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Blog the Change Day

Since we're blogging the change, let me take this opportunity to put in a shout out for my furrends, the COWS. I can neveer understand how some of my furrend's peeps can blog about saving dogs and cats and then go home to a meal of dead cow on a bun. If you truly care about the environment and animals, the single most important thing to do is GO VEGETARIAN. As the Earthsave Organization points out on their website, methane from animal agriculture is nearly as responsible for global warming—aka climate change—as all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases combined. Please check out their site, they can explain it a lot better than I can.
Meet my furrend, Daisy. How can anyone eat such a beautiful creature?
We can debate the price of health care all we want, but if people stopped eating meat, they would be healthier—and so would the Earth—and health care costs would go down for everyone. explains how eating meat affects your health.

So, if you love Rover and Kittee, please also love Daisy and Piggita and replace that dead cow on a bun with a veggie burger. While you're at it, soy, rice and almond milk taste much better than cow's milk. My peeps love it in their cereal and as a good, tasty source of potassium. Thank you and have a nice day.

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  1. You make a persuasive argument, CK. Although I am not vegetarian, I have cut down on my beef consumption since I joined Weight Watchers. I usually eat Boca Burgers, but occasionally I might have an actual hamburger.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a great topic for Blog the Change!! There has been so much attention on the industry lately that hopefully people are starting to see what an inhumane mess meat production is. But I think a lot of people don't think of pigs and cows when they think of animal welfare... Good job tackling this topic!!

  3. so... what does YOU eat, CK? cause we kittehs eats a lotta aminal proteins...

  4. Hi there, I found you through Blog the Change. Nice to meet you! I wanted more kitty friends, so I'm now following you. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for branching out beyond the world of pets. We at support causes for ALL animals.

    I am a vegetarian and have been for years and it is a very personal choice. That said, I would like to add that, if one feels they must eat meat, make sure the animals are free range, hormone and antibiotic free, eating grass and not grain. At the very least, support farmers that raise animals humanely without plying the torturous and uncaring meat industry with enabling dollars. We can all make change by way of educated choices - it's the most effective leverage we have.

    Thanks for Blogging the Change!
    Kim (and Amy by proxy)


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