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Newsday Tuesday

Yesterday we celebrated the life of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pop was even off from work. In honor of Dr. King—and because this is an animal blog—I've found some quotes, dealing with animal rights. Dr. King's son and his wife, in her later years, were even vegans. Without further ado, let's hear from Dr. King.

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflect on our soul when we look the other way."

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

"One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them."

"Cowardice asks the question 'Is it safe?', expediency asks the question 'Is it politic?', vanity asks the question 'Is it popular?'. But conscience asks the question 'Is it right?' and there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right."

My new setup! You can see my pathetic nip plant
near the curtain.
Uncle Vince and the peeps dragged Niles off, kicking and screaming on Sunday. He must've gotten the hint that they were evicting him when the peeps stopped feeding him earlier in the week. After they sent him on his way, Uncle Vince helped Pop assemble my new Jungle Gym and Claw Workout Center. Then my Super Uncle got our WiFi up and running again AND got TW connected to Skype. This super human can do it all. He's not actually a blood relative but he loves us like one and we love him. There should be a lot more humans like him in that he's willing to lend a hand to older peeps who need one. If it wasn't for that teeny tiny human living with him, I'd think about going to live with him.

Oh, the peeps also reconfigured my old cat tree so that's it's TALLER! I had the sisal on the top tier so worn that my claws were sliding off  (which is why they were replacing it). They switched that post with the one that I never scratched on and it's like new again, plus its taller. Of course, they joked about sending the new one back since my old one was now set for another 2-3 years of heavy-duty climbing and working my nails.

I LOVE my new Jungle Gym! OMC! The news just gets better and better. The peeps are apparently letting me keep the old one so now my furniture takes up the whole wall by the window. SCREEE! I can—and do—jump from one to the other. I even discovered that I like scratching the carpet on the legs of the Gym. The peeps were worried there wouldn't be enough sisal for me to work my claws on. In fact, I was running and jumping and was so excited that first day I played on it that I frew up—not once—twice! TW always needs something to be upset about. Now she's fretting cos the carpet on the Gym has a "chemical, new carpet smell." I honestly don't smell a thing. She tried to put a wooly "condom" over the top perch, but then I wouldn't sit on it. I like my new perch, even if it smells a bit funky. Did I mention that I've drawn blood three times when TW tried playing with me and the Gym? The legs and the bottom perch make excellent hiding spots in which to mount an ambush.
Don't I look stunning checking out the new perch. I think I like it!
My official badge
How many of you attended the first #Blogpawty on Twitter last Caturday night? This mini-pawty was sponsored by the Blogpaws community, as the first of many themed pawties throughout the year. It brings the blogging community together with the Twitter anipals with the goal of having fun and raising money/awareness for animal charities. Among the prizes given out were 3 passes for Blogpaws 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT on June 21-23. I had the distinct honor of being one of the DJs, along with ParkerSKat. To celebrate, I put on my diamond encrusted headphones. I was glad I did because the DJ booth was top notch. We had a large turnout and a lot of fun. I made new furrends on both Twitter and here on my blog. I can't wait until the next one!

My team, the NY Giants, beat the defending champion Green Bay Packers on Sunday! WooHoo! My main squeeze, Spitty the Kitty—who needs no innerduction—and I have made a wager on this Sunday's game between HIS SF 49ers and MY NY Giants. As some of you know, this is how my relationship with Buzz Lucas got hot and heavy and he became the love of my life. We wagered on a baseball playoff series, in which the NY Yankees beat the LA/Anaheim Angels and he had to send me noms. If SF wins, Spitty is gonna send me 49ers swag and I have to post a picture of me with the swag on my blog. If my team wins, he has to do the same. There's only one problem—TW is a 49ers' fan so she wins either way. In fact—gasp—it's better for her if I LOSE because then she doesn't have to spend $$ and SHE gets some of HER team's swag! She used to OWN a Niners' jersey! If you notice, these subheads are even in 9ers, color! Do you kitties believe that?! This brings me to …

