Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day

As all my furrends know, I am Pop's girl. I have him totally wrapped around my stunning paw. I love my Pop more than anything in the world, unless you're counting food, of course. I found some pictures of my Pop and I to celebrate his day on Sunday. Pop is the only human I'll let hold me. He's also the only one I'll purr for.

I love how my Pop holds me
Pop doesn't really want to read the paper when he can pet me!
Yo, anything good on the telly tonight, Pop?
My Pop doesn't want his picture taken, which is why you just see pieces of him. I think he must be wanted by the FBI or something, but it's just a guess. You can see he's just as furry as I am and he doesn't shave it all off like the woman!

The week after I was adopted, Pop went to the human's vet and had back surgery. He was gone an entire week during which we had a blizzard with 28 inches of snow. When he returned home, I nursed him back to health. (Don't tell him I sold some of his pain meds on the street to make some $$.) Even though I was still feral and wouldn't let him pet me, I followed him everywhere he went. I enjoyed that he slept with me all day. If it wasn't for Pop, I'd be back at the shelter by now. He's my mouthpiece. He doesn't care that I bite the woman all the time. I'm his stunning little girl; his Pretty Kitty.

Happy Father's Day! This nip's for you! And a Happy Father's Day for all my furrend's male human's too!


Blog da Pink said...

CK you're just a lucky girl ! My human father hates cats (he prefers dogs) ! Fortunatelly mom loves cats since she was born.
My brother loves RED SOX ! And I support him !
Purrs from Rutha

Mariodacat said...

Lovely pictures of you sweetie. It's funny, cuz I'm really D's boy!! I chose him at the shelter & he wanted me right away. Maybe dat's why I put the bitey on M sometimes, cuz it took her too long to make up her mind about me. So nice of you to honor your Dad on Father's Day.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Your fire-y nature only makes me wanna cuddle you more my dear!!


Shawn said...

I'm a new follower of the Saturday Pet Blogger follow, please follow me back.
Thanks, Mr. Monkey

Shawn said...

I'm a new follower of the Saturday Pet Blogger follow, please follow me back.
Thanks, Mr. Monkey

Herbie said...

Haha! U bite the woman all the time huh? That's too funny! Poor woman. But Happy Father's Day to ur Pop. He's obviously got very good taste in beautiful girl cats! xoxo

Baby Patches said...

MOL hehehe daddy don't likes his picture taken eithers! Daddy's are great huh!


Anonymous said...

hi there, wow, you sure ARE stunning dearie! i hear you is engaged, let's see the ring! i bet it is the size of my paw. Tuna is one handsome mancat. (way to put the bitey on your mommeh!)

Michelle said...

Silly CK! You should purr for the woman sometimes :-).