Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet TigerLilly

In honor of my Gotcha Day, which is coming up on Sunday, I've decided to feature some kits, who are still locked behind bars at their local shelter. Please stop by and say hello to them.

Raise a Niptini for TigerLilly. This handsome fellow is a chocolatey brown Maine Coon/Domestic Long Hair Mix, from my old rescue, Companion Animal Placement, in Hoboken, NJ. He's neutered, up to date on his shots and house trained. He's gonna tell you a little something about himself.

"Hi! I'm TigerLilly. I don't know quite how I wound up with such a feminine name but I'm glad to be indoors, even if it's in jail. My furrend, CK, can tell you how lame these guys are in naming us rescues. Anyway, I'm about 10 years old and they found me after the people I thought were my furever family left me behind when they moved out of our apartment. Can you imagine that! And I thought they loved me too! I'm not sure what I did that made them leave me behind.  Moving on, I like other cats and I get along with dogs as well. My purrsonality is mellow—you can say I'm sweet. I get along with everybody. I'm pet # 12382460 on Thanks for your time. I hope some other family will give me a furever home, that actually IS furever."

Yes, TigerLilly is right about the name thing. Can you imagine they called me Kittee! When I was sprung, CAP begged my peeps to change it. I'm sure TigerLilly will get a nice macho name when he gets paroled also.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in this sweet boy, you can email for an adoption application and give TigerLilly a second chance to find happinese.


  1. TigerLilly is so handsome and looks so much like my late Brother Ivan. I sure hope someone gives him a home soon.

  2. Awwsw Tiger Lily is gorgeous. I do hope he finds a good home soon. Nice idea CK to feature a prisoner weekly.

  3. MOL...I think I like the name " Kittee " Purrs for kittee to find good home : )

  4. I'm sure where ever TigerLilly finds his new home, he will get a new name too! He's very handsome!

  5. Oh that precious looking dear boy. How I wish he could be ours. I mean that but mom probably says it would be difficult, so I know she hopes he finds his family soon. xoxoxoxox to him and all the furries.

  6. CK that was sporting of you to give the stage to TigerLily and other cats in the rescue. Purrin that he finds a furever home.

  7. Aww, he's such a good boy! (About the name thing: The Human's friend adopted a kitten from our shelter last summer who was named Nissan! The worker said his "group" were all named after cars--Ford, Honda etc. MOL! -- Actually, now that I think about it, Nissan's way better than TigerLilly!!)

  8. Oh we are so sweet on Maine Coons at our house...and think that TigerLilly is awesome! We purr that he will find a loving forever home very soon, one that will love him for the majestic being he is.

  9. Yeeeey, so glad you found uzz! We are sooo following you now!Purrrs Lars and Odin

  10. I can't wait for your gotcha day CK. You gonna have a PAWTY? This Boy's already got his bow tie on, you know? I'm ready to RUMBLE!

  11. CK you have a huge heart. So nice of you to give a shout out to Mr. Lilly. We sure do hope and purr that he has a true furever home very soon.

    Looking forward to your Gotcha Day!
    xo Katie

  12. Ha ha ha--Trust you, CK, to ask the question on everyone's mind: The answer is, YES! That IS all there is!!
    My Human is working ridiculously excessive hours on her schools accreditation and honestly, I'm lucky if she remembers to slap up anything at all on my blog. Obviously, QUALITY means NUFFING to her! And she tells me it's pretty much going to be this way until after March 7.
    So there you have it: Sad as it is, *I* and my Blogging Needs have slipped far, far, FAR down her list of priorities.


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