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Wednesday Word of the Day—Red

Is it still Wednesday? Just barely. TW has barely made the deadline.

Hey, Woman, can you see there's something wrong with this photo? Whatta you mean, you love it? It's … it's RED and I live in a BLUE state! You'd think she invented the nip mouse. That's how giddy she was! Time to call the old eye doctor, maybe even the head doctor.

This is the original untouched photo
The photo above has NOT been Photoshopped. I repeat, it has NOT been Photoshopped. I'd like to say it's TW being artsy-fartsy, but nooooo, it's TW being, well, TW.  Not to mention TW being inept at photography. She THINKS it's a piece of high art. Move over, Scavullo! Move over Annie Leibovitz and Lynn Goldsmith. Can you tell I'm mocking her? TW just discovered the Macro setting on her camera so she decided to try it out. Maybe she thought "macro" meant red in some kind of secret language. I was laying on the kitchen chair. Don't ax me–or her—how she did it, but she got "Stunning Red Cat."

When I realized she was dead serious about publishing it, I decided to try to improve upon it. First I changed the color and you can almost tell it's me. Then, to be funny, I flopped it.

Finally I decided to change it to a black and white and—viola—we discover, it's actually in focus. Albeit a little dark, but that's alright—well, kind of. When she finally gets one in focus, she adds some kind of red flare or filter. That woman is jealous of my Stunningness and she'll go to any length to sabotage my photos. Anyone would KILL to have a subject such as myself, but not TW. I need a new photographer. Someone call Leibovitz and Goldsmith. Stat.

Would you like to comment?

  1. I am always threatening to fire my photographer. Usually for taking photos of me in the first place.

  2. CK, you are stunning in any color and from any side! Leibovitz or not.

    Laura and Taffy

  3. Our photographer luffed it. She doesn't know squat bout pics, either. We feel your pain. Good thing she has a beautiful subject.

  4. Doesn't matter if you are black or white or blue or red, CK. You'll always be Beautiful CK.

  5. I agree with Whisppy =
    I doesn´t matter what color your photos are in , you are a botiful cat anyway !!

  6. You know you're stunning no matter what color your pictures are.

  7. Apparently TW is having fun playing around with the camera. M says she should probably get the instruction book out for our camera, but then she said "It sound like too much work!"

  8. Face it CK, when you are stunning the color doesn't matter!!!

  9. I tink you are stunning no matter what the color. My meowmy takes similar photos of me. Signed Fluffbomb

  10. We are so lucky, our Mom is a giant Chicken when it comes to trying out things with the photos. You do look kind of good all red. But it is good to see you normal too.
    We know Lucky has a runny eye. He has had it forever and Mom meant to wipe it for him but then he would have moved. There isn't anything much they can do about it.Guess he has a blocked duct.
    Have a really fun week end.

  11. CK, let your Mom have her fun!!We all know you are lovely no matter what the colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ
    Mom says "Thank You for the B'Day wishes"

  12. MOL hehe our mommas and the flashy beast! Thanks for stopping by the bloggie today and letting me know you luvs your secret paws from our shop, & everything else we carries right?! MOL

    Did you sees our comment about getting your furs in the card you sent us for xmas? Momma could not stop laughings for some odd reason.

    And you knows what, momma found out that her supplier with peacock feathers is not going to gets anymore. She not sure where she can get them now! So OMC!

  13. We love all of your pictures! Of course, you are a stunning subject, so no wonder...


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