Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Word of the Day—Spring

The trees are starting to bloom.
Spring has sprung a little early around here. As if we actually had a winter! I've been getting window whiffies for about a month now, on and off, when it's not damp and rainy. As I write this, its 70 degrees!

Caturday, Pop must've been watching BirdTV from his chair at the lunch table. He got TW's attention to look out the window. Apparently, there was a huge white bird on the roof of the Wuena Wista (not really the buildings name, but MY name for it). They couldn't decide if it was a seagull, a goose, a duck (do they even fly?) or what it was. One thing they knew was it wasn't a pigeon. Usually the only kind of birds we see around here are pigeons, which some humans call rats with wings. They tried in vain to get me over to the window.  They can't make me do nothing I don't want to—and I CAN use a double negative cos I'm from da hood!— so when the peeps called me over to the window, I ignored them. Yeah, right, peeps! I'm sure there's nothing to see here. By the time TW got her camera, it had waddled up on the elevator shaft, but TW tried to photograph it anyway.

And, for my furrends who will feel cheated because they wanna see a stunning picture of ME, here's one of the first taken in my mauve bed.

The old bed was a lot more comfy. *grumble*


  1. he he - you were just expressing your independence - ya - that's right - independence. I do that too. I'll look out the window when I want to look out the window.

  2. Tasty looking bird, CK, and stylish bed, even if it is not as comfy as the former one.

  3. that looks like a seagull...or could it be a Dove???? I wonder....

    Super warm in Michigan too but I am a killjoy. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. The first week of April is notorious for snowstorms and I gotta tell ya, this weather just isn't's freaky, completely freaky.

    Cody said to tell CK he knows how she feels with the new stuff. He likes his stuff better when it is old and broken in too!

  4. Love your Bird-TV CK! But truthfully I love the pic of you the best!

  5. CK, we think you should keep a watchful on that birdie! It's a big'un!

    We had warmer temps here...but no blooming trees yet.

  6. We're loving the warm weather too CK! That bed looks pretty comfy, even if it isn't your favorite. But that bird!!! Looks like a formidable foe, even fur you!

  7. Oh, right. Cause you don't look comfertabuls AT ALL in your new bed.

    I had a *wonderful* time last night. It was really nice without that Buzzard flyin' around. you think....nah--surely he can't shape-shift like that?

  8. We've hardly had any winter, either. But that's ok by us! You look like sleepin beauty in that pretty bed, CK. xoxo

  9. We were thinking gull too. The face looks right. Hard to tell without seeing the body.

    I love the color of your new bed. If you don't want it, you can send it to me. MOL!

  10. That looks like a seagull to me, CK - I don't think you were missing much, they are as bad as pigeons, only bigger.

  11. Much as the King loves you, my dear CK, I am unwilling to offer up my Stinky Goodness portions, which I receive twice a day and usually consume with some gusto. If you are very good, I might save a morsel of two of this kitten kibble for you if you'd like to drop by later. XOXO

  12. Looks like a seagull to me. Are you sure you aren't at the beach? ...oh that's right. You're in that ratty old substandard bed.
    ; )

    Get ready!!! It's coming!!!
    xo Katie

  13. I don't blame you for missing that big white bird...that bed does look cosy.


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