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Royal Glitterboxes

I've decided that since I'm a star of the Real Housecats of the Blogosphere, I need to make some changes around here. Number one would be my litter box. I need something worthy of my new stature.
I remember seeing a paper on our couch with a story about "Glitterboxes." I'm glad I ripped the story out because I think it's about time to order one.

The Glitterbox is hygienic, pet-safe and easy to move and maintain. It says you can use them as a litter box with removable tray or as a bedroom with comfortable pillow. Hmmm, note to self: maybe I should order TWO. Get your humans credit card cos these babies will set them back a mere $800, give or take, depending on how much 22-karat GOLD you want it embellished with and size. With the price of gold these days, you can probably sell your box and make a hefty profit in a year or two. Think of all the noms and toys you can buy. Tell your humans to consider it a good investment in their cat's future.

Koliska Studios, which just happens to be in my home town, also makes one-of-a-kind pet beds and pavilions. They advertise custom designs and deluxe finishes. Yes, furrends, these pet houses are decorated with real GOLD, as well as silvered and etched glass, handcast ornaments, and, did I mention GOLD!

Can you see King Spitty lounging in this one?
They're 2 x 2-feet so any cat or small dog will fit into them. And, are your humans ready for this? they only cost between $1000 and $2000, depending on the size, materials and ornamentation requested. I'm sure all my fellow cast members will be splurging on these lavish pavilions.

Live large! You only have 9 lives so you might as well live them in style. Tell them Cathy Keisha, star of stage, screen and internet, sent you.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this "review." I just liked the litter boxes and decided to write about them. 

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  1. Oh my goodness CK, thanks for the scoop!!!

  2. Boy, that is getting down and dirty!! Only $1000 -$2000..just pocket change!!!

  3. Nothing but the best for our star Housecats!

  4. I see the Stunning Keisha didn't waste anytime spending her hard earned kibble from the dance routine we had to go through. Well babe, if it worked for you, I'd better try it on M. I I think I'll go for the $3,000 one myself. Let me know when yours arrives! Your co-star - Prince Mario!

  5. CK, you deserve these, baby!!

    It sure is nice getting to know you better on the set.


  6. Hmmm, noting is too good for us queens who is stars! Thanks for sharing them with us, me shall tell my pawrents that one would be acceptable!

  7. I think that looks like the purrfect make-up gift for my Human to buy me after 'bandoning me for hours and hours and hours efurry day during this work thing. Besides, shouldn't the King have a Castle????

    You look very at home posed next to those--do you already have a couple???

  8. CK....NOW I know what kind of Salmon Cabinet I MUST have! I'm snatching that VISA out of you-know-who's wallet while she's slumbering away, high on Nyquil.

    ; ) Katie

  9. Outstanding value, even if they were twice the price! We need a few...


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