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Games Keisha Plays, Part 2

♪♬♪Anybody here see The Woman
See her fear and hear a commotion?
I think I bit her!
Anybody here see the love
See the hate, CK motioned? 
Don't give ME no hand ME down toys
Don't give ME no hand ME down Nip
Don't give ME no hand ME down perch
Got one already. ♩♬♫
Anybody here who's peeps are older than dirt—and there's a few of you—may have heard this old Guess Who chestnut, called Hand ME Down World. With a few major minor corrections, it could have been written about ME.

Before this post gets started, I have to tell you a funny story. Last week, when we started writing this post, I almost got to see TW's head explode. She managed to delete all the text from Part 1 and the entire post just disappeared into the ether. I must say it was scary, at least seeing TW's head nearly implode was. I kept a low profile because she was in enough anguish. After many tears, tantrums and hand/head wringing, Google Help finally provided the magical answer that brought my post back. Thanks you Richard.

Back to the post at hand since many of you—at least Spitty—has waited long enough. Most of my five loyal readers must think the World's Most Stunning Cat has the world at her paws. I only wish that was so. When I was adopted, most everything I had was hand-ME-down—even my litter boxes. I was blessed to have two, because there were 2 cats before ME and cat etiquette says you must have a box for each cat. I was a new little kitteh entering a hand-ME-down world. The shelter didn't prepare ME for this. Oh sure I had 2 overflowing toy boxes, but the toys were bought for another.

My hand-me-down perch is about 27-inches tall,
not exactly a "cat tree."
Even my perch, which was a downright poor excuse for a cat tree was hand-ME-down. It wasn't until I got on Twitter and met Baby Patches that I started getting really good stuff of my own, like the tunnel of pain and a real cat tree. Luckily, I have Pop wrapped around my stunning paw. He'll buy ME whatever I want so long as I don't ax him the day the property tax bill arrives. It also helps that I'm blessed with quick paws and win a lot of prizes.

I think these hand-ME-downs are the reason I eschew catnip toys in favor of household items, like milkies (the rings from milk containers), plastic security rings from vitamin bottles, bread ties etc. Anything TW drops on the floor is MINE. Once she dropped a little shell from her Oscillococcinum and I had hours of fun with that bullet-shaped object. Just as easily, though, I become disenchanted with said items. I've been through the tissue paper phase, the straw phase (TW found them in 3 different sizes including super long, bless her pointy head), the super ball phase, the golf ball phase, and I appear to be finished with the Poland Springs' box phase. Yeah, Pop brought a promo golf ball home from work and I noticed it made a ton of noise rolling across the wood floor. I realize lots of cats like to play with some of these items, but they also play with cat toys. Me, not so much.

My toy "box"
I'm still in love with those foam rubber rockets that TW brought home for ME in July. TW cannot believe they've held my interest this long. I don't really chase the rockets anymore. Now I lay on my cat tree and bat them down or catch them when TW shoots them. It's easier on the legs—mine, not hers, as she has to get down on her knees to shoot them up to ME. She marvels that I don't cower when she accidentally—or so she says—hits ME in the nose with one; but I keep coming back for more. I'm obsessed.

I caught the rocket. It's all mine!
WOOO-MANNN, I dare you to take this away from me! Heh heh! HAH!

I'll still chase the occasional coated rubber band. Really, a look in my toy "box" turns up many interesting items, including chestnuts (Autumn used to love playing with them. I don't.) and dried up ginkgo leaves that TW brings in every fall and I go nuts chasing. I never did like rolled up aluminum foil or toilet paper rolls, which I understand some kittehs would kill for.

My new favorite "toy" is—are you ready for this?—a pink sugar packet from Dunkin Donuts. America runs on Dunkin and so does Cathy Keisha. TW dropped one because she's clumsy one night and I made a bee-line toward it. Then she threw it and I went running past it and through the apartment. As I said, anything she drops is mine.

That's it for the ME series, however, you guys are lucky because this entire blog is about ME so you'll be reading about ME every day, except those days when I try to make the world a better place for ALL cats by Blogging the Change for Animals and when a political injustice gets this ghetto cat upset.

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  1. I don't have a rocket I think I need one Jeego. SeattleP

  2. We play wif unusual things, sumtimes, too. It is not unheard of fur us to whap a dry turd around on the wood floor til Mom ruins our fun!

