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Foto Frenzy Frolics

I’m rolling around and showing my bikini cos it’s Friday Foto Frenzy time. We all love seeing outtakes only these are a different kind of outtake. Some are fotos that have already run in an edited form. Here I let you see the fotos completely untouched, except to resize them and add the watermark. It’s also different cos you pick which fotos you want to see.

The foto above, #437, was requested by the gang over at Jan’s Funny Farm. TW took a lot of pics of me all sprawled out on Pop’s bed that day. I think she liked that I was showing my natural bikini cos I don’t lay like this too often. This is the pick of the litter as far as that foto shoot went. C’mon Woman, pet my stomach! Heh heh. She wouldn’t dare cos she could lose a finger or three.

Austin Towers chose #1815. TW thinks it’s funny to plop one of my toys on top of me to make me look foolish. Well, I think it’s funny to chomp down on TW’s fingers. This is one of my favorite toys—a Skinneeez shmousey. I love the shmousey but I never played with any of the other toys from Skinneeez. We must have been playing with it or she wanted me to play with it but I was sleepy. Those are my bedroom sleepy eyes.


#68 was a one-off foto shoot and you can see why from the expression on my face. Had the gang at Manx Mnews not picked it, it would have stayed hidden. I don’t know what prompted TW to rush to get her flashy box. Perhaps it was the look on my face or perhaps I was doing something really cute but stopped as I’m wont to do when the camera appears.


Hope you enjoyed this edition of Foto Frenzy. Are you planning a big weekend with lots of rolling around and playing or will you sleep with a toy on top of you?

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  1. Maybe #68 was 'cause your grey furs looks so nice against that blue quilt.

  2. Rollin round and playin sounds like a good plan to us!

  3. Whoa, your face in that last photo! I would not want to get on your bad side!

  4. Thank you for showing my choice, CK! They do those silly things, don't they, humans! Chuck a toy at us and say things like "go on, play" just when you want to have a nap!! But you do look chilled! I think it's kind of, you know, secksay!! ;) xoxox

  5. Great tum picks CK!!! Have a fun Friday Stunning One!

  6. I love your pics!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Great pictures! I love seeing rare photos of your cute bikini :-)
    First picture is especially cute with you tummy and paw positions.
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  8. Hi C.K.!

    We might just sleep a lot (though not with toys on us). Except for Zoe, who's always on the go!

    Hugs to you, TW (is she feeling better?) and Pop,

    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  9. You do look lovely showing your bikini CK. You look rather annoyed in the last photo.

  10. Oh CK we just love your FOTO choices this time and all the stories behind them.

  11. I love your built in bikini- Phoebe is jealous :) I think all those photos are great- you are stunning in all photos.

  12. ck...stunning az all wayz....N seer ee iz lee.... ya gotta try skinneezz squirrel...eye like ta beet de be jezuz outta him... everee chance eye get......which iz when eye am knot sleepin, eatin, drinkin, usin de box, givin a what for ta dai$y, watchin stuff out de window, ore sum thin else

    heerz two a hairtail, madtom fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    boomer & crew ~~~~~

  13. #68n has to be my favourite! I know how much it took for you to sit still for such a perfect picture. MOL


  14. Fun Foto Frenzy Fotos!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. We enjoy your foto frenzys (or is that frenzies?), CK. ;)


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