Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Day: ME

Yes, once again, this blog is all about ME!

The great Rodgers Hammerstein defined the word ME in song: "ME, a name I call myself." In my case, ME can be defined as stunning, lithe, talented and, most of all, humble.

Cathy Keisha wasn't always my name. The shelter called ME Kittee. When I was adopted, the lady from the rescue begged my peeps to change it. What, oh what, should they call their new stunning cat? Since they also adopted a cat named Mitzi, they decided we'd be Kitzie and Mitzi. GONG! REJECTED! That was worse than Kittee! Mitzi soon went back to her mom and I was the only cat I am today and I definitely wasn't a Kitzie.

Cathy aka Kitzie aka Baby Girl aka Kittee
Gramma always wanted a girl named Cathy, but somehow decided not to name TW Cathy. Go figga!  In honor of Gramma, I became Cathy. Pop came up with the Keisha part to honor my CommuniPAW Avenue roots and because I'm a little ghetto cat at heart. That's why I love Pop so much.

I also have many nicknames, some that can even be printed on this blog. TW calls ME Baby Girl and Pop calls ME his Little Stunner or his Smoky Grey Diva.  When I dj, I'm either DJ CK or DK Baby Gurl.
♔ ♔ ♔ ♔
If'n you already read my blog from yesterday, I added the following facts about my eating habits.

  1. I'm a sloppy eater. I have to dump my wet food on the rug before I eat it. Love the taste of rug fibers. This upsets TW to no end. HAH!
  2. Before I get my stinky goodness, I like to eat kibble as an appetizer. It's always kibble, then wet food. Gives ME something to do while TW is preparing my feast so I don't have to rub against her.


  1. I like to take my wet foods out of the bowl to eat them too!! They taste better on the floor than in the bowl.

  2. Oops! That was me, Ernie, who likes eat off the floor.

  3. Now that I think of it, none of us cats here rub up against my human for food! Maybe that is because she is clumsy and we worry (with good reason) that she will step on us!

  4. Sounds like you haf your Mom trained just right!

  5. I think they did good with renaming you. I also take my bits of wet food and put them on the floor to eat them. Makes for a messy floor. Audrey doesn't - she just inhales her food without taking a breath.

  6. I take some of mine out too and lay it on the floor. Not really sure why I do that.

    I am keeping up my strength so far and me and Nik will be there for some of it. We can't for the 3 days of course. I have a couple of fabulous gowns from that House of Italy...Mario.

  7. Love the expression on your face CK or what ever you liked to be called.We actually like all you names. We don't take our food out of the bowl but sometimes in trying to eat it we push it out. Have a great day CK and Mom too.

  8. Hey, the rug just helps with your fiber intake, and if you loke it, then nobody should question that. Have fun!!!

  9. So funny! You and Zoe are opposites - she eats wet food first, then scoops out kibble onto the floor and eats it from there. So undignified. I have to wait until she's thru gorging then I can get to the kibble!

  10. I'm really loving your posts this week. I can't wait to see what you come up with for tomorrow.

  11. Whoops - looks like we missed yesterday's post again. Will have to back track because reading your bloggy makes our day. You will always be CK or Cathy to us. I has some weird names too that the peeps call me.+

  12. We think the names CK and Cathy Keisha suit you purr-fectly!


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