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Love is Love on Music Monday

Hola kitties! I have a special Music Moves Me setlist today. Before I start queueing up the tunes, I thought I'd tell you what's been going on around the condo. TW was down with a stomach bug yesterday. She couldn't go shopping thereby depriving me of rotisserie chicken on Cat World Domination Day. I think it was caused by that free donut and coffee she got in the morning courtesy of our condo board. I'm hoping by today she's feeling better and can attend to my needs. In other news, Pop broke—not one—but both their favorite litter scoops. Ka-CHING!

Love is Love on Music Monday

Since this is Music Monday, I'm joining the Music Moves Me blog hop hosted by Curious as a Cathy and a chorus of others. This week is another freebie which means it's my choice of themes.

Love is Love on Music Monday

June is LGBT Pride Month. This important movement started right here in NYC at the Stonewall Inn 49 years ago. Stonewall is now a National Historic Landmark. On Sunday, there was the big parade and some late-night fireworks, which started at 11:30 pm.

I thought this would be a perfect time to share some songs by LGBT artists. Forget the Q right now cos I'm not about to "out" anyone. There are gay artists in every genre of music. There are the obvious ones—George Michael, Elton John, Melissa Etheridge, Janis Ian, Boy George, etc. I'm gonna share some you may not have heard before.

You may know Amy Ray from the folk-rock duo Indigo Girls. She could sing the phone book and the peeps would like it. Five years ago she recorded her first country/bluegrass CD.

Kitchens of Distinction were an alternative rock band from the UK that TW went to see with a bunch of friends about a hunnert years ago. The three-piece band released four studio albums before they broke up in 1996.

The late Benjamin Smoke, who performed in drag, formed the band Opal Foxx Quartet and put out a CD produced by fellow Athens' musician Michael Stipe. After they disbanded he fronted the band Smoke.

Ex-Buzzcock Pete Shelley wrote several songs about bisexuality throughout his career. All humans are "Homosapiens," which is the title this catchy dance track.

Of course I have to end with this old chestnut from the Tom Robinson Band.

No matter how you may feel about the LGBT movement, I hope you'll give a listen to these songs and have an open mind. Excepting the last one, all are non-political pop songs. Do you have a favorite LGBT artist?

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  1. My human didn't even know there was a video for Homosapiens! She loves the really old rock videos - so much kitsch! So many memories!

  2. That was a bunch of nice tunes CK! We kind of like Elton John and how he tinkles those ivories!

  3. I hope TW feels better now. I feel your peeps pain about breaking the litter scoops, a good one is so hard to find.

  4. Feel better TW!!! I've always like KD Lang, particularly her version of Hallelujah.

  5. Well, those were nice tunes to dust & polish my furniture by I must say! Not to slow, not too jivy... just perfect. Thanks for the introduction. I've never heard them before. I'm an old fashion kinda girl I guess. I'm more into the 70's thru 90's kinda gal. hehehe Have a great day! Oh and sorry I'm a dog person... no kitties around here except I do put out some kitty food for the stray that pops around now & then... well I use too now the squirrels have been eating it and I don't like them. grrrrr they're mischievous. They chewed the wires under the hood of my car.. grrrrrr!

    1. Hey Marie,
      The squirrels got the wires under the hood of my truck (SUV) too! It cost nearly $450 to have the dang thing towed to the garage and repaired. Mischievous? I say downright evil! :) (I do adore the squirrels though; they're so cute. I used to feed them all the time at my old house and put corn out for them but after the vehicle repair expense, I don't want them around no more!)...

  6. ck....mewsic iz mewsic.....we due knot care what de artist life style iz ...if mewsic iz good....itz good....while we canna heer theeze toonz { noe sound on de werk pea sea } we will give em a listen two when herz home

    de food serviss gurl haz ben a fan oh elton sinz madman across the water ~~~~~

    and freddy mercury ~~~~~ loves two ewe dood N thanx for de toonz ~~~~

    { we hope TW iz feelin lotz better ♥♥

  7. Mom's are ALL Canadian and she has met them when she worked the bar scene. They are
    Carole Pope of Rough Trade, her favorite song is High School Confidential
    Long John Baldry-particularly You've Lost that Lovin Feeling
    k.d. lang - Miss Chatelaine
    And the Nylons, they are an accapella band and the original 4 members, Claude Morrison, Paul Cooper, Marc Connors and Denis Simpson are/were all gay and my favorite had to be The Lion Sleeps Tonight!
    Many of Mom's furrends live an "alternate" lifestyle.
    And we are sending healing purrs to TW!

  8. Great selection of music, CK. It’s always interesting what you come up with. We hope TW is feeling better now.

  9. Cathy,

    I like mewsic for the way it moves me. I'd rather not concern myself over the artists sexuality as long as they focus on entertaining the audience and not getting weird like they have to prove something because he/she likes the same sex, you know what I mean. Anywho, I appreciated the introduction of all these tunes & mewsicians. Thanks for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor, my friend! ;)

  10. Sorry I am a day late ( and a dollar short). I am not familiar with these artists, but it doesn't matter what their sexuality is to me as long as they sound good. I hope TW is better and you get your chicken. XO

  11. Hi Cathy,
    Very cool introduction to some new-to-me artists! I like some of these songs...and I especially liked Oyster and Pearl. Kitchens of Distinction (interesting name). My favorite gay artists? Probably Elton John and Melissa Etheridge.

    Have a great week,
    Michele at Angels Bark

  12. We hope TW feels better - stomach bugs especially are no fun! Two for two on the litter scoops?! I could pretend to be scandalized, but I break my every so often too :)

  13. Cool tunes! I think kd lang is my favorite LGBT singer. Her voice melts me. Hope TW is feeling better! :)

  14. Another great post! Love is love is love is love! No matter who you are - and no matter who you love.

  15. All of these songs and artists were new to me. My favorites were Kitchens of Distinctions and the Tom Robinson band. I don't apply a sexuality test to the musicians I enjoy, and those who do or may fit into the LBGT catagory include Boy George, David Bowie, Elton John, Lady Gaga, and perhaps a few more. Alana

  16. Excellent song choices! Love is universal! :) Thanks so much for the dance! :)


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