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Easy Like Sunday

Great Giants playoff victory this afternoon! 24-2 and they did all the scoring for both teams. I feel like today is a holiday because Manning didn't embarrass us. For once, he didn't throw like a girl. Next up is the Packers. That ain't gonna be easy so now I'll contentedly do my best easy.

So … tired … after … football … game. Zzzzz
Oh, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell my fans about what happened around midnight Friday night/Saturday morn. I was so upset after I was forced to let TW publish that drivel she calls "poetry" that I allegedly took it out on Pop and "mauled" his furry foot as he climbed into bed.  Game, pretty good job, if I do say so myself. ♫I love you, Pop. Didn't I lay my head of your shoulder this morning?♩Uh, just for the record, none of you saw this. Remember, what goes on in this blog, stays on this blog.
Not pictured is the gouge on the sole of his foot or the cut between the toes.
Coming Wedneday: my long awaited experiment with Silvervine Powder.

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  1. Hooray for your team CK! Hey, I didn't see an ouchy, not to worry!

  2. Poor pops! What a good cat dad he is cuz he continues to love you even when you put the bitey on him.

  3. Just tell your Pop that chicks dig scars.

  4. Oh No CK, that was not a good thing to do. Glad the Pop still loves you. But you had better do lots more of putting that head on his shoulder. We sometimes do that to Mom by mistake.And we know it was a mistook. Take care. Glad the poetry is gone. LOL.

  5. CK I hope Pops got himself some antibiotics. Try to be nice, OK?

    At least the Giants did well, because the Jets sure were out of the running. My Dad used to have Jets tickets. Pffffttt!

  6. Your Pops foot looks very ouchie to us. We know you didn't mean it though.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Those wounds DO look rather painful! I never scratch up my human... unless it's because I inadvertently gouged her with my back paws while trying to escape from her kissing me! And, uh, yeah, those do look pretty bad when I make 'em.

  8. OMC, CK--dat foot is so exciting!! I loves the scratchy-biteys and, say, his foot is a little furry, isn't it?) I really, really wish we could've seen the gouge and the cut, too.

    The Niners had a bye this week, the the Saints come marching in next weekend and we iz all nervous bowt that! Did you know that today is the 30th anniversary of The Catch (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the endzone in the NFC championship game. Purty eggs-citing stuff!

    Also: Powder! Hurray--remember: a little dab'll do ya!

  9. CK, we have always felt that it's better to put the bitey-scratchy on the humans where it doesn't show. Otherwise, when other humans see it, they blame it on "the cat" When, in reality, it is always the human's own fault.

  10. Why did your Dad draw on his foot? *wink*
    Can't wait to read/see your reaction to silvervine!

  11. You know what I'd tell him? "Well, you've got another quit your complaining." HA! Just kidding. Gloman is not NEARLY as understanding as Pops must be.

    So what on earth is silvervine powder??? Sounds like a magic potion.

    xo Katie

  12. Yay Giants! but oooh, not good putting the bitey on your Pops! Remember which side your bread is buttered on (what the heck does that mean anyway?)! Can't wait to read about Silverine Powder, sounds mysterious!

  13. Remember: Your male Human has TWO feet; you don't have to attack the same one. Just sayin'.

  14. you guys had BETTER BEAT the friggin Cheese Heads......if are in BIG TROUBLE!

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  16. Glad to hear that YOUR team won :)
    I don´t see any mark on your dad´s foot at all ;-)

  17. I am kind of a little boy, CK. The Human doant zacklee know for sure what I weigh, but she thinks 'bowt 8-1/2 or 9 pounds.

    But I am VERY VERY VERY strong.

    No foolin'.

  18. I'm a lover not a fighter...well except for the odd bite on my Human's nose in the wee hours of the morn...for Num-Nums...


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