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Newsday Tuesday

I don't know if anyone here realizes that I lost one of my 9 lives last week. It is true. I only have 8 left and—need I tell you—it's all the woman's fault.

In happier times with non-toxic plants

Last week, she had a terrible cold. She was snotty and miserable and then the nasal drip and cough from hell started. I could only keep my distance and laugh. Last Thursday night, she decided to try the Vicks waterless inhaler thingy. Of course, she just presumed since it was natural—oils of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus—that it was safe from cats. Not so fast, woman!

When she woke up, she discovered that her little sleeping partner was not in her bed. She discovered me, looking a bit lethargic on Pop's bed. Then she finally decided to go online. WARNING: DO NOT USE EUCALYPTUS OIL AROUND CATS. IT IS HIGHLY TOXIC! In fact, it's used to repel cats. She panicked, as she should have; so I turned to my furrends on Twitter and Facebook to see what they knew. Turns out, not more than she did. My good furrend @MizzBassie suggested the ASPCA Poison Control Web Site. We now highly recommend this site for anybody who wonders if plants or cleansers are toxic for their animals. The woman thought that just because she used all-natural products, they would be safe. NO! She now wonders about the Method bathroom cleaner she uses. It states it's not toxic for humans or pets, yet it contains eucalyptus oil.

She panicked again and decided to monitor me since I always sleep until 1-2 pm and am usually a bit lethargic when I awake. She calls it "dopey" but if there's anything dopey around here, it's her.

Usually when I wake up, I go right for the food dish, this particular morning, I didn't. She panicked on top of her panic although she calmed down when I tried to bite her. Eventually, I ran through my tunnel. She went for a late lunch and that's when I went towards the kitchen. You want to know what that cold-hearted, callous Bitch told me? These were her exact hard, calculating words—after she almost killed me, mind you!— "You have a full dish of hard food there. If you're hungry, eat that. It's not time for your soft food." Gasp! Hard food!! In my delicate condition. I could have gastrointestional distress! I could have something even worse!

As things turned out, I have weathered that storm and am back to my old self, albeit one life short of a full deck. She owes me BIG-TIME, don't you think. And I owe her quite a few severe bitings and scratchings.

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  1. Oh my goodness Keisha, I'm so glad you're ok (even if you now have one less life). I guess this is why we have 9 lives. We'd never survive our human's stupidities otherwise.

  2. I know you're already plotting your revenge!

  3. I'm so glad ur ok. I told my peeps abt what happened and they feel bad for the woman. Can u believe that? Pfftt! But they said that they can totally understand the feelings of panic & guilt after what they went thru with my "boarding incident" (as it shall henceforth be named). Personally, I think the woman should pay! Haha! We must think of some way to exact our revenge...

  4. Oh dear - we sure are happy you are okay after dat terrible scare. M says - don't be too hard on "the woman" cuz she honestly didn't know. Now I say - get even with her anyway you can. Revenge can be so sweet.

  5. I am laughing so much...not at your neart death experience but you write so well, I felt like I was watching on TV.
    Your Mum needs a good punishment, esp after the hard food incident after nearly doing you in.
    HOORAY for 9 lives

  6. Sweetie, if it turns out that the callous disregard continues perhaps you should come for a visit to CA and let the peeps miss you a bit. It is VERY "un hoodie" here but you would be safe and treated with respect & honor as is fitting for a princess such as yourself. **nosetaps**

  7. Miss Keisha, you come here. We'll give you tunas and snuggles and smoochies!!

  8. Oh noes! I is happy to hears you is okay Keisha but da nerve of dat woman not givings you your delicious canned food!


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