  3. I have mostly hand me down toys fro the cats who came before, too CK. Mostly, I like it best when that woman waves feathers or a fuzzy tail on a wand. Sometimes I will play with a soft sparkle ball. That rocket looks interesting!

    Taffy and that woman

  4. I used to play but now, not so much. I wish I felt better, then I would but I enjoy reading about other kittehs playing and I remember my days of feeling great like that. I loved milkies too and straws. I still will swat at my fevvers sometimes.


  5. Sometimes the whole world is my toy just waiting for a whappin!

  6. Mario here: I started out with hand-me-down toys too. I showed M tho, cuz I flatly refused to play with any of them. She even told people I must not have had a kittenhood because I didn't know how to play with toys. he he - little did she know I just wanted MY OWN TOYS - not hand me downs. Your rocket thingy sound like fun.

    Mario's mom here; Mario is the hardest kitty to buy things for. He likes so few things. His favorite item to play with is a string if I drag it around the house, dangle it, or move it in circles. Other toys come and go, but he gets tired of them quickly.

  7. OUR fave second hand toy is a nice thick sturdy twist tie...oh, and egg cartons!! Those are a blast to rip apart into a bajillion tiny pieces. At 3 AM, naturally, for the enhanced acoustics.

  8. I love to put (a gentle) nom on my soft plushies! Our older kitties love their nip cigars, kicking them like crazy, but don't play with anything else. Now we have 2 kittens *paws to forehead*, they think they own the joint! They think that everything is a toy, just fur them!

  9. Our Peep is older than dirt so we understand and everything here that hits the floor is ours too. It is so much fun go whap everything around. Listen, CK, can you tell your Peep that our Peep mailed your puzzle today. Hope you enjoy it.
    Take care.

  10. absolutely LOVED the "Me" series and you had me roaring with the song above, hell I am older than the cavemen so I know that song!

    I was gonna tell you, don't feel bad...I am the middle child (this is Mom, not Cody lol) and only received hand-me-downs so I know how you feel. I am quite familiar with the song "Second Hand Rose" as well!

  11. OMC! We did not reply!! I could've sworn we had. Well, that's the Human for you--one moment of "Oh, I'll do this in a minute right after I....." and then it's gone from her brain forever!

    I loved reading all about your less-than-exotic taste in the toiz. You are kind of a cheap date, eh, CK? No fancy store-bought mousies for YOU! Pink packets from Dunkin Donuts will do just fine. Me, I am very fickle--I will love something for 8 days and then on the 9th it's a total bore. Sometimes, not always but sometimes, if the Human puts a toy away for a few months I'll play with it again, but mostly, when I'm done I'm DONE.


  12. Well us cats sure are finicky aren't we? It's good you get new things all the time to keep your interest. I have a bazillion toys and play with them all at some time or another, but I have one favorite and I actually understand mom when she says the word "toy" when she refers to that special one! Then I run to the sofa and squeak so gets gets it out from under for me. Aren't you glad we're spoiled?

  13. Nice job on the ME series, CK! Like everyone, I've got my own quirks. The sound of the renegade ice cube hitting the floor is the most beautiful sound in the world. I'm an ice hockey player. Until my puck melts.
    Me, I'm terrified of balls and foil. Sends me running. In fact I think foil should be outlawed.

    ...hey, I'm pretty sure you have more than FIVE fans. ; )
    xo Katie

  14. Gabriel,Larry & Lolly here;
    cauze we the youngest and da onez who inherited all da toyz in da house...., when da mom brought us home she got us some new toyz,,, but what we find mos fun iz da stuffs dat mom dropz on da floor ,we stealz and hide in owr stash UTB.... hehehe she can't get there to get them ^..^ q tipz, rubberbandz, paperclipz, fake flowerz...... you name, It'z Orz ^..^

  15. Oh, I should also say these photos of you are the BOMB, specially the last two. Those pink pads are driving me MAD and that look of disdain in the last shot--well, naughty Spitty needs some good old-fashioned discipline, Mistress CK.

  16. Wow, you sure have had a big variety of toys CK! Most of them I haven't tried myself...I only seems to bat around the balls that have fur. Enjoyed hearing about you.


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