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Product Review—Shrimp Cat Toy

When I got my latest order from my favorite toy store,, I was shocked to find a surprise! I had joined Baby Patches' testing team a long time ago, but didn't know whether they'd trust me to review anything. Everyone knows I don't play like the usual cat. I like children's toys better than most nip toys.

I'd ordered a couple of new toys for my Neko Fly, since TW squashed my original Kragonfly. (I wish it was a real Kragonfly so it would've stung her on the fat ass butt before she crushed it.) I got a new Kragonfly and a small Kittenator. I didn't even wait until TW put the Kittenator on the wand before I went after it. I had a ball with it.

Now on to the real product review. I couldn't believe it when I saw the Shrimp Cat Toy! It's official name is the Cat'n Around from Imperial Cat.  I'd just discovered how tasty real shrimp were a few weeks ago, so I couldn't wait for TW to cut it off the cardboard. There were not one, but 2 toys—the shrimp and a tadpole. I was intrigued by the stretchy legs on the tadpole. I had to give my new toys the sniff test.

The package says in display type in a starburst "Smell the Catnip!" Well, we couldn't and this is before TW got all stuffy with a head cold. Maybe the trip across the country robbed the aroma. TW had to really roll it in her hands and squeeze it to get the smell out. She must've did a good job, or maybe it was a sound of the rattle inside it, but I jumped up on my jungle gym for a closer inspection. I was interested in it when it was in her hand; or maybe I was just interested in her hand. Once she put it down, I walked away.

Lemme smell it, Woman! It's MY toy!

Now lemme smell the other side!
TW tried to get me to play with the toys. She finally succeeded when she threw the tadpole down the hall. I went bounding after it. I love to run and I love to zoom after toys. It bears repeating that I don't play like other cats do. I like interaction with the human. She did this a couple of times with both the shrimp and the tadpole, which she did see me bunny kicking once when I thought she wasn't looking. Today, she caught me bunny kicking the shrimp. These toys are growing on me!

I dare anyone to take this tadpole away from me!
Upon seeing the toy, TW was afraid that a cat could chew off and swallow the eyeballs on the tadpole and the string legs on the shrimp. Otherwise, this is a good toy, if you're into nip toys that don't smell that strongly. I didn't go wild for it; but I didn't ignore it either. So far, TW has only found 3 nip toys that I'll play with—my plague ratsy, which I blow hot and cold on; my Skinneeeez smousey and my nip candy cane.

Disclaimer: As a member of Baby Patches' Tester Team, other than receiving the product for free, I'm not getting paid for this review. The opinions are my own cos everyone knows you can't put words in this little kitteh's mouth.
BREAKING NEWS: For those of you who love Silvervine and Silvervine pillows, are poised to become the sole U.S. distributor of Bin's Vine. You won't have to wait for your Vine to arrive from Malaysia anymore. I MAY have had something to do with it.

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  1. Re: the 'Vine--You are a GODDESS!!!

  2. That is such good news about the Silvervine. I just hope Bin is making some money. We love the silvervine. Thanks for this great review of these toys. Missy is doing all right Aunt CK. Take care.

  3. Those are darn cool looking and I think they will go on my gotta have list CK!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Miss CK, I love interaction with my mom too. I just sit like you do and my mom have to throw the toy to me, than I catched it and I hind all underneath my belly ...Collect the score ! ..tee..heh

  6. Yeah, CK, we find most "nip" toys not so nippy. We love our nip nanner and nip cigar. Other stuff...not so much. This was a good review.

    And big Ernie thumbs up to Nip and Bones for getting us the silvervine! We got one of those P-lows and they are awesome!!

  7. super great review!!!

    Anyone find out what the vets think of the silvervine?

  8. Great review CK, and terrific news about the Silverine. Mom can't wait to try it w/ our kitties! We'll have to check out the Nip and Bones catalog!

  9. Great review my furriend! I says if you been bunnykicking it then its definitely grown on you. MOL

    Sees me and my sisfur trying them out too on my bloggie

  10. Boodie would probably like those toys - they are about the size she likes to pick up and carry around the house and moan over.

    That is great news about the silver vine!

  11. Good review CK. M didn't even give me hte silver vine yet - geeeesh - what's she waiting for Christmas? I hope not - that's forever away.

  12. I loved reading your review of the toys today, CK. And I wants me a plague ratsie!
    But what was REALLY exciting was the Breaking News about the VINE!! (Although come to think of it, I will kinda miss the exotic thrill of having it smuggled in from Malaysia, MOL!)

  13. Great review! Me wishes me did not has a puppy sister. She steals all our cat toys and slobbers all over them and then me is never going to touch them again!

  14. That shrimpie looks like good, bunny-kickin fun! We can't wait to try the silvervine! Thanks fur helpin us get it in the U.S.

  15. Great reveiw, CK. And if you did have something to do with the silvervine coming to the States, you rock even more than before (how is that even possible?!)!

  16. FaRADaY: "Walk awaaaaaaaay from the tadpole and no one gets hurt!" MOL!!

    Maxwell: *perk* Kittenator? Momma gotted us a Da Bird for the very first time ever *reproachful look toward typist* last week and we LOVES it! (but within 30 minutes, Faraday has pulled the bird apart from the string *sigh*)

  17. Thanks for the warnings about the eyes and legs. These would be good toys for me and Candy, but with EK the destroyer about we better pass. One of these days mom's gotta get us some plague ratsies.

  18. Hello Darling! I think I might teleport over later to help you test out those you think you'll be having any other 'guests' later tonight? Because, you know, I'd rather have you to myself this time.

  19. Great review, CK! I gotta get me some of that Vine!
    The shrimpies look pretty tasty too.
    ; ) Katie

    Hey...I've got a sneak peek at the next episode on my blog today! (just photos...but you're in one of them!)


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