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Eulogy For A True Goddess

A year or so ago, the world was treated to a new sensation out of Liverpool, England. She was bigger than the Beatles; bigger than any entertainer to come out of that town. Men cats swooned. Lady cats all wanted to be her. We all wanted to be cool like @MedusaJ, the scaredy cat with the orange legs. The diva had entered the world of Twitter and Facebook. They would never be the same. And neither will we.

Sadly, MedusaJ, aka Rosie Cat, has left the building. She went OTRB yesterday morning at 9:45. She left way too soon and she left us pleading for an encore.

Rosie was a good friend. Wait, she was much more than a good friend. She was someone I could be myself with. I could get a little bit raunchy and know that she understood and wouldn't get bent out of shape. I didn't have to watch my "P's and Q's"—whatever than means though I hear its a common idiom around here. She even followed my Pop on Twitter when I mentioned that he opened an account so he could make sure I wasn't getting too naughty with the boys.

I used to love to make her laugh her evil laugh. Bwaaahahaa! She became my "Cracklin' Rosie" after she posted a picture of herself in front of the fireplace at Christmas.

I love her. Unfortunately, with the time differences, we didn't meet too much on Twitter. Thank God for Facebook. The time we did spend together always made me laugh, or at least smile. She brought out the best in me.

This isn't Goodbye because I know that we'll meet again OTRB. To her Mum Marie, her Dad and minidude—I always loved that name—I offer love and support and a shoulder to cry on. I know I'm a better cat for having known her.

Sleep well Goddess Rosie. The world has lost another legend in the prime of her life.

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  1. This is beautiful!

  2. Oh Caffee, dat is da bestest what you wrote about Rosie. I'm sure she knew what a great fwend you were!

  3. CK, you have a beautiful soul. I'm sure this post brings Rosie's mum Marie a great deal of comfort. Good job, Baby Girl!

  4. That is really beautiful. I know we could have fun with Rosie and not have to worry about getting into trouble. SeattleP

  5. Thank you for letting the world know Rosie a little better. Those are lovely photos of her. She truly was a beauty and a good friend. I miss her. Purrrrrrrrrrrs.

  6. Yes, she did leave too soon; pleading for an encore; Purrs n hugs to Marie, papa and minidude

  7. Cathy! I knew you loved me really :)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post - I did enjoy our time together & your Dad was so kind when he checked up that I was ok after 1 of my many illnesses.
    Mum is wailing, yes wailing! Dad & Minidude are very very sad & cannot console Mum.
    She was smiling through the tears reading this Cathy & for that you have my undying friendship & love.

  8. What a wonderful tribute to our funny, sassy MedusaJ - Rosie Cat. Your words beautifully reflect Rosie's amazing spirit. We have leaky eyes reading it.

  9. That was so beautiful, Cathy. Well done and a fitting tribute to a friend who we will all miss so much. Many hugs to Rosie's family (I always loved that she called him "minidude" too!)

  10. dat wuz bewtiful CK - Rosie wuz a very spechul kitteh, and we will all miss her even tho we know she iz in gud company OTRB. RIP Rosie. xoxo

  11. Great tribute! Rest in peace, Rosie.

  12. What a wonderful tribute Cathy. Rosie was a good friend and you captured her spirit beautifully!

    We love you, Rosie and know you are watching over
    your mom dad and minidude.

    Hugs sweetie!


  13. That was a beautiful tribute. We got to meet Rosie last week and was so saddened by her sudden passing. We only knew her for a short time but we love her very much!!!
    We are continuing to purrr and pray for her family.
    Purrrrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  14. Hear! Hear! Cathy. Thanks for this lurrrvly post, it is so true. We are very sad, but can't begin to imagine how Rosie's Mum is feeling so thanks for bringing a little smile into her day. #cuddlepile, @Isagold & @WallasEKatt
    p.s.... She's definitely the real Goddess MedusaJ! Wallas xox

  15. Oh noes...momma and I did not knows of Rosie's passing so now we is very sad and upsetted dat we didn't know. Thanks you for dis bootiful posting, she was a great furriend and I will miss her dearly.


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