Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Word of the Day—Adopt

Sunday is my 6th Gotcha Day so instead of rehashing the story of how I hired my staff, I'm highlighting some kits, who are still looking for their furever homes and future employees. If you missed my three-part Gotcha story, you can find it here, here, and here.

I'm going to innerduce you to my furrend, Catera, from the Sunshine State of Florida. She shares one of my mottos. I think she bears a striking resemblance to MaggieTKat, don't you? Tell us a little about yourself, Catera.

"Giggle* Thanks Cathy Keisha. Since CK is the world's most stunning cat, I'm easily the most beautiful! So there! I said it! My name is Catera and I'm a 3-year-old spayed female Turkish Angora mix. As I already mentioned—but it bears repeating—I'm beautiful, with exceptional coloring. I think I have tortitude! The picture really doesn't do me justice! *Giggle* My motto is "It's all about Me;" and because of that, I would prefer to be your only kitty. I want all the attention—not that I'm high maintenance or anything. I'm not. Please put the word out that I'm here in warm, sunny Florida. My foster home is nice; but I'd so LOVE to have a furever home, with humans to dote on just me. If you think you like me, please give me a call at the phone number below. Thank you and God bless."
If you know anyone who's looking for an only cat and they're interested in Catera, contact Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue. You can also reach them by phone at 239--434-7480 or email They are a 501(c)3 volunteer-only foster home based rescue in Naples, FL.


  1. She is very pretty and I hope someone comes for her really soon. Adopt is my favorite word!

  2. I would give half my Kingdom for her, mommy said. Humph!

  3. Catera IS gorgeous - I hope she finds a great home soon!

  4. Hi CK! Catera is a gorgeous kitty, we will be purring for her to find a loving, forever home shortly.

  5. Catera is gorgeous! We hope she finds a furever home soon!!

  6. Zowie - she is a beauty. M says if only she were 10 years younger. Sigh. I would like a roomie myself.

  7. She's verreh pretty, yes she is. I hope she gets a nice home as an only-kitty very soon!

    Stretch post? All in good time, CK, all in good time! (The Human pressed "Publish" instead of "Preview" but it was gone in a flash--you musta been here in the 10-second period it was up, MOL!)


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