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Anipal ACATedy Awards

It's official! This little stunning ghetto cat has been nominated in TWO—count 'em—2 categories. This is just for fun. There's no monetary awards or anything for winning, but I'd like all my furrends to VOTE FOR ME—CATHY KEISHA—in the following categories: Sensational Cat and Favorite Blog. There are a bunch of deserving anipals in the other categories, so choose wisely. For instance, our good furrend Mariodacat is up for many of the awards and is a good choice, except for best blog, and he'd be the first the tell you that. As if there is any doubt who's blog is the best, read Murder Mystery and Oatmeal: healthy or hazardous and Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut. The last one had Pop rolling on the floor when I first read it to him.

Would you like to comment?

  1. We voted! We voted! We voted!
    Next up, CK 2012.
    : )

  2. We laughed at all three blog posts, Cathy Keisha. Since we are new to your bloggie, it was great to have those links. We hope you win!!!

  3. Done ! and Good Luck KC !
    Purrs : )

  4. I love seeing all the nominees - but hate to have friends competing against each other!

    I'm nominated for Best Comedy Video - well, it's not of me, it's of my roommate Boodie. She is actually the funniest cat out of the three of us.

  5. I voted for you CK - for sure the best bloggy!!! You keep us all in stitches. I was lucky enough to win an award last year, and while I really appreciated it, I really want other pals to win this year.

  6. CK, We are sooooo embarrassed to say this, but we cannot figure out how to vote! We see the categories on the left, but we can't click on them.

    And the ones we CAN click on (photo/video) don't seem to be the right categories.

    We hang our heads in shame. We needs help.

  7. I would vote but it is a conflict of interest since we have entered too! xoxoxo But I did SHARE!

  8. we goofed, we had photos entered...that is what we had!

    We voted for you AND we voted for Mario!


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