Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

He who enters tunnel, deals with Keisha


  1. Dat is such a cute picture of you M's thought bout getting me one, but then she's afraid I won't use it. Seems like most things she buys, I don't care for!!! You are "stunning" in that picture - but then, you are stunning in any picture.

  2. Caffee, dat tunnel looks like lots of fun! Bet you and me cud has a great time in there!

  3. That is a wonderful tunnel and no we wouldn't dare come in there. We also wanted to say something about your lose of cat. It is always so sad to lose an animal. Lots of purrs coming your way.

  4. Daddy got me a tunnel, and it sat around the apartment for months waiting for me to figure out if I wanted to venture inside the thing.

    Daddy finally put us both out of our misery, and kicked it out. ;-D

    We just weren't made for each other I guess. ;-D

  5. MOL hehehe ain't dat da truth! We luvs our tunnel!


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