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You're Invited to #SciFiPawty 2018

This coming Saturday is the annual Twitter #SciFiPawty and once again I'll be one of your DJs. Today is Music Moves Me Monday so I figured I'd combine the two by sharing the 411 on the pawty and then sharing some of the tunes I'll be spinning for your listening and dancing pleasure. I haven't yet decided on a costume but I'll prolly recycle an oldie but goodie. Thanks to Curious as a Cathy and XMas Dolly for hosting the blog hop.

You're Invited to #SciFiPawty 2018

The 411 on Scifi Pawty.

     Hashtag: #scifipawty
     When: Saturday, March 24 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time

     Where: Twitter

     Charity: One By One Cat Rescue

     Link to donate: Three different donating options

You're Invited to #SciFiPawty 2018
Official 2017 #Scifipawty DJ avatar
     Prizes: I'd like to thank Miss Ellen from 15 and Meowing and Aunt Pauline for donating prizes! The complete list of prizes isn't up yet but will be on the pawty FB page. Past pawties have featured autographed items by famous people, cat and dog toys, jewerly, books and toys for grownup peeps.

     Info: SciFi Pawty blog. Use this site to message Boris Kitty and read everything you'd want to know.

I retired from my weekly virtual DJ gig several years back but there are still a few pawties I look forward to working. #SciFiPawty is one of them, along with #CatmusEve and #ChiliPawty. I've tweaked my Sci-Fi playlist a bit this year to make it flow more coherently. I've even added a few songs. Most of these songs will get you out onto the dance floor but there are some slow dances too. Here's a small preview.

This song, which was released in 1957 on Sun Records, features Jerry Lee Lewis on piano and it rocks! We first became aware of this pawsome song when Robert Gordon covered it some 30 years later.

We couldn't have a playlist without R.E.M.—not on TW's watch. Even though this song is about the late comedian Andy Kaufman, the title fits. You can find it on the Automatic For the People CD.

Ready for a slow dance? Ready for a great song by T.Rex from their 1972 album The Slider? I got it here.

Any Star Trek fans out there? This one's for you! Let's get back out onto the dance floor and bust your best moves! Of course we also love R.E.M.'s version. We have both singles in our record collection.

This last tune is a really fun one. The peeps have the 45-rpm record and I play it every year at #Scifipawty.

If you love any or all of these tunes, check out #SciFiPawty all day Saturday the 24th and my DJ set at 9pm Eastern. I haven't done the big public reveal of my playlist yet but I've got an hours' worth of tunes just as good. You may have even heard some of them before. I'll make my list public later in the week.

In the comments, let me know your favorite sci-fi songs and maybe you'll hear them during the pawty. I'll be spinning tunes from 9-10 pm but one song you won't be hearing is Lothar & the Hand People. Pop, a radio dj in his own right, suggested it but it's just too weird. BTW, as of this posting, there were still two vacant DJ slots so if you're feeling daring and are on Twitter, use the Info link above to sign up. Virtual DJing is a lot harder than it looks.

You're Invited to #SciFiPawty 2018
Sci-Fi creatures on the dancefloor!
Hope to see you Saturday at #SciFiPawty!

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  1. Darn, I'm going to have to miss it - I have a cat show in Palm Springs that day, and we are going home right afterwards. We'll probably get home after it's over.

  2. I love the image with Sci-Fi creatures :-) Have fun at the pawty!

  3. You and Boris have sure been doing that for a while, great job!

  4. You will always be the DJ of all DJs, CK. This party is going to be out of this world!

  5. Cute tunes, but I must admit the last one is my total favorite. It has so many cute tunes. Have a rockin' week & thanks for stopping by & rock & roll with us today!

  6. You picked one of my favorite songs of all-time in "Man in the Moon" by R.E.M., thank you so much.

  7. CK.....we noe yur partee will bee rockin !!! we hope One By One Cat Rescue getz like one bazillion dollarz !!!!!! ☺☺♥♥ thiz soundz like a tonz oh awesum ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  8. Those were some cool songs. If I can I'll have to check out your Twitter party. I like Science Fiction Double Feature, either the original or I just heard a rock one by Joan Jett.

  9. We'll definitely try to stop by! I love the Doctor Who Grumpy Cat shirt I won last year :)

  10. Cathy,

    One of my favorite SciFi theme songs is for the TV series The 4400! Check it out here, . I liked this song so much that I downloaded it from iTunes. I hope you like it, too! Sounds like a great pawty and if I remember then I'll check it out on Saturday. Thanks for boogieing with the 4M gang!

  11. I am looking forward to the party. I will spread the word on my blog later this week. I need to play this Star Trek song for my hubby. I think I will request Rocket Man :) XO

  12. Sounds like loads of fun indeed. I will send out a tweet for you about it.
    As for music, I love REM!

    Thanks for dancing with the 4M's!

  13. Cool! It will be our first year!
    ps - There was a glaring omission in the announcement of the BlogPaws Finalists yesterday ... just saying ...

  14. By the time I got to Lothar and the Hand People (I could only listen to about 2 minutes of that - it was hypnotizing!) husband was saying "you're being weird!" Well, of all these, the only one I knew was REM's tribute to Andy Kaufman - but I so enjoyed this post I've been a SciFi fan for over 50 years. Alana

  15. Sounds like a lot of fun! And with you spinning, should be some great tunes!

  16. This sounds like a fun party (pawty)! That's neat to be one of the DJs spinning there.
    I liked the songs you presented for this week's 4M post. I LOVE R.E.M.'s song and thanks for the reminder that it's about Andy Kaufman.
    Jerry Lee Lewis on piano is always a winner. He was mentioned in my Battle of the Bands post: I featured a band who's lead is known to sound like Jerry Lee Lewis and has that kind of energy.
    As for my favorite SciFi song: well, I'd like to think about it a little more but off the top of my head (and because I recently featured it) is Purple People Eater... :)

    Have fun this weekend. I'll stop by if I get a chance...

    Michele at Angels Bark

  17. That sounds like a lot of fun ! Purrs

  18. We MISSED this! We just found out! I would have loved dancing with any of yous - you as your Sci Fi Creatures on the Dance Floor.


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