With the encouragement of all my so-called furrends, who liked her drivel, er "poetry" that I allowed her to post a few weeks back, TW is seriously thinking about her own blog. I spend waaaayyyyy too much time talking about her and her likes on this blog, which would lead you to think I'm in FAVOR of this. Ix-nay on her blog. She doesn't post enough for me as it is. If SHE had her own blog, she'd forget she even has a cat! I bet after she stole all my followers, she'd SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN! Yes, furrends, I bet she would. As it is, she's spent the past 2 weeks wracking her pea-size brain to come up with a title for this "blog." I've got some titles for her. How about "The World's Whiniest Woman" or "World's Crankiest Human." I bet all she'll do is whine and complain about her sucky her life is cos the neighbor's kids run up and down the hall screaming and the local stores rip her off. I told her I'd plug it once—and only once. I'm warning her, though. If she uses her blog to bad-mouth this little kiitteh, I'll have that blog taken down. Maybe you can come up with a title for her blog.

Would you like to comment?

  1. How about "Servant to the World's Most Stunning Cat" for a title? Really, what more needs to be said.

    GO GIANTS!!! Our peeps are Bears fans so we were rockin and rollin to see GB go down the terlet, big time.

    OH! Your cat tree complex is FANTASTICAL. Need any help ankle-biting? Johnny has particularly foul infective fangs.

  2. TW wanna a blog, You need to re-train her, Cathy !!! We cats must be priority 1 !!! First !!!

    And I like the new set-up !! Look like the whole house is belong to you which is correct : )

    By the way, I think I have the chance to say " I miss you Miss ; ) " Mom still can't get to 100 % blogging , something about her old body make her easy to get tired, may be it's too HOT here !


  3. Well I love your jungle gym, that is totally amazing!!!

  4. Whew - where do I begin. First - good luck toy your team this weekend - they played a good game and deserved the win. Our Pack sure fell apart.

    Note from M to TW - yes, you should do your own blog. But you'll have to promise to keep up with CK's. you are very creative, so I'm sure your blog will be a big HIT.

    Now that you have Skype - let's talk soon. I have it too - just never keep it up on my desk top, so I'll need a little advanced notice before you call so I can figure out how to use it again.

  5. Who in their right mind would want to read a blog written by a HUMAN?

  6. Whoa, Baby--just LOOK at that new tree--AND you got to keep the old one--rock on, CK. My Human has provided one measley structure. I need a SYSTEM!

    I was thrilled to see those great quotes. OF course MLK loved us. Do you think he had some kitties?

    I can't wait for the Big Game. My Human felt kinda bad rootin' against the Pack (she has lotsa family in Milwaukee) BUT she did not want her Niners to have to go marchin' into Green bay!

    Who's this Buzzy?

  7. Love the Martin Luther King quotes. Your new set-up is awesome CK! It's great to hear you are enjoying it so much.

  8. Nice jungle gym you have there CK. If we had enough room, mom said she would save her toonas and get us one of the huge CAT-traptions that she sees in the catalogs.

    Clarissa & Co.

  9. Wow, where to begin! Terrific quote from MLK, and mom loves your duplex of a cat playground! She keeps talking about getting one fur our kitties, it'll be hard fur me to keep my paws off of it 'tho.
    TW should have a blog, you'll keep her in line so she'll have to keep up w/your posts. You're just the kitty to do it CK!

  10. CK, I'll be happy to drop by for a little first-hand tutoring ;-) Anytime!

    I am torn about your Human's desire for a blog. It worries me that she'd neglect YOURS in order to post on HERS.

    On the other hand, the Katnip Lounge Mom has a Human blog and they post efurry day so nothing's a certainty.

    You could let her have a probationary period.

  11. I'm a kitten named Kika and temosamigos in common, as such I would love to be your friend
    Will you be my friend?
    I am waiting for your visit
    Turrinhas of

  12. Took some looking to figure out who Nials was, MOL!
    Great cat trees!
    Love the 'tude, dude!

  13. Well, CK, I am not much of a tweeter, but really, I can't let you go around recruiting allies in your quest to defeat my Beloved Niners, now can I???? XOXOXO

  14. Very nice post, CK. Thank you for honoring Dr. King.

    If TW does her blog, you will sure as you-know-what take a back seat. I know FIRST HAND. But if it keeps her happy, there's bound to be a benefit package for you.

    I don't even know TW's real I'm not sure about the blog name. Does she have a nickname?
    Other than Hey You.


    Pee S. VERY cool gym set up. And, I would have thought he kicked weeks ago. ; )


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