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Lucky Seven Pawty

Glogirly made me this stunning avatar because today is my 7th Gotcha Day. My peeps have got to be the luckiest peeps in the history of the world. You can read my Gotcha story here, here and here. You might want to skip directly to parts 2 and 3 since the type is kind of small on the first one.

Come on it and join in the celebration!

Welcome to my crib. You can leave the prezzies on Pop's bed.

My furrends at Nipclub gave me this!


Get the Party Started by Pink on Grooveshark

Feel free to take as much as you want. We will restock as needed. We have a pork appetizer stuffed with nip, a meat platter, prawns, an assorted savory platter, chick-hen platter, grilled seafood, sammiches and Blimpie platter. I'm sure even my woofie guests will find something to eat. My posse—'Rson Kitty, P.Kitty and Jamal—is ready to serve you or you can serve yourself.

We have a delicious dessert tray, highlighted by the lifelike CK chocolate fondue, designed by Nipclub's @TinyPearlCat! We have French pastries, canollis, a cake baked by my Twitter furrend @NancyCakeFace and the stunning CK chocolate fondue. There's also a fully stocked bar. HHGutt will be mixing drinks and if he tries any funny business, let me know.

If you get tired of playing on my Tree of Pain or the other 2 cat trees, bunnykicking the kickers and running through my tunnels, I have an array of activities set up in the courtyard. There are playground activities, a huge slide to climb on and everycat's favorite activity—Dumpster Diving! TW nixed the roller coaster, unfortunately. Don't be scared of the dogs that live in my complex. My armed posse will stand guard. They know how to use those stun guns. I'm sure you won't be bored.

Don't forget to take a swag bag on the way out. It'll contain some or all of the following fun toys: smousies, springs, balls, kickers and, of course, feathers. For the woofies, we have some squeakies and chew toys (not pictured).

Thanks for stopping by my pawty! Hope you had fun and enjoyed all the noms. You can leave my prezzies on Pop's bed.

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  1. OMC ! Am I the first to arrive to your Party ??!!

    Pawsome PARTY , Pawsome nom´s and games and Swag Bag !


  2. Kathy, am I too early?? I couldn't wait to get here..MOC..oops, OMC, I can't believe all the goodies and rides??!! What fun we'll be having! You went all out, sweet thang. Hey, Kjelle, good to see you here!

    Oh, I almost forgot, I brought you a nip nosegay, so you'll have to find a container for it..

    Happy Gotcha Day, lovely (and stunning) CK! Mmm..::looks around::where do I begin..wheeeeee!

    (Tinker and the rest of the guys'll be over later)

  3. Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!

    The food is fabulous we really have to stop eating we are going to bust. Oh OK we will have just one more bite.........

    Now we are going to go sliding and stuffs to work off some of the calories.

    Thanks so much for inviting us.

    We hopes your Pop doesn't freak out to much when he sees the squirrels, live mice and voles we left on his bed for you. ~Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren

  4. Happy 7th Gotcha Day Keisha. Have a pawsome fun one. Hope you get lots of treats.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, dear friend. We got up early 'cause we couldn't wait to get in on the fun. Abbi did her best to break into our duck taped terrarium to pick you some juicy oat grass, but Mama taped the top down good. I give her an A for effort. We hope you have a happy, fun day. Wuv, Ateret (on behalf of Livia, Abbi and Mama).

  6. Happy Gotcha Day CK! Pawsome toys and noms. Knew you'd have a stunning layout.
    *ducky hugs* and purrrrrrrrrrr,
    George, Sanjee and the rest of the Hotties

  7. Happy Gotcha Day CK. I am sure you have enlivened your peeps lives in ways they can hardly describe.

    Thanks for all the great eats (burp) I'm off to nap now.

  8. Happy happy Gotcha Day CK! Thanks for the links to your backstory...It sure was a trial for your folks but you are most worth all the effort...I had a great time at your party and loved all the noms

  9. Happy, Happy Gotcha!!!!!
    ...does this mean I can climb your ToP???

    We sure hope you have a really special day...we know TW and Pop think you're really special. : )

    Thanks for all the laughs, all the stunningness that you are. Don't ever change.

