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Thankful Thursday

I usually don't participate in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, started by my good furrend Cokie the Cat, because I'm not a very spiritual cat. This week, though, I have quite a bit to be thankful for. Let me count the ways.

I'm thankful that my Pop came through his elbow surgery with flying colors and he doesn't have much pain at all. I'm thankful that he's going to spend all week—and maybe more!— home with me. I hope he really spoils me. I'm thankful for the #pawcircles and the love my furrends showed Pop and my family.

The other thing I'm thankful for is that my peeps have my back! TW answered the phone on Tuesday and a voice on the other end announced herself. "Hi. This is the Hoboken Animal Hospital. The blood we got from Cathy was insufficient for them to run the test. Can you bring her back so we can draw more?" TW replied, "No, I'm not putting her through that again!" What TW was thinking was "Are you effing kidding me?" TW talks like that; she's got a potty mouth.

HAH: Is she hard to get into the carrier?

TW: No. When you tried to draw her blood last time ...

HAH (cutting her off): She's tough?

TW: Yes and you had her in respiratory distress when you kept trying to get the blood. No, I'm not bringing her back!

The evil woman told TW that it would be free of charge. TW then said "Which reminds me. We paid for the blood test, which you didn't do. ... " They actually did the right thing and said they'd remove the charges from the credit card. Of course, I'm gonna keep after Pop to make sure they do it. It's about time someone stood up for this little gangsta cat.

Just cos I'm atop my PTU doesn't mean I want to go
back there—EVER!
A word from TW (and it better by just a word cos I'm ready to cut you off without notice, woman!): CK's pop and I spent almost 5 years trying to domesticate her and in 20 minutes, they turned her feral again. We worked hard getting her to trust humans and now we have to build this trust all over again. She's back to her feral ways of biting every time we try to pet her. (That's quite enough from you, woman!)

How feral can I be? This is the first time I let her get a word in this blog. I cut her off before she could tell you how I hid UTB the morning of Pop's surgery because I thought they were going to take me back there. After all, Pop never stays home and TW is never up that early. Right now, Pop is petting me and making a big fuss over me and I'm purring. I have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. I am sure they can get meaningful information from blood tests, but vets NEVER used to do routine bloodwork on kitties. They just do't need to be put through that as a routine thing. When my Momd decided it would be a good thing for me to get FLV vaccine they drew blood from my neck to test to be sure I didn't already have it!! Which Mom feels was not necessary in my case. Smells like money making to her.

  2. Sweetest girlfriend, much love and many pawhugs to you from me. Always. And your mom and pop do have your back and so do we. xoxoxoxo

  3. Hats off to your Mom! I hope you regain your confidence soon and know your pawrents have your back...ALWAYS.

  4. Poor CK! We just loves you so much even tho you have reverted back to your feral ways. Good for TW in sticking up for you. Not everyone could handle a kitty like you CK (M isn't sure she could) so we gives lots of credit to TW and pops for doing such a good job with you. They always have your best interests at heart. (no cut them some slack and be nice to them this week - no biting!!)

  5. See, she is sticking up for you CK, and that is as it should be. She would never ever stress you on purpose. I am so glad your Pop is doing great!!!

  6. Oh noes! How can dey be so mean to my sweet Cathy Keisha and makes her want to put the bitey on TW and Pop agains??

    We are glad to hear your pop cames through his surgery good and is doing well.

    Maybe TW can finds a better place to takes you, thank goodness dey removed the charges for a test they didn't do.

    TW, if you needs something to try like the comfort zone or rescue remedy etc, please let my momma know.

  7. You are a tough one, CK! But I'm glad to know that your human is ALSO tough, as she proved with the vet humans.

  8. I'm so happy your dad is doing well, CK ! and it's pretty sarcastic for all of us have to pay for stealing blood...Luckily, your mommy Rock !to stick up for you..All Cool : )
    Have alovely day CK

  9. Well you have had QUITE the day. Those V-E-T's...they are evil. The devil incarnate. Here's what you gotta tell em. "Blood? You want BLOOD? I got yer blood..."
    XO Katie

  10. Do you want to know a secret? I am still a "real boy." The Human was able to get me in a carrier a couple of times when I was still small so I had my important shots, but I went INSANE at the vets. INSANE. By the time she tried to get me in a carrier to take me to be, well you know, I don't like to even say the word, I was too big and strong and I hurted hur bad. I felt kind of bad about it, but NO WAY was I getting in that THING.

    So, I never go outside, and I never-but-never SPRAY, so there's been no urgency, I am seven, and MAYBE someday she'll try to take me but for right now, NOPE. Like you, I would totally revert to hiding and being a feral kitteh again.

    She doesn't know what she'll do if I get sick and I HAVE to go. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


  11. Oh, we are sad to hear that CK was so spooked by the vet visit that she still is feeling a bit unsure and biting. We will purr that this will quickly pass and she will feel trusting again with her Pop and TW. She has such a great forever home.

  12. CK darling...try very very hard to realize that your mom and Pop would never ever ever allow something bad to happen to you, They unknowingly trusted that place so unfortunately things got out of hand for a while BUT! They will never ever allow that again as long as the three of you shall live. Be more calm. They love you.

  13. Heh heh. There was BLOOD, CK, yes, blood, and a whole lot of it. There was a GIANT bloody gash above her left, um, ::shhh:: boobie, a nearly punctured index-fingernail, and other assorted injuries too gruesome to describe.

    We have not been through THAT again.

  14. Fearest, Your Humans sure are busy making fabulous new headers for you! And you look EVEN MORE GLORIOUS in every single one! XOXO


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