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Newsday Tuesday, Item 3

Yep, got a bunch of stuff today that I finally want to write about. I've been keeping busy doing a lot of dj work recently and have also been fortunately enough to win a couple of really nice prizes.

As well as dj'ing all the Pawpawties for @Fergusthedog, I've also worked the mega Dudefest and have a shift at the Nip Club, which opened about 6 weeks ago. The Nip Club gig is ultra cool because @TheNascarKitty lets me play whatever I want. The first week I worked, I played mostly hard rock but last time I held the First Cathy Keisha Dance Party Hour, with contests and prizes and the works. I played dance music from the twist to the hustle and beyond. @Mariodacat and TheNascarKitty won the two prizes I gave out during the party. He tells me it got rave reviews, but I really wouldn't know since no one took the time to DM me personally to let me know. I do know over 50 anipals were there. After my shift, I won the 1st Nip Club prize ever, a $20 donation in my name was made to their charity, Lanie's Animals in Crisis

The mega Dudefest was to honor @Frugaldougal, who's in ill health. To tell the truth, I wasn't sure what to play at a Dudefest. Since Dougal has done so much good helping animal charities, I decided to play songs which honor Planet Earth and all her inhabitants. I stuck around after my set and wound up winning a scarf from @Pasikas, which I'll wrap up and give to the woman for her birthday next month. The 2 Dudefest charities were the  Houslow Animal Welfare Society and the Kaninchenrettung rabbit shelter in Germany. Over $1300 was raised.

I also won Rumblepurr's contest and won a gift certificate, which the woman used to replace my worn out scratching post. I thank her for that.
I won the tall scratching post from Rumblepurr.

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  1. You certainly been a busy kitty. And a lucky one too with all those prizes. Enjoy them! You certainly deserve them.

  2. It's great that you give so much of yourself when helping others. You deserve those wonderful prizes :-).

  3. Congratulations again purdy girl. This has been a good past 3 weeks for you. Gong to be hard to top this month.

  4. Pawsome! Concats on your winnings!


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