    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, CK! We're so excited to be here to help you celebrate your special day!

    We brought you an heirloom nip plant and some nommy shrimps (we put them on Pop's bed, so hopefully nokitty gets to them before you have a chance to enjoy them).

    Thank you for being stunning, and for being our friend!

    Hugs and baps!

    Sammy and Moosey, and all the cats at PAWS (oh, and meowmeowmans, too)

  11. Happy gotcha to you! Hope you have a great time at your party and at home tonight!

  12. thanx for hostin this way awesum partee cathy keisha; anda happy gotcha day two ewe N heerez ta 77 mor...hope ya end up with a 2013 furrareez, a new cat tree with a frig attached, full lee stocked, cash, cash cash cash cash, sum toys, treetz, a masterCAT card, flounder, sea bass, trout, steaks, nip N grass, perch, mackeral, white fish, ham samiches N we think yur dad's bed just busted thru de floor ...enjoy yur day, peace out N partee on and manee thanx for de swag bag N give R share oh de burd featherz pleez ta ...sammy N moosey !!! ya noe.... :)

  13. puff,puff, pant, pant...whew...I was here first thing this morning...but stupid iPad won't let me leave comment...I just remembered and ran to our laptop...HAPPY GOTCHA DAY Cathy BFGF furrever!!! very warm paw hugs, Savvy

  14. Happy Gotcha Day CK!!!! Your peeps were so very lucky!

  15. Happy gotcha day, CK! In spite of all your misgivings, you did wind up in the right home!

  16. FaRADaY: DIBS on the tunnels!!!

    Maxwell: Happy #7 Miz CK!

    Allie: You GO girlfriend! Swag bags and everything? *Squee!* The event of the century for sure!

  17. Concatulations on your 7th Gotcha Day. Quite a part you have going on here.

  18. UP NORTH IS IN DA HOUSE!!! CK you are 7 times more stunning today than on day 1. Thanks for the pawesome party, let's jam!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  19. you really know how to throw a pawty!! The food is delicious and the swag bag is beyond cool!!!
    Love, Cody

  20. Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!! Concatulations on your pawsome forever home! Great pawty!!!

  21. Happy gotcha day! You're 7 gotcha years young, and what a party!!

  22. Happy Gotcha Day Miss CK
    Mol ... Yep ! Your human is the luckiest human in the history
    And OMC ! Lots of FOOD ! Yay

  23. Whoohoo! Happy Gotcha Day, CK! This sure is a fun party!!


  24. That is so much fun!!
    Happy Happy Gotcha Day, I believe your bean must very happy to have you!

  25. Happy Lucky 7 CK! Pawsome pawty - but then everything you do is pawsome! May all yourdays be as happy as your Gotcha Day! ((HUGS))

  26. Hello My Darling! Well, well, well--this is QUITE a feast, and since the Human isn't around to make any nasty comments about my ever expanding girth, I can really enjoy myself! Hmmmmmmm--I think I'll start with some shrimp washed down by a perfectly chilled Niptini and then a couple sammiches and a beer. Then no one will keep me away from the cannolis.

    I'm kinda full to start playing right away--maybe you'd join me up on the ToP for a little nappy? Then we can groom each other's faces and go back to the pawty?

    I left a sweet little snake on Pop's bed--I'm sorry 'cause I think it might be eating some of the voles Fenris brought. Well, it should provide some fun playtimes later--and if you're not in the mood, you can always put him in TW's bed, ha ha ha! The Humans just love a fun prank like that!

