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Games Keisha Plays, Part 1

Anyone old enough to remember that old song Games People Play? Since my peeps are a hunnert years old, I'm forced to listen to it. Allow ME to sing a little of it because this week is all about ME:

♪♬♪ Oh the games Keisha plays now
Every night and every day now
Always biting on The Woman
Never biting on my Pop (much).

I like to make The Woman cry
Bite her ankle then I hide
Cross the room I pray for tuna
Cos HHGutt is to blame yeah! ♫♫♩

What's do you mean, Woman. That's not how it goes? You listen here, woman! This is my blog and you type what I tell you to! Sorry, your delicate eyes had to witness that hateful display by TW. Back to the blog in progress.

I was gonna include a video here, but decided it would detract from this wonderful piece of prose. You can watch it here. The song in the video is Toy Never Played With by Drivin' N Cryin' and as you will see, my nip cigar and fruit are sitting there untouched.
You can see what I'm playing with
and it's NOT the toys
I have a unique idea of how to play with my toys. For example, how would you play with a toy dangling at the end of a wand? You'd chase the toy, wouldn't you? ME, I play with the string or stretchy cord holding the toy on. I grab and bite it; almost use it like dental floss. Of course, my real goal is to bite/scratch TW's hand holding the wand.

Your peep rolls a ball down the hall for you. You chase the ball and maybe kick it around a little. Not ME. I MAY run in the general direction the ball is rolled in, but then I run right past the ball and then run back to point A. When the ball is rolled back, I'm in perfect position to WATCH it. I can catch it and not have to move a muscle. I may bat at it if I'm in the mood. I then run the other way again and wait for the ball. In the event that TW throws the ball, I'll leap and catch it or bat it down. I do the same thing when TW shoots a coated rubber band through the air. I'll run in the general direction right past it and then wait for it to come back so I can jump and catch it.

Going after the wands instead of the feathers.
When we play with a string or feather on the bed. I chase it around in circles until TW thinks I'm exhausted or until I nail her hand. Most kittehs would chase the string. On the other hand—pardon the pun—I tend to aim for the flesh, bone and blood holding the string/feather most of the time. Sometimes TW even wears winter gloves when we play but that's way not fair. HAH!

After dark, when the lights are out, we play smousey laser and I run through the hall after it. Most peeps shine the laser around the cat and the cat bats at it. I use it as an excuse to run around the apartment and through my tunnel.

Do I see TW's hand in there?
 I love to run through my tunnel—on MY terms. I used to like when TW stuck her hand in it and wiggled it around. Then I charged at her hand, hoping to do some real damage. Unfortunately, she pulls it out before I get her 99% of the time. She learned her lesson when I nailed her a few weeks ago. I also like her to dangle my peacock feather or a string in the other end or use the smousey laser pointer when it gets dark enough. She complains it takes ME too long to stalk and she gets tired of waving the feather. Can you believe TW actually once hit me in the back side with a coated rubbed band while I was crouched in the tunnel? Then she wonders why I attack her.

I don't particularly like catnip toys because they tend to make me sneeze. Sometimes I'll chase them once or twice if TW throws them. I like interactive toys. The only smousey toy I really like is my Skinneez mouse from Nip & Bones. I did write a review for it but it disappeared. If I'm in the mood, I'll attack my plague ratsy. I've actually never looked at the nip duck that my Buzzy sent me. TW uses it for decoration. I've just became attached to a sock that TW filled with dried nip from our windowsill plant. That's top-shelf nip.

Hiding behind Fort Keisha to attack TW.
In Part 2, I'll explain what my current favorite items of interest are. I guarantee you, you ain't gonna believe what strikes my fancy. TW says, it's just Cathy being Cathy. Hey, whadda you mean by a remark like that? Are you insulting ME??

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  1. hehe - you are one of a kind CK. I like to sit back and watch M entertain me. Then about the time she wants to go to bed, I'll get interested in playing. I never will understand oomans - so what if M spends 2 hours trying to get me to play and I only become interested at bed time. I'm a cat - it's my job.

  2. Even though you are especially rough on your human, she plays with you lots! Mine does not play with me enough, and I play politely! Maybe I should take a lesson from that.

  3. CK, This was the most interesting reading I've done all day. You would not believe all my strange toy quirks and aversions. I share your pain, too: Sometimes the Human hits me on the butt with a fev-ver wand toy if she doesn't think I am showing proper interest. Oh yeah! Like getting HIT with it is going to make me feel like playing! As if!

  4. You run a tough household, girlfriend!

  5. Seems to me that those lyrics are correct, especially if you say so! You go girl!!!

  6. Yup CK, it sounds like you have everything under control, that is for sure. Keep that hooman guessing. Good job. We like to grab the wand on the wand toys too. Hope you have a super week end.

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  8. Wow Keisha, you not only Stunning but you one tough Cookie ~

    About us you see.... fur almos a year now we go to efuryone leave lotz of commentz but we lucky if anyone (owtside of a couple who have become near & dear to us) can bother doin likewize ..... so da mom said evidently no-one interested , so she closed owr blog :( But Sweetie Pie Admiral said fur mom to try a bit more .... so she did. So we sorry if no-one came to see you in 2 yrz. , we know how dat iz.... So we jus stopped in to say Mieow ~

  9. Wow, CK, you are a fascinating feline! I agree with you about the string or cord being more interesting than the toy at the end!

  10. Hi! Re your Blogger help forum question, great to see it back up!

    Take Care,
    Peter McCartney


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