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Language Keisha!

I hear that a lot from my Pop. As you know, I spent my formative years living in the mean streets of the ghetto down by the entrance of the Holland Tunnel. That ain't no place to raise a little kitteh. I spent almost a year on the street before I was arrested and caged like an animal. What do you mean, I am an animal. I'm a CAT, dammit! Anyway, that's the equivalent of about 13 human years, since the first year of a cat's life equals 15 human years. A cat pretty much has her habits and language down by that point. It's bad enough, they took my street slang away but now they want me to clean up my potty mouth?? Yo, homey, you be jocking my style. That's almost cruelty to cats. Anyway, we're reaching a compromise online.

Instead of WTF, I will now be saying WTM or "what the meow?" so I propose other anipals start doing the same. You already say BOL, MOL or QOL for LOL. So rather than WTF, dogs can say WTB (what the bark), and if they're really upset WTG (what the growl). For cats, it'll be WTM or WTH (what the hiss). And ducks can intone WTQ. It can be the new slang of the web. Can you feel it? Who's with me on this one? I'll buy you a drink tonight at the Nip Club.

WTH? You betta believe I look annoyed!

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  1. All this bc u have to clean up that potty mouth of urs! Mind u, I was going to talk to u abt that bc my innocent housecat ears just aren't used to such language! Hehe! I'll give it a try, sure. But remember...if a Wtf ends up slipping out it's not my fault. ;)

  2. I'm glad you're cleaning up your potty mouth. Mom's mom always said that intelligent beings can come up with better ways to express themselves. You're a very smart kitty and see, you did come up with a better way.

  3. Hi bootiful - Good idea. You are too purdy to use "street" language any more. Now I just has to remember what the letters are. I had to stop the street talk when I was adopted cuz M not allow me to say WTF. I do use OMG, which to me means Oh My Gosh, so I hope others don't think I'm referring to the big guy upstairs. Guess I should tone dat one down a little too. Thanks for the reminder Cathy. We'll have to keep each other in check.

  4. Oh gosh we think you can still say WTF - its just What The Fluff ... and you got some Fluff so ... yeah!
    Chcikie has not been spayed yet. She is still nursing the little guy some as hes not eating big kitty foods yet.

  5. How is it you can still be so stunning even though you're cross?

  6. MOL! WTM? Good for you! Don't use bad-sounded words, you're too cute for that. I know some Spanish potty-words, but I don't like to use them either.

  7. We're gonna use that WTH all the time now...we don't wanna get in trouble by saying bad words!! We leave that for our mom!! Haha!

  8. I'd say I'm on board...but I don't think I used that sorta language to begin with. I'm gonna have to ponder that one for a bit. My brain usually just revolves around my squeakies... *snickers*

  9. You've done it again, CK! You're always on the forefront of what's hip amnd happening!

  10. MOL hehehe sounds good to me Keisha!

  11. Just browsing some classic Keisha.

    ....I think WTF is still a possibility. Fluff after all is a very versatile word.

    Get the fluff out.
    Are you fluffling kidding me?
    I don't give a flying fluff.
    ...I could go on, but there may be kittens watching.

    ; ) Katie


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