    Thanks for the invite, CK! You throw a mean Pawty! Happy Gotcha Day ;-)

  27. Runing thru the door, hope there is something left since I'm late for this gotcha day bash) singing HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO YOUUU, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO YOUUU. Happy Gotcha Day dear CKkkkk. Happy Gotcha Day to you. SMOOCH! Wow girl - you really know how to throw a pawty. I can't believe all the special noms, Oh, tell Pops I'm sorry to do this to him, but I added some more squeaking mousies and jumping tree frogs to the pile of anipals hopping all over his bed. he he - I had to stop off and play with a couple myself. you know how it is - just couldn't resist! Thanks for inviting me CK. I'll just eat my way out the door now. nom nom nom

  28. Oh fanks for inviting me! I did rassle a little with some of the girlcats who thought they were tuff. You know mw. I won.

    Happy Gotcha Day to yoooo
    Happy Gotcha day to yoo
    Happy Gotcha day Dear CK
    Happy Gotcha Day to yoooooo

    And many MORE.

    I sorries but I horked on the beds. It was all the jumping around that brought up the bacon beer. Send Mommy the bill...


  29. CK you sure made impact on your family what a fantastic story. A
    very happy 7th Gotcha Day. Purrs.

  30. Oh my, what a party! Happy Gotcha Day! May there be many more.

    Purrs and headbonkies from Charlotte. She is not happy about us coming late, but at least we made it.

  31. What a great pawty!!!! We love the noms, and we is having a great time playing with you and all of our other furriends here!

    Thank you for inviting us over!!

    Carmine, Milita,a nd Jewel

  32. Happy Gotcha Day Cathy ... what a wonderful pawty and delicious noms ... ty ty ty xxx's with love

  33. We think we are fashionably late! Happy Gotcha Day, CK! We wish you many, many more years filled with love, fun and treats.

    What a great party & we love the chocolate fountain! Purrs!

  34. Sorry we are late!! Happy 7th Birthday Kathy and many, many, many mooooore!! WOW!!! What a cool party and the food is delicious!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  35. Wow, what an awesome Gotcha Day party CK! Happy 7th! Let's party!


  36. *brings you new soft blankie wif pink zebra stipes* Wooohooomeow! Sweet pawty! Zooooooooooms around n down slide wif everyone n runs over to wheel spin ride* flies around* then zooooooms over to noms n sits for a few* Nomms down excelent noms* You so good to us! *grabs swag bag n checks out every goodie* Woooomeow OMC Thank yous Big pawhugs TPC

  37. Woot woot! Pawty for yer birfday! *Zoomin up da cat trees, kickin all da kickers over to ya* Dis so much fun fanks you for invitin us!

    ~lub Gromek n Peanut!

  38. Err, PS I meaned to say HAPPY BIRFDAY sorry my typist been workin too much today! mol PS we lefted your pressie under da bed!

  39. Happy gotcha day you stunning girl you! Oh boy, what a party! all the yummies and all the toys.. we dont know where to start!

  40. Waaaahooo!!! Now this is a party!!! I've brought you 7 BIG smoochies, and I'm abut to bat one of those springs your way...

  41. We wanted to stop by and let you know that you are one of the winners of our contest!! Congratulations!!

    When you get a minute, could you please e-mail your address to us at fureverywhere [at] gmail [dot] com so we can send you some Greenies?

    We are excited about the new blog launch (which will hopefully be next week)!!

  42. Concats, sweetie! Gotcha Days are better than b'days 'cause those are the days our furrever families GOT us!

    Hope you had/have a super day my furriend!


  43. I'm so sorry we're late to the pawty CK but just wanted to say Happy Gotcha Day and maybe snaffle one or two tasty leftovers!! I see there are still the odd few who know how to outstay their welcome!!! ;0

    Love Austin xox

  44. What a pawsome pawty!!!!
    Yous is the hostess with the mostest!!!
    Og course me is always late (darn assistiant)
    Mes is going to sings yous the song!!!
    ♥♥♫♪Happy Gottcha Day to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸
    ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Gottcha Day to you ♪♫•*¨*
    •.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Gottcha Day Dear Kathy!!!!! ♪♫•*
    ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Gottcha Day to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
    Nellie (and Kozmo)

  45. Thanks for the great 49er picture! Come see! XOXOXO


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