Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Meanderings, that's a big word for a cat from the 'hood, ain't it? Not only am I stunning, but I'm also highly intelligent. Hope that doesn't scare any of the mancats off. We'll now commence with my meanderings.

You got a problem with me, woman?

Whaaaaa? You look perturbed woman. This better be good cos your screeching woke me from my beauty nap. Yeah? I can see I'm laying on some nicely-folded, fresh-smelling t-shirts here ... and for that I thank you ... is there a problem? There better not be or someone's getting bitten here. Hello? Why wouldn't I want to lay on your "clean laundry"? I'm a cat! We're very clean animals. Besides, they're Pop's shirts and he loves me so he won't mind. Don't you have more chores to do? Go away! Shoo! When I wanna play, I'll let you know. Now that we've handled this little crisis, I presume I can get back to my nap? 

I've got a problem with you!

Annoying little pill, isn't she? You gotta put the staff in their place once in a while, or in my staff's case, every single day.

Nice ... comfy ... nap ...zzzzzz


Anonymous said...

sigh. it's our job to keeps them in line. clean laundry, boxes, and luggage is the BESTEST nappie spots.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Clean laundry, warm from the dryer. Ahhhhh!

Mariodacat said...

Guess you told her Cathy. You are right, you has to put the staff in their place now & then. The look on your face says it all! (Oh, you don't scare me off - I like intelligent women)

Michelle said...

Good to see you're still showin' 'em who's boss!

Herbie said...

I like intelligent women too. And I LOVE clean laundry. Especially if it just came out of the dryer & is all nice & warm. Oh...and if possible I will always pick dark clean laundry over white clean laundry.MOL xoxo

Baby Patches said...

MOL hehehe you tells her Keisha! Don't dem hoomans knows dat everyfing is ours anyways?!