Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newsday Tuesday, Item 4

My peeps would like to announce the engagement of Cathy Keisha to Tuna Katt. Yes, Tuna finally proposed to me over chicken dinner Sunday night and I accepted. I've known Tuna since our days with the Alleys in the mean streets of Jersey City. The only thing Tuna fears worse than the Po Po is commitment. Lately he's gotten a little worried when he sees all my would-be suitors on Twitter and Facebook and he didn't want to lose me. Awwwww! He wants to set a date in 2012 and, of course, I don't want to wait that long. His line of work is dangerous so he might not live that long. Speaking of his "work," he gave me a gorgeous ring; but the woman says she's seen a sign on our elevator saying the one of the neighbors "lost" a ring Sunday that looks like my new ring. Well, now that ring is mine! Tuna wouldn't give me a hot ring ... maybe a hot i-phone but not a hot ring.

♥♥ TUNA ♥♥
The woman started looking to plan my wedding and, much to her dismay, discovered that in the state of NJ, cat weddings are not legal and binding. How can that be? The law says I need a photo id and social security number to get married. We can't even apply for a Civil Union, since we're not the same sex. What's going on here? It seems that only heterosexual humans can get married in this state. That's cat discrimination and I'll have to find a way around it. Oooh, Tuna says he's going to get us the documentation we need cos he's got some friends in da hood who know somebody ...


  1. Concatulations! Can't wait to see the ring.

  2. Congratulations, CK ! Tuna is such a charming/cute/cool/lovely/funny...oops...he's such a nice cat ! Of course you're the stunning one ! I'm happy for you, finally you got a ring !
    The woman in my house put a google translator in my blog especially for you, I hope you can read my adventures now !
    Purrs from Rutha

  3. I'm so happy for you and Tuna, CK! I hope I get invited to the wedding :-).

  4. Congratulations! I am very happy for you dear friend. (A little jealous perhaps cuz another purdy girl is off the "available" list). I don't know Tuna, but he sounds like a fine gentlman cat. Maybe I'll meet him on FB some time. Can I still say "luv ya?" (my term for friend to friend.)

  5. Concats for you an Tuna, this iz xciting nooz!

  6. HMPH! I don't know abt this Tuna guy. Who names a cat Tuna? Have u asked urself that? I'll need to check him out obviously. And if (and I do mean IF) I approve then I'll let u know. It seems unlikely tho. I just want to let u know that up front. But for now...congratulations!! If this Tuna guy makes u happy, then that's all I can ask of him. Ur happiness means the world to me. But I'm still gonna do some snooping around...MOL xoxo

  7. OMC! Concats! Has I met dis TUNA? We has to approves my furriend MOL

  8. Wow, concatulations, CK! Is Tuna going to come live with you? Might be safer for him. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.


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