for these 60 or so feral kittehs that were taken off the mean streets of Jersey City, NJ, by Linda Perez and her staff, who also do TNR. These kind animal lovers drive through the city with a car full of cat and dog noms looking for strays. Once apprehended, they are taken to Bayonne Veterinary Medical Building where they're spayed or neutered and given a thorough exam. The social ones are put into foster homes until they're adopted and the feral ones are sent up the river to this 4-acre community, where they nurse them back to health and try to rehabilitate—er, socialize—them so they can be adopted. This is more luxury hotel than jail.

For those who don't know, I started out as a feral cat from those same mean streets. I wasn't taken to a resort like this. I was shipped to a kill shelter. A rescue then brought me to a no-kill shelter. I was thrown into a cell and never properly socialized. When I was adopted, my peeps couldn't pet me. I would attack at a moment's notice. My peeps think I must've been abused on the street because I still cower when a hand is raised to pet me. This upsets my peeps since they've never tried to hurt me.

Linda has provided us with these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. As you can see, these cats are treated with tender, loving care. They have a human who lives rent-free at the sanctuary, who's sole job is to take care of the darlings. The cats live in four heated houses. They sleep on bunk beds and cozy cushions. Whoa, this IS band camp!

Crowd into the photo. I'm gonna make you famous!

What I found were happy cats who were glad to tell me their stories. They told of how much they appreciated living in the lap of luxury while still keeping it real. Some are hardened Alleys; others are wishing for furever homes. That little calico on the top bunk on the left wanted to sneak a ride home with me! Many were reluctant to talk about the crimes they had committed back in Jersey City. I did find out what goes on in the bunks, stays in the bunks. Just for the record, I would like to know which [censored] stole my wallet.

What goes on in the bunks stays in the bunks. Really, do these guys look feral?
The one in the wicker bed was adopted after this story ran!

Now comes the messy part: To keep up this level of care and rehabilitation, Linda and her staff need money. She needs funds for the veterinary bills and for the upkeep of the Sanctuary. There are taxes, gas and electric bills and water bills to be paid, as well as the cost of buying food, litter and all the necessities to keep cats happy and healthy. The sanctuary also needs donations of cleaning supplies, paper plates and other housekeeping items. Really, do any of you want to see these cats living on the streets again—panhandling or washing your car's windshield with a dirty rag—just because they may be deemed anti-social? Many of these Alleys will resort to selling nip that isn't organic and robbing delis and Chinese delivery men. That's why the peeps and I have provided over $500 in donations of my slightly used toys, beds, scratching posts, carriers and cat food; plus the peeps old towels, blankets, clothing, etc. Before we throw anything out, we call Linda to see if she could use it. Judging from conditions here, everything gets put to good use.

 If you, or one of your friends, would like to talk with Linda about the job at the Sanctuary, you can e-mail or give her a call at 201-736-6625.

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  1. What they're doing there to keep the Alleys off the streets and from selling non-organix nip? That's amazing. Pawesome. Fantasmagorical.

    We wish the world were made up of more Lindas and Steves. And TWs and Pops. (And CKs of course).

  2. Great story and just LOOK at that place! That's a world worth supporting! Thanks for sharing this. Purrs from your friends at

  3. They are sure doung some amazing things and I hope they get lots of help, they sure deserve it!

  4. Great job reporting CK. This place looks awesome for the kitties. Glad they have a safe place to go!

  5. That place looks like a cat hotel. Fabulous job Linda does. We wish her well. Have a terrific Tuesday Keisha.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. we love hearing about places and people like this.....

  7. Keep my paws crossed that they will find a human that can live there and take care of all these beutiful cat´s !

  8. Awww, I knew you were adopted but not that you had been feral. So sorry to hear about the possible past trauma in your life.

    The kitties in this sanctuary are so lucky to have such good people taking care of them and to have good friends like you and your peeps. Thank you. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  9. Oh I would love that job if I weren't already a goatherd and taking care of my cats.

    That was an excellent repawting job.

  10. That was a great report, CK. We are so thankful that these kitties are being so well-cared for. We hope they find a caretaker really soon.

