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Thought I'd provide some Halloween fun, aka TREATS, for my furrends. Enjoy!

Sorry, I had to delete the original video from this post because it no longer exists on youtube. I wish everyone could've seen it. Don't you hate when music companies do that? Hiss!

And here's one starting the World's Most Stunning Cat. Musical clip is The Spooks are Coming by the Hawaiian Pups


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  1. That house is COOL!!!!! There's an interview on YouTube with the guy that created it. WOWEE!

    Happy Halloween, oh stunning friend of mine -
    xo Katie

  2. I wonder how much time it took to make that?

    Hey CK, I tried watching your video, but it said it was private!

  3. Holy Buckets - you and TW are really getting good at this bloggy stuff. That header is a WOWER! I'm wondering too, if it took a week just to make that header. At least it's keeping you busy and you don't have enough time to put the bitey on TW.

  4. haaaa!! The last video was hilarious!!! For a minute i thought she was going to use the pumpkin as a LITTER BOX!!!! lmao!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Happy Howloween! Great videos too!

  6. That header is terrific. This is one great Halloween post. Well done. CK, you almost got in that bucket. Have a really Happy Halloween. Hope you don't have too many tricksters.

  7. I wanna know how you made the lightening in the last picture!

  8. Happy Halloween :)
    Hope you had a lot of treats today !

  9. We loved your video, did you find any tuna in the treat pail? Great graphics! Happy Halloween CK! (PS: We made it over to vote for you last week, we hopes you win.)

  10. Woo-hoo! It was soooooo exciting to see you so lithe and supple exploring your territory! And gosh, I wish I had been there with you keyin' those rides and getting into trouble. Well, maybe later tonight? I have had a good nap.....

  11. Cute cute cute!!!!
    I enjoyed your videos!! Thank you so much!!!
    I am your new follower!!
    I have a Happy cat!! Come see when you have the time.


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