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Newsday Tuesday

So I said to the woman, Woman, you've been slacking again! I haven't talked to my furrends in about a month. I ain't gonna have any left. Of course, it all became MY fault. I've been keeping her and Pop up at night singing. She called me NEEDY! Can you believe that? N.E.E.D.Y. She said I need attention all the time. What a crock that is! So I cry sing the minute I'm left alone in a room. So I want to play 24/7. So I cry sing all night. So I won't leave her alone to use the computer. SO?

My 2 feather toys in happier times. RIP.
When I used to cry sing at night, I used to drag my feather toys down the hall to TW's room. I did that so many times, she finally took those feather toys away from me and banished them to some feather toy Purgatory. This weekend, she discovered they had biodegraded. It was a sorry sight. We had to bury them out of their misery. *sniff*

To answer some questions, yes, we had REAL turkey for Thanksgiving and the cat got tons of it. I also got Merrick's Thanksgiving dinner for cats and it was delish! There were no culinary disasters like last year, so nothing funny to blog about. My newer readers might want to check that blog out. The chocolate turkey is still sitting there in its cellophane wrapper. It hasn't been touched. I have a feeling that sucker will get opened soon.

Now what are they doing up there?
In other news, our blue tarp roof house across the street is finally getting a new roof. last winter's snowstorms damaged the roof and they're finally getting around to repairing it. They've had that blue tarp on for months and this is supposed to be a hoity toity neightborhood, whatever that means. I couldn't stop staring out the window at all the illegal Mexican workers, crawling all over the roof. There were more than a half dozen. They were climbing that roof like flies on a wall. Oh well, no one's fallen yet.

Pop decorated the apartment for Christmas this weekend. With great fanfare, he found his favorite decoration: a Nutcracker soldier that drums and plays 2 Christmas carols—very loudly. TW found this Nutcracker several years back in our Refuse room and couldn't believe that someone had thrown it out. It must've been someone with sensitive ears—or good taste. Did I mention it's loud? The version of Jingle Bells it plays is at double speed and before each song, these screechy childrens' voices say "Ready, let's march! Here we go" and when the songs over, they say "Have a Merry Christmas!" It's so stupid, the peeps love it. The neighbors must groan when they hear it as I do.

BREAKING NEWS: Pop tells me he can now touch the top of his right shoulder with his right arm for the first time his he broke his elbow. He's also started picking me up again. You heard it here first!

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  1. I am sorry about your feather toys - I have one that I have had for at least 6 or 7 years, but it is certainly not as fluffy as it used to be. That is great news about your male human being able to pick you up again!

  2. OH what a JOY to your Pop that he can do that again. And to be able to pick you up! My mom can certainly rejoice with you and your Pop. She was so glad when she could stand kneeling and also when the cats came off so she could touch my furs again with her right hand. I was glad TOO...I missed my mom's petting and grooming and with her not even being able to was rough on me.

  3. Hooray for your Pop and I am glad to hear he is healing nicely. Upu need to start singing those Christmas songs CK, that will put them both in the spirit of the season!

  4. So happy to hear pops is getting better day by day. WOW and he can pick you up too. Brian is right - start singing the Christmas songs and they won't complain about your singing.

  5. Glad you got turkey and that your Pop is getting better. Maybe Santa will bring you some new feather toys!

  6. So are you singing Christmas carols CK?? How can the beans complain about that?? Glad your Dad's elbow is so much better now and that he can pick you up. Take care all of you and have a great day.

  7. Sorry to hear about your feather toy´s , my mom alway´s hide mine in the closet. I hope they won´t be biodegraded there !
    Glad to hear that your dad can use his arm again :)

  8. Oh CK, thank goodness you did end up getting some REAL turkey out of the deal and some fancy Num-Nums! Glad your Pop is recovering well and that he can hold you again too, yay! Sorry about theese feathers of yours though...

  9. Well, CK--you ALLOW yourself to ::shudder:: be picked up?? Honestly, are you a tough chick or not?? I don't THINK so!! I see the truth now: You're a goopy love bug who talks a good game!

    In other news, I'm sorry about your fevvers. I guess SOMEBODY needs some new ones for Christmas. That pie story is wonderful--could the Humans BE any dumber, Cod luf them?? Maybe you could kill that nutcracker (that is, sometime when you're not curled up in some Human's lap purring and nuzzling).

  10. Singing? That's what our Toby cat does, usually around 3AM. Doesn't bother me, but mom always gets up to give the old guy some midnight snacks, hoping to buy another hour or two of sleep! Glad to hear that Pops is healing, and it's nice he can pick you up again. Enjoy that nutcracker, hee heee!


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