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Wordless Wednesday—Nursing

Nurse CK
I know this is "Wordless" Wednesday but I must tell you how hard this nursing work is. I've joined the #WLFNursingCorps to take care of Pop. I'm busy from morning until night. I apologize if I can't comment on all your blogs for the next few days cos Pop is hogging the computer. I'll catch up next week. Please continue to stop by here. I also apologize for the shoddy job TW did putting my nurses' cap on. Come on, woman. You're killing me!

Pop's surgery went well. It lasted 2 hours. The doctor had to remove bone chips and clean up some arthritis that had set in while the chips were in there. He wants me to thank all of you for the kind words and well wishes, purrs and #pawcircles. They help immensely as he's not in much discomfort at all. In fact, he didn't have to fill the prescription for pain meds that the doctor gave him. For now, just call him LEFTY! HAH!

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  1. So very happy to hear pops is doing so well - and no pain meds. Good for him. You make a pawsome nurse sweetie. I'm sure he wouldn't be doing half as well if it were not for you. your cap looks great - TW did a fine job. he he - cut her some slack for once CK.

  2. I am SO glad to know he is doing well right now and I DID indeed come over to see about that. I love your nursie uniform and I know you will stick right on your Pop to keep him warm and taken care of. Thank goodness you are there. I'm gonna search for your #Pawcircle and I'll be on your porch iffin you have one. I split my time between SnuggleBunny and Deaner. xoxoxo

  3. So glad to hear that your pop´s surgery went well !
    I think you are really cute in that nurses cap :)
    You know everything suites a beuty like you !

  4. CK, we are doing happy purrs here that Pops' surgery went well. What a good thing he skipped the pain meds. Now here's to a super duper complete recovery!!
    You cap is very fetching.

  5. I'm glad to hear your male human came through the operation and didn't even need the pain meds prescribed! Hopefully that means he will recover faster and you can get back to your normal kitty duties! In fact, I am purring for him to heal quickly!

  6. Hooray for your Pop !!! Now I got the mission ! Time to purrs more for your Pop for best healing !!!


  7. Very glad that Pop's surgery was a success, we wish him a speedy recovery. And with you nursing him, there's nothing to worry about CK!

  8. Yay for good news! You pop should be fine in no time, especially with your expert nursing care.

  9. So glad to hear the good news.More purrs fur the Pop. Btw, you look pawsome in your nursing hat! xoxo

  10. CK, you are look so cute with the nurses' cap! I'm glad your pop's surgery went well. Take very good care of him, nurse CK :-)

  11. We are all so happy that your Pop had a successful surgery! It is obvious he is in good paws with you on duty! We know we will see more of you when your shift is over!

  12. Cathy that is pawsome news that your Dad is doing so well!

    Boy is he ever brave!

    I think you make a BEAUTIFUL NURSE!

    You can come and take care of me ANYTIME!

    Love, Cody

  13. We are so happy to hear Pops is doing well. And CK, the nurses hat suits you. I donned my own recently while caring for Gloman. Sounds like Pops is not going to be a baby about it so your work will be MUCH easier.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Glogirly has been waiting for a long time to tell her story. We thought now was the right time. Did you know Gloman's son (Glogirly's stepson) was adopted from Korea too? He's 21 and in the US Marines. We are all very proud of him.

    xo Keep Pops in line,

  14. Um, here is the Human's philosophy: Pain or no, you never pass up an opportunity to get the Good Drugs. Good times! Ha ha ha!

    Oh, and honestly? I wouldn't mind a little roughing up. Maybe a tiny bitey here and there. A bunny kick or two.

  15. ohhh, you look absolutely stunning in your cap! Glad to hear your Pop's doing well. Sounds like he had something similar to my mom, though sounds like my mom's doing a bit more complaining. Hee hee! Hope Pop has a purrrfect recovery.
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese

  16. Yay, so glad to hear your Pop is doing so well! Continued purrs for his recovery and healing. CK, you are one very cute nurse! Uh...Miss Nurse, I seem to have developed a little infirmity...does you do house calls?



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