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That's what was going on this a.m. around here. This little kitteh was sleeping all nice and comfortable next to TW when all hell broke loose. Banging and slamming in the hall like you couldn't imagine. I quickly retreated to my secret hideaway under the bed. TW started cursing, not because she was losing precious moments of her beauty rest, but because she thought I'd had enough stress for this week. And, frankly, I have.
What the hell is that racket? I better make myself scarce

We live in an apartment building, where there are 16 apartments on our floor. We also live right opposite the elevator, which somehow the peeps thought was a good idea when they bought this place. Cue the gong. Not a good idea if you have cats—especially stunning ones who do not like noise. Someone was moving out. First the porters had to throw down wood boards to keep the precious hall carpet, which is ugly and worn anyway, from getting marked up. And by THROW them down, I mean SLAM them down. Of course, they did this in front of our door. I thought we were being attacked by terrorists. I was UTB before TW knew what was happening. TW says that if we ever were attacked by terrorists, there would be no way she could rescue me under there. I say find a way, woman!

An hour of so later, I got hungry. Things seemed to have calmed down so I came out for some breakfast. TW had no sooner poured out the Soulistic Island Illusion when the carts started rolling down the hall again. Exit CK.

This went on three or four times. CK would come out, another cart would roll by, and CK would exit. It may sound funny, but it wasn't. TW was getting flustered! I was getting frustrated and hungrier. She tried to feed me in Pop's room, but I wasn't having any of it. These [censored] were moving until way past 1 pm. I'm gonna call my Congressman and see if he can do anything about this!
☤   ☤   ☤
CK and Pop in happier times.
Moving right along: A many of you may remember, Pop broke his elbow back in May. Then he re-broke it a few weeks later when someone at work ran him down. Monday, he'll be having reconstructive surgery on it. They first have to remove the chip that broke off and then see if there is any ligament or tendon damage, which they don't know about because Aetna, Pop's insurance company, didn't think an MRI was necessary. (We all know how f***ed up the health care system is where insurance companies care more about profits and not at all about patients.) Sorry, I got distracted but I'm back now. Then the surgeon will decide if he wants to cap the bone chip and reattach it. All this could take between 45 minutes and 2 hours. Aetna has also made the decision that Pop doesn't need to stay at the human vet overnight, even though the doctor would think otherwise.

Good news is that I'll have Pop home 1-2 weeks. Bad news is he'll be in pain and grouchy and unable to play with me.

In the sidebar on the right, I have a gadget with all of Pop's favorite songs—most of them fit under the category "Best Songs You Never Heard"— so he can easily listen to them while recuperating. I hope you'll all join me next week in wishing him a speedy recovery.

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  1. I sure hope your pops recooperates fastly! I'm sure you'll be happy with him home, but will TW be happy with him there? MOL! Luv you!

  2. What a day you had Keisha !
    I hope that you have had dinner by now !
    Me and mom hope that your Pop´s op will be a fast one and that he recovers quikly !!

  3. That is awful CK, but hopefully normally quite is back to stay! We all send lots of purrs to your Pop for a super speedy recovery!!!

  4. Talk about a bad day! You certainly had it. You should have started yowling at the movers - you know the cat call I'm referring to - the blood currdling one. So sorry pops has to have surgery. oh dear - not going to be a fun time around your house. TW will have to escape to the store a couple of times a day, and you might have to go UTB again. We hope everything goes well for pops. I take it this happened to pops at work! Is this Workman's Comp you are dealing with? for sure they will do whatever they can to pay less. Good luck to TW.

  5. Purring for the best for Pop's surgery and recovery. Insurance companies are there to make a profit, and it is quite scary how soon the send patients home. Mom had a friend who had a hip replacement done recently and she was in hospital less than 3 days and when at home had to give herself her OWN injections! Thank Cod they did send a therapist to her house.

    I hope things will be more peaceful around your apartment tonight!

  6. Poor CK!! I guess the plus side of this awful day is they could have been moving til all hours of the night! It sounds like our building.

    Best of luck to your Pops!! Sending lots of purrs and healing prayers his way!

  7. If this happened to me, CW, I would be at the super with all my claws out! Fortunately for us (and for any supers we might have had), we live in a house. I guess, being that my human's boyfriend is a hard rock musician, it is better that way! BTW, your male human has great vintage taste in music! My human is a little quirkier - her picks would run from 10CC to Voivod to Cheap Trick. Purrs to him - he certainly got the raw end of it from his insurance!

  8. Oops, I meant CK, not CW - I did not mean to do a mashup between you and your human!

  9. Oh I am so sorry my poor dear had to endure loud crazy Human noise! Not fair after your horrifying week! Hopefully the Pop will get the good drugs that will make him fun and mellow and silly to be around while he's at home with you.

    Purrs to all of you. You need a stress-free weekend!

  10. Wow! That is chaos! We hate it when sumthing breaks our normal routine. We hopes you got lots of naps after that. Mebbe efun sum good treats. We are purrin fur your Pop's elbow. Keep us updated. xoxo

  11. You poor sweetheart, what a scary week. Hope the weekend is uneventful and very Zen for you. We will have your Pop in our thoughts on Monday and next week for an excellent recovery. Purrs to him. (And thanks for the thoughtful comment today, we appreciate it.)

  12. Wow, what a week you had CK! Hopefully things have settled down and you can relax now. We'll have our paws crossed fur your Pops, we know tht you'll be taking good care of him!

  13. Oh no, such noise will make me go crazy! I hope moving is done and you can have a nice, quiet weekend.
    I hope your Pop's surgery will go well. Please take good care of him, CK.

  14. CK you simply should NOT have to put up with that. I had a similar dilemma last summer when scaffolding was put up outside ALL our townhouse windows. Loud men with tool belts, hammers and boom boxes tormented my every movement. I couldn't eat, sleep or even poop. TW needs to pay.
    xo Katie


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