  11. Wow, what an amazing way to care for the kitties! Man, that job sounds wonderful! I hope they get someone for it soon! Imangine, all that kitty lovin' and getting to live there, for free too! Wow!

  12. What an amazing place...they are really making a big difference in the lives of our furry, feral friends. You're a special kitty,'ve lived to tell your story and you know what? YOU make a difference too.
    Glogirly & Katie

  13. This sounds like a fantastic place helping many cats in your area. Thank you for highlighting such an important cause and for doing all you can to support them. Most rescues like A Call 4 Paws are far too busy caring for animals to brag about themselves so I am very glad you shared them with the world in your post. The more support sanctuaries receive, the more animals can be saved.

    Thank you so much for participating in Blog the Change!

    Team BTC

  14. hmmmm...I'm thinking raising some donations for this place is a really good idea. Let me think on it

  15. CK such a great job you've done highlighting the issues here! There must be someone out there somewhere for such a job!!!

  16. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes at the A Call 4 Paws sanctuary, CK! It is an awesome place, although I imagine some of the cats there are hardened criminals - kind of like Binga!

  17. Talk about a purrfect job for the right person. Wonderful story!

  18. Great artical CK. I love a shelter like that - they have done the very best they can do.

  19. Dammit if I didn't have my husband I would move in in a heartbeat. What a wonderful woman!

  20. What a pawsome place for those kitties. We hope they find wonderful forever homes!!

    The Florida Furkids

  21. Thanks for telling us about A Call 4 Paws and the cat sanctuary, CK. The mom says if she didn't have us, oh and dad too, she'd be on a plane to PA to take care of all those kitties.

  22. Awesome post! It's great that your friend has been able to save so many pets. I hope she finds someone to care for the santuary!

    Christie from

  23. Wow--for a minute the Human had a fantasy about up and quitting her day job .... but then she a-membered she has a contract, and we duz love San Francisco. But what a terrific job!!

    For what it's worth: I was never abused--I was being raised as a good feral kitten by my mom when someone scooped us up and brought us to the vet near the park. The techs there loved on me (not that it led anywhere, you understand) and took really good care of us and then one day the Human came and got me. And yet--I too cower away when the Human reaches to pet me, especially if her hand is coming toward my face! The vet said it's often just a reaction of ferals who are afraid of being picked up or touched and not necessarily because kitty was abused. My Human always feels kinda bad about it too, though I'm a little better about it now and don't cringe away or run away as much as I used to. So who knows, eh?

  24. What a great post about such a cool place! Thanks CK!
    Me has dreams that Mommy will quits her day job so she is at home with me every day and caters to my every whim -- hold it a minute, she does that now, and job like that... me would has to share....
    OK, Me is happy with the current status quo.. but that sounds like a great people's job.

  25. I love that they are giving feral kitties a safe place to stay, it warms my hear!! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. Miss CK,

    Your blog just won the lucky 9 ! My mom will do the graphic for your next special event. Please see the detail on my blog.


  27. this bee a pawesum storee cathy keisha; thanx for sharin N how way awesum wood this job bee ta help theez kittehs....we hope they finds a grate caregiver; pleez ta tell yur mom... ta tell linda... her mite wanna post her job on

    coz it's all bout pets...well OK....other stuff two...

    N sorree we dunno what a blog hop iz...due we get a kangaroo az a prize ore sumthing ???

  28. Amazing cat sanctuaries. If I was a kid just starting out after college this would be the ideal place to set up shop. Hope they find a good person soon. Thanks for posting!

  29. I wish I weren't so far away, I'd apply for the position! Thank cod for Linda, and all who help her in caring for the homeless pets.

    Wishing all who want one a forever home very soon,
    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas
    Team BtC4A

  30. Hi CK - thanks for participating in Blog the Change Day! You know this really doesn't look like the Big House. I think it's one of those country club prisons they send white collar criminals to! I think the peeps are great for helping to support Linda and her rescue. I hope they find a sucker -er, I mean animal lover to help out with the sanctuary! ;-)

  31. Great post CK! That is a wonderful organization. Love the kitty bunk beds.


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