Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Words—Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Can you believe Pop is actually GIVING me his dinner? He can keep the sweet potato and the cranberries, I WANT THAT CHICK-HEN!!! (If'n you look closely, you can see Pop's cast way over to the right.

Click on the picture to go to the Anipal Academy Awards.
Last day to vote is Friday, October 28th. Please vote Cathy Keisha Sensational Cat and Best Blog. This blog is everything to me. xoxo


  1. You got chicken? Score! That's pawsome.

  2. Chicken and voting for you both sound darn good!!!

  3. Mmmm, chicken!!!! And thanks for the reminder - I still need to vote!

  4. We voted! Lucky CK, we love chicken AND sweet potatoes too!

  5. Hope you get it CK. I think it's the bestest.

  6. I voted for you, CK, from Brazil !!! Good Luck !

  7. Chick-hen??? Score! But why is your poor Pop not eating his dinner? I feel very protective of him now that you told me he approved of me.

    Sad to say, it's not a "real" mouse, in the sense of an actual small scurrying thing that you could help me kill.

    On the other hand, it survives all kinds of abuse, and we could kill it everyday if you teleported over.

  8. I love your blog, it makes my day to read your posts! I also voted accordingly.

    I couldn't find a way to contact you, I would like to invite you to an impromptu Halloween Party that Liberty Humane Society is organizing in Jersey City this Saturday, Oct. 29th (4-6pm). So if you don't have any plans and will be in the area, it would be amazing for you to swing by. Or send The Woman as your rep. Email me at at if you're interested.

    (sry, this is NOT a spam or scam; I volunteer for the shelter and hope you could swing by!)

  9. Chick-hen, we'll be right ofur! We voted fur you again!

  10. Chick-hen is sooo jummy !
    Me and mom will run of and vote fur you now :)

  11. I am sorry but that sweet potato looks like a friggin TORPEDO!!!! roflmao! I'm not gonna even say what else it looks like! lol

    Shame on you! Cranberry sauce out of a can???? Boil some cranberries w/mandarin orange sections, add some cinnamon, sugar, a little red wine (if you wish) and a bit of water or orange juice...voila!


  12. That chick hen looks yummy...but that yam and the cranberry disc are scaring me a little.
    ; )

    Pee S: Glogirly would LOVE to send you the rest of her "book" but the slacker isn't even done. She's writing (I mean making me write) as fast as possible. The crazy girl doesn't even know how she's going to end it! What a rookie. So for now it's a chapter a day while I crack the whip.

  13. Oh Yummy, Chicken, Enjoy. We did go vote for ya. Hope you win. Take care

  14. Mmm, that chick-hen looks yummy, I don't blames you for taking a seat there. I likes me chicken too. We voted for ya.


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