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5 Questions

There's a new game in town, I mean in the blog world, named 5 questions. Pumpkinpuddy picked me to play. She made up 5 questions for me to answer. In turn, I have to think hard and come up with 5 more questions to pose to 5 completely unsuspecting pals. If you know me, you know they're gonna be doozies—whatever that means. Without further delay:
  1. Do you get along with your sisfurs and/or brofurs?  That's an easy one since I haven't got any siblings. I'm an only cat and I like it like that. I was adopted with another cat but she put the CAT in catatonic and had to be returned to the shelter. I DID chase her a couple of times, so I'd say, yeah, I'd get along with them if I had them.
  2. What's best about the city where you live?  I like the fact that we're so close to NYC. I can see the skyline from our window. On July 4th, the peeps go down to the courtyard where they watch the Macy's fireworks display in comfort.
  3. What's your favorite color? Blue because I look exceptionally stunning against a blue background. It brings out my coloring.
  4. Who's your favorite human that's not in your family and why? There are a lot who I admire but I'd probably have to say our President. He's the first Brother in the White House and is taking a lot of heat because of it. He'll stand tall at the end and will make a lasting positive impact. I also admire Derek Jeter because he's cute and knows how to play baseball the right way and Beyonce, who's almost as stunning as I am. I borrow clothes and makeup tips from her all the time.
  5. What are your bestest games to play? I love playing smousy laser, especially in the bathtub. My other fave is running through my tunnel. I play several games with the woman involving what I refer to as my beloved Tunnel of Pain (and the woman knows why). Runner-ups would be chasing coated rubber bands and my peacock feathers.

I borrowed this outfit and bling from Beyonce!

Here are my 5 questions:
  1. What's your favorite brand and flavor of cat food?
  2. Which tv character, past or present, are you most like?
  3. What is your peeps credit card number and expiration date? Whadda you mean, I can't ax that? OK, who's your favorite serial killer? WTH, I can't ax that either?? Seriously, how would you change the world? There must be something you don't like.
  4. How do you work your claws? Scratching post, furniture, human flesh and bone or other
  5. How did you start tweeting?
  6. Bonus question for 100 points, how did I get to be so stunning?
I'll pose those questions to:

Hope the questions don't put you cats to sleep. As you can see, the woman wouldn't let me ax anything of interest.

Would you like to comment?

  1. Well, honey, you didn't ask me to play, but I'll take the liberty to answer the bonus question, and not for the points. How did you get to be so stunning? I'll say because you are you, and you are a cat. Our "beautifulness" is something that we can't control. In addition, your colors and your eyes are spectacular, oh, I think I'm in love.

  2. I like your answers you stunning cat, you! Hope you have a mahvelous 4th and tell your mom my mom says hi!

  3. What a fun game! I'm visiting from the Blog Hop! Nice to meet the world's most stunning cat! I'm a follower now. Happy holiday weekend! meow

  4. You are infinitely more beautiful and dazzling and talented than Beyonce .. who is remarkable in her own right. **nosetaps**

  5. oooooooh this is good stuff. haha nice photoshoot.

  6. he he - I was surprised to see my name. Dat is an awesome picture of you as Beyonce. xxxooo

  7. you have not met Wilson. He tells us when to go to bed, when to get up, when to feed him. He never meows. He used to push his ceramic dish on a ceramic floor. (Brrrriiinnnngggg!!) We moved. He is working on this problem.


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