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ME Tuesday

Enjoying my kibble before I got those raised dishes.
Times flies when you've got such an interesting subject: ME. Yes, all this week is dedicated to ME—the World's Most Stunning Cat. Lately, I've been devoting too much time to other, less interesting topics. Today I'll tell you some fascinating facts about my diet eating habits.
  1. I eat r e a l l y s l o w l y. It takes ME forever to just lick the gravy out of my food. The cats before ME had 20 minutes to nom their stinky goodness before it disappeared. I have as long as it takes or until it goes bad. I kinda like the crust that forms on it.
  2. The peeps HAVE to walk ME to my food and stay there until I'm finished and I've excused them. Not a minute sooner. Like I've already stated, I'm a slow eater so they could be there for hours. What could be more important than ME anyway?. I will NOT eat if I'm left alone. I like an audience.
  3. My favorite stinky goodness is Fancy Feast grilled tuna. I tolerate the Luna Tuna/Island Illusion I have to eat to make up for the water I don't drink. The peeps want to wean ME off fish because it rots a cat's teeth. Best of luck to them. HAH!
  4. I like most treats, especially the catnip flavor Greenies and Temptations. Friskies Party Mix is nommy and now Friskies has a new treat called Crispies, that is pleasing to ME. I've only tried the salmon flavor. The peeps got them BOGO for ME to try.
  5. I'm a sloppy eater. I have to dump my wet food on the rug before I eat it. Love the taste of rug fibers. This upsets TW to no end. HAH!
  6. Before I get my stinky goodness, I like to eat kibble as an appetizer. It's always kibble, then wet food. Gives ME something to do while TW is preparing my feast so I don't have to rub against her.
  7. Aprés eating, I get the zoomies.
  8. My hat's off to the chief, er, chef.
I hope you've all learned something helpful today. There will be a quiz at the end of the week. NOT!
Of course, you know finger food is this little kittehs favorite!

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  1. Bravo CK, that was quite the yummy post and you did a super job, but you always do!

  2. "slow eater" geeze.....I inhale mine in less than a minute! Must be a "girl-thang"


  3. Oh my dear! You look so wonderful in your pictures today! My little heart is all a-flutter! No topic could ever possibly be more interesting that YOU, darling!

    My Human and I sended you a couple emails...hope you gotted them ♥

  4. I shouldn't have read this at dinnertime - I am hungry now!

  5. Aw CK, we luf learnin more bout you! Princess has the Mommy trained to watch her eat too!

  6. Around here we gotta eat fast, otherwise some other cat might eat our foods!

  7. Ha..Ha..Ha..I'm the same as You in no. #2 !!!!!

    You know I have tags on my collar, and it always hit my ceramic bowl. I'm top cat ! and I have a manner. so every time before I eat, I have to go to get mom. Mom think I need her because she need to move the tag for me.

    Now she start to get lazy so she took off my callar so I can feel free to eat, but Yep ! I still go to get her cause I like an audience....tee...heh..heh

  8. Well, we all know us kitties are finicky eaters. I won't eat unless it's totally quiet and if I eat too slow Zoe comes and eats mine after she's gobbled hers up! I love learning more about you each day CK!

  9. I LOVED reading about how you do things and why. And about your favorite fings. xoxoxox

  10. He he - you sure having some interesting eating habits CK. I especially like how you make your peeps stand right there until you are finished with your meal. You really have them trained. It's a good thing Mario didn't see this post or he'd expect me to do the same.

  11. Theese ones are awesome pics of you CK! You are an interesting eater for sure!


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