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Equal Opportunity Employers

That's what these kitties are. They don't care if you're young/old, fat/thin, black/white/yellow/green. You just need a couple of simple qualifications. You need to promise to love, cherish and feed them, as well as clean their litter boxes and offer some play/exercise time. I couldn't just pick one so I'm letting a few of the kits at Cat Haven in Baton Rouge tell you about themselves and their reasons for needing a furever home, with a caring staff to put the loving on them. All this week, I'm featuring some of the kits who aren't as fortunate as I am. Sunday will start my 7th year as queen of my condo. It's a small condo, but I have 2 cat trees—3 if you count my small perch— plus all the food I can eat and a Pop who dotes on me like crazy. Let's meet the kits. I'm gonna start with Harley because he reminds me of my main squeeze Spitty the Kitty.

"Hai! I'm Harley and I'm 8 years old. I'm a DSH mix cat who can't wait to find your lap. I am the ultimate lap cat. Don't worry about me hurting you when I make biscuits in your lap because I don't have claws. I was adopted then returned last August due to some health issues. I'm phone to urinary tract infections and constipation so I'm considered a special needs cat. If you're willing to take a chance on me, I will love you furever!!!!"

"Hi! Is this mic on? Testing … My name is Lucky and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm about 9 months old and I'm a VIDEO star. You can see for yourselves how sweet and loveable I am and how truly floofy my tail is. I travelled home inside the car engine of a Cat Haven foster parent. I certainly chose my vehicle well! Now I am safe and loved. I am shy at first, but I like all of the attention I have gotten from my foster family and I enjoy cuddling with people and my foster siblings. YOU would be the lucky one if you adopt me."
Click on the picture and you can see Max too!
"Greetings to all my new furrends! I'm Tigger and I'm happy to meet you. My brother, Max, and I were adopted together as kittens. Our dad is a proud Marine! Unfortunately duty called and he had to go away. His sister took us in and has loved us like crazy. Here's the bad news: they have an elderly diabetic cat who became stressed when we moved in so Cat Haven took both of us in. We're 3 years old and are both large guys, with declawed front feet. We are sooooo sweet and loveable and ready for a new home. We'd love to be adopted together, but if you just want one of us, that okay, too, I guess."

"My name is Fergie and I'm 11 years ago. I'm a senior. Thank you for your time. This is my sad story. I was lost and starving. In fact, I was so dehydrated, I could barely even stand up! Thankfully, I found 2 nice neighbors who fed me DOG food and fattened me up and cared for me. I lived under one of their decks for a few months. Neither could keep me. One was severely allergic and the other had dogs who aren't fond of kittehs. I have been told I'm super-sweet. I have a very quiet meow, but a loud purr. I love to rub up against your legs and climb in your lap. I am looking for a safe indoor home. I'm done with life on the streets."

I have to do one more cos I need a tuxie.

"Yo! What's up CK? How we all doing? I'm a young grey and white DSH girl and my name is Cricket. I was found as a stray with my newborn babies and a nice family took us in. They were already caring for a kitty with health problems and so they couldn't keep us. Luckily Cat Haven has taken us in and I'm nursing my babies in a foster home until they're weaned and I'm rady for a home of my own. Put out the word that Cricket is looking for the furever home! Thank you, efferybody."

For more information or to meet any of these furrends, Cat Haven can be reached at 225-636-2680. They're in Baton Rouge, LA. For $100, you can sponsor one of the kitties, if you can't adopt or don't live in the area. Tell me that's not a good deal! According to their Facebook page, they have had 51 adoptions already this month! SCORE! Best of luck to all these kittehs. Please spread the word!


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  1. They are all so deserving, we are all purring for you sweeties.

  2. CK ! I totally agree with you !
    Harley look like Sir Spitty !
    and I think Lucky look like Tober Cat in the library, and Tigger remind me about Target. Fergie remind me to Miss Parker and Cricket, Mom said she remind me to you and me : )

    I hope all get adopted and have the vest forever home...Purrs lots for them

  3. I was adopted from our local shelter and I hope all these babies find their forever homes.
    xoxo Kassey

  4. All the kitties are adorable but Lucky stole my heart. May all of them find a home. Will share.

  5. Don't they just break your heart. I so want all of them to have good homes.

  6. They is all beauteous kittehs and I am purring for them to find their furever homes. You are a Good Girl, CK, to try to help them XOXOXO

    In other news, I hear I was mentioned on Twitter, eh? Who's a norty girl???

    Oh, and hard-to-get is always a good challenge for a ManCat.

  7. Such lovely kitties!!!!!
    We purr very hard that they find loving homes.

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  8. CK you are showing your sweet side. We sure hope these sweet kitties find their forever homes soon. They deserve the love of a family that we all have.
    xo Katie

  9. 48 'doptions is wonderful! We was pretty lucky we was 'dopted.

    I know I'm pretty lucky the Human dint take me back, MOL! Cause I KNOW she had to have thought about it!!

  10. What sweethearts they all are, we purr that they all find amazing forever homes very shortly.


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