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Thank-You-Very-Much-Woman Thursday

This bed is RUINED!
Let's talk BEDS, shall we? I have a very nice one that I love. You've all seen pictures of me on this blog in that bed. As I'm looking for art, maybe you HAVEN'T seen it, althought I've had this bed a long time. I'm hear to report that TW RUINED my bed! RUINED IT!! She also REFUSES to let me share the big bed in what she likes to call HER room. HAH! Like anything's HERS in this condo!

My little bed is three or four years old. It's still in tip-top condition. TW has washed it many times. It's got a cushion that comes out or you can throw the entire thing into the machine. Sunday was one of those days when TW threw the entire thing into the machine, along with Pop's wooly coat, that he dropped a slice of pizza on. Honestly, you can't take Pop anywhere!

When my bed came out of the dryer, it smelled weird. It smelled different. It certainly didn't smell of me! TW used the wrong [bleeping] detergent on it! She always uses All, Free and Clear, with no dyes and no perfumes. For some reason, this time she used Cold Water Tide. Maybe it was because she wanted to get the tough stain out of the coat. Who knows and who cares! All I know and care about is that my bed smells terrible! Peeeuuuu! I cannot lay in that bed and it's all TW's fault!

I find it hard to believe that TW only has 2 photo shoots of me in my bed.
TW decided yesterday that she could make it all better by rewashing it in the All, but the smell didn't come out! My bed still smells like a perfumed, chemical disaster. I'm not even sure it's SAFE to climb into that thing. I should repeat, that this was where I sleep EVERY night and most of the day when TW is on the computer. Now I spend all day on the hard kitchen chair and I roam around, bedless, every night because …

The Woman locks me out of her room at night! She claims she's scared of me because I've "attacked" her too many times after the lights are out. Dunno why she hasn't figured out that HHGutt is the real culprit. Sure, blame the little ghetto cat. Believe me, I'm gonna start playing the race card, if this "blame game" doesn't stop.

Last night we had a "standoff" until almost 2 in the morning. I say, if I can't sleep in my bed, she can't sleep either. I kept her awake by scratching under her door. It drove her crazy. Oh, the cursing! Oh, the crying! And SHE has a comfy bed with a pillow top mattress to sleep on! I'M the one sleeping on the cold floor because I can't lay in my soft, comfy blue bed.

The old standby. The foam is shot after years of use but at least it doesn't smell.
Last night, I managed to get on the big bed for awhile but it ended ugly, with accusations that I was looking for her blood. What? Can't a cat glare at her human; can't a cat give her stink eye? I'll admit I had a motive, after spending nearly an hour locked outside the room. I'll also enter a plea of INNOCENCE in any court of law. I don't want to tell you what happened next, but this cat was scratching under the door again in no time. Nothing scares this cat! Bring on your weapons of mass destruction, my teeth and claws are sharp and I have no fear!

Then TW THOUGHT she was smart and brought out the Rescue Remedy that she'd recently purchased for just these occasions. She tried putting a drop behind my ear. HAH! In seconds, I resumed knocking on the door. By then, I think the Rescue Remedy put her out cos the cussing and fussing ceased. I was still left out in the cold, without a bed to call my own.

At this point, I don't know what needs to be done with my bed to make to habitable, but something clearly needs to be done. I still have my ancient bed and I also have a new one that I never gave a chance cos I liked my blue one so much. TW says I should learn to like the new pink bed. MY preference remains the pillow top queen size mattress that she sleep on. If she's a REAL cat lover, I think she should sleep on the couch, if she's as scared of me as she claims.

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  1. How sad, your special bed too! She might not want to go to sleep at all tonight!!!

  2. CK, that is just terrible that the mom ruint your bed. Maybe a bath in catnip would help the bed. Or maybe not. Wonder if the pink one is comfy. Hope you can come up with a solution.

  3. Allie: Oh CK! You are Obviously TERRIBLY Mistreated!!! The nerve!

  4. Of course you wan´t to see blood when TW has ruined your bed !!!

  5. Gasp - Now what will TW do next. The least she could do is give you her bed, and she sleep on the floor

  6. Yeah, she should make it up to you from now on, YOU get the bed..she gets the couch. EOS.

    Now, no I didn't nip your candy bar. Mommy bought the Admral bunches of them from that place your pop got yours. My mom wrote them and asked if they could please reconsider the horrendous S&H charges on those...same as other things. It would only cost a dollar or so to mail the 5 she ordered but they wouldn't even answer.
    Mom gave me the ones Admiral didn't use up and I have enjoyed them too. I just wish they would give a break on S&H for things like these light weight candy bars.

  7. Demerits should be issued immediately fur this infraction!!! Revenge is definitely a pawsibility too. How cold and uncaring! Teleport ofur and you may share any of our beds, CK!

  8. Hi CK,

    I'm sorry to hear about your bed. Maybe TW could put a blanket that has your smell on it on top of the bed so it is all about you again.

    Love, Fluffbomb

  9. Well, that just stinks, CK...and so does your bed, unfortunately.

  10. Oh CK, we are very sorry to hear this terrible news. Very thoughtless of the mom...

  11. CK. You are my Goddess.

    Could TW put some nice towels or soft blankies atop the bed she has ruined--and then sleep in it herself and let you have the queen-sized pillowtop?

    Or, at least, put something GOOD-SMELLING on your beddie so you can love it again.

    A royal decree of Painful Punishment has been issued.

  12. wot! oh dis is a disaster. I feel totally bad for you. We all pile on the bed and try not to leave any room for mom and dad. Do you have a blankie you lay on sometimes? Maybe put that on you bed to get your stink back on it. Or just keep driving mom crazy. MOL

  13. If your human ruined YOUR bed, CK, it is only right that she lets you have her bed until she digs up a proper replacement for you. She can sleep... where ever.

  14. I swear, Baby Girl, us minorities can't never catch a break! I thought TW would know better than to wash your bed in Tide. I can't even let anything washed in Tide touch my body because it makes me break out!

  15. CK! That is awful! At least yous don't has smelly brothers stinking yours up! Me don't sleep in my bed since Kozmo did!

  16. I think the whole Human concept of "dirty" needs a thorough review. One woman's "dirty" is another kitteh's "purrfect."

  17. I think TW needs to just accept that you are the Queen of the house, and she needs to step aside. Cats are picky, and she should just accept that it comes with the territory. Maybe she should sleep on the couch, and you can take the big bed all to yourself!

  18. This is turning dangerously ugly, CK. A PINK bed???????? What kind of ghetto-cat does she take you for? The CK I know does NOT do pink.
    ; ) Katie


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