Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newsday Tuesday, Item 2

A few of you have inquired as to what was in that huge box I was standing on a couple of weeks ago. I was negligent and rude and didn't reply. I can now reveal the contents of the box. It turns out, it was for the woman. A stereo that records records and tapes onto CD so they can be put on the computer and Pop can listen to them on his i-pod. I didn't photoshop out the make and model number in case someone else's peeps actually still own—or for that matter—know what records and tapes are.

At least I got to play in the box for a few days.


Michelle said...

I think that after my generation no one knows what a record is, or an eight-track for that matter!

Mariodacat said...

Don't you just love boxes? They are the most fun.

Busy Buttons said...

*whispers* I totally love to play in boxes, too. I've never seen one THAT big, though!