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Wednesday Word of the Day—High

Hiiii, Kitties! Yes, I guess I am pretty high! And not on the nip, either. The cats who came before us got stoned on nip, but it's now passé. Or, maybe you're like me, and nip never really did it for you. I can take or leave it.

The newest, hippest high for cool cats is a gold powder called, oddly enough, Silver Vine. It's off the hinges, na mean? And, after I say my piece, I'll hook you up, just like Spitty hooked me up. You won't have to hang in an alley waiting on your connection.

Think anyone will recognize me in this getup?
About a month ago, Spitty set me up with some of the Silver Vine powder that Whisppy sent him from Malaysia. My head perked up when I read about this contraband on his blog. If there's a new way to get high, this stoner cat is all for it. I inquired and he replied by sending me some of his stash. Bless his little kitteh soul.

Silver Vine, otherwise known as Cat powder, for those not in the know, is described thusly on Wikipedia
Silver Vine has long been known to elicit euphoric response in cats. It is the most popular cat treat in Asia, particularly in Japan and China. The reaction to Silver Vine is similar to the catnip response, but appears to be more intense. Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. The effect usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes and cats will usually visit Silver Vine again after about 20–30 minutes.
Even though Spitty said his human totally checked into this Silver Vine stuff, TW was scared to let me try it after reading about his first encounter with it. She hid it amid the mess on the coffee table, I found it and was rubbing on the envelope. She hid it amid the mess of her dressed. I found it and was rubbing on the envelope. Yes, kitties, it is so strong and intoxicating that I could feel it's effects through an envelope AND a glassine bag. I was desperate to get at this high.

TW finally relented—you think SHE never got stoned in her day—and put some of the divine powder on her finger and rubbed it on a blue washcloth, per the instructions from Spitty's human. At first, I couldn't figure out where the scent was coming from. I kept looking at the envelope in TW's paw. She couldn't get me to look at the washcloth. Then I smelled it. OMC! I was tripping big-time!. My reaction was documented in this video, which is a little dark cos Pop dropped the washcloth in the hallway.

Could you tell how euphoric I felt? I felt like I had a neon sign over my head that kept flashing STONED! STONED! over and over. I wasn't contented with my little innerduction. I jumped back on the messy dresser; and, even though she had removed it, I started rummaging through everything. I needed a fix—badly.

OK, here's the hook-up part. For any of you kitties who want to turn on, you can now—looks both ways for the man and whispers—buy Silver Line Powder on for $7 for 8 bags or $6 for 4 oz. They also have a few other makes but supplies on all are limited since I treated my furrends at #Nipclub on New Year's Eve. Use it sparingly—but often.

Gotta find where that stuff is hidden. Gotta feel that Silver Vine rush.

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  1. Wow, you really looked happy! I love da catnip so don't know if that stuff would make me totally CRAZY!

  2. FaRADaY: Maxie, quick! Grab Mommy's credit card! Allie, you keep her occupied - go talk to her about bling or something girlie.
    *paws keyboard* A-M-A-Z-O-N-D-O-T-C-O-M.....

  3. Yeay! Great review, CK and so happy you enjoyed the silvervine that much. :)

  4. Wow this stuff sounds pretty intense! Don't know if Mom will let us have it?????

  5. I heard that stuff was darn good...and you totally convinced me CK. Love your proof in pics and vid!

  6. Ck, you silly ole druggie. Glad to know we don't have to get it from Malaysia. But not surprised that Amazon has it. There isn't anything that Amazon doesn't have. It does look like good stuff. We will have to get our woman to get some for us. Love the video. Take care.

  7. Okay - I'm sending M over to Amazon right now. You do look like you are tripping.

  8. OMC dat looks catastic! we wanna get some and turn on some Hendrix while we enjoy da stinky stuff.

  9. Whoa! That stuff sounds amazing - and I'm so glad you have the link for the hookup!

  10. Woot! Change the gray and white for beautiful black, and the blue washcloth for yellow, and this could totally be ME!! It's pretty fabulous stuff! I'm really glad you found a source for us--I can hardly bear the thought of running out, ha ha ha. Silvervine junkie, that's me! The Human says I can have a little "session" this weekend.

    She totally overdosed me that first time--I was beyond crazypants, but she has the dosage down now so it's all good.

    I might play Eight Miles High though ;-) XOXO

  11. Ok CK all you needed in that video was a lava lamp, an incense burners and some tall thing that has water in it and something you blow into but I wouldn't know ANYTHING about that!

    Mom and I loved that photo of one would recognize you in that get up!

    Ok my Mom is super paranoid about giving me some "stuff" that she doesn't know much about. She wanted to ask you if you asked the vet about this stuff? She thinks it looks great but she is a little nervous.

    Soooo...does it make you have the munchies? Does it make you wish that you weren't spayed? (If ya get my drift!)

    Anyway...Mom may have to check this out, your review was sure convincing and it is nice to know I don't have to pussyfoot around the streets of downtown Detroit to get a "hit!"

    Love, Cody

  12. Hi CK, The human is a little defective (okay, in her words "sick") today. I say Pfft, it's a little cold. Get over yourself, Human! But she says she's Tiiiiiiii-red and needs to go to beeeeeeeeddddd.

    Yeah, let me find my violin.

  13. Whoo-hoo! Gotta get me some o' dat powder. Is it as good for all kitties as it was for you two?

  14. Whoa! Is that even legal? If I can convince my prudish Glogirly to let me climb the vine, I'll have to find a tye-died washcloth and turn on the Jimi Hendrix.

    ...Like Caren, she'd also like to know what the crackpot vets think of it. Ok, she didn't say crackpot.


  15. Cathy, I swear you crack me up so bad I had to run to the litter box, for Cod sakes!! Hahahahahaha! That stuff rocks and the video was hysterical. Julie's still holding her sides.

    Now, why have we not heard of this before?? Thanks for sharing and giving us the scoop (wait a minute, wrong choice of words) the skinny (oh, much better) on where to get the stuff. We might check it out!

    We got a little carried away. We needed this laugh after our spirits were dampened by the weather :):)
    Thanks, the getup.
    Yer quite the dame, see..

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

  16. We're going to have a little Vine Video tomorrow ;-) Not QUITE as exciting as yours, though, MOL!

  17. The Human thinks that gradual exposure to the Vine kind of lessens the crazypants effect! But still, I *was* kind of (shhh) orgasmic, wans't I? But where was Eight Miles High or Lucy in the Sky??? What's up with freaking Anderson Cooper?!

    Oh, and....Go Niners! (And it's been a long time since we could say THAT!)

  18. MOL I want to see more of this stuff, and am going to do a little researching, I think we NEED this fur sure!!! Love your video MOL

  19. Whoa CK, judging by that video, it's pretty good stuff! Love your get-up!

  20. 4 out of 5 of my cats go crazy for catnip but the 1 doesnt have no resposne to it wonder if he would to this? I will have to check into it, adorable pic by the way

  21. Now I know why the Hotties wanted to get my amazon password. teehee


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