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Fotos You're Glad Your Human Didn't Take

Fotos You're Glad Your Human Didn't Take
Taken April 2014

I'm not gonna lie. These fotos are baaaaaaad. The worst. Two are way dark and in this one on top, I'm still three-quarters asleep. Very tired. This Frenzy is TW's worst nightmare. She's hoping none of her new photographer friends see them. Still, I wouldn't let her photo edit them in any way, shape or form. And, yes, be glad your human didn't take these works of art.

Sometimes when TW wakes up, I have my rear end planted against HHGutt but that's not what prompted her to take this foto. See the mini rainbow next to my ear? In the old house, TW used to hang crystals to create those little rainbows; in the condo, she has a mirror with beveled edges opposite the bed. The sun glances off the bevels and results in the rainbow on the bed or on me. Frankly, I don't like when it shines in my eyes but it doesn't last too long, making it hard to fotograph. By the time she took two fotos, it had disappeared to places unknown.

Fotos You're Glad Your Human Didn't Take
Chosen by Facebook follower Lorna G.
Taken August 2015

Last year I won a contest that 15 and Meowing hosted in which the prize was some kitty/woofie socks. TW collects kitty socks and all her's were getting old and holey. Ms. Ellen threw in some homemade toys for me. Thank you Ms. Ellen. I think you can see why we never blogged about it from the quality of this foto. The other three fotos TW took aren't much better. Perhaps she should have used the flash but the room was plenty light. She loves her socks and I liked my toys.

Fotos You're Glad Your Human Didn't Take
Taken August 2013

So there I was sitting on my Colorado Catnip quilt when the flashy box appeared. I figured if I went to sleep, she'd go away. Then I made the mistake of dangling my paw off the bed. TW got all melty and started documenting the moment as if I'd never dangle my paw off the bed again. It was, apparently, the cutest thing she'd ever seen. Unfortunately for her, most of the pics are too dark like this one. I dunno, when you have my stunningness to work with, how can one find so many ways to ruin a foto?

Admit it, these fotos are terrible and you're glad your human doesn't post these kinds of fotos on your blog or on social media.

Last week some cats suggested making Foto Frenzy a blog hop. Much as I'd like to, every human has a different way to file their fotos. I don't think anyone else uses this system, nor would I recommend they use it. When she started numbering my fotos, she never thought she'd have over 800 and counting. Because of the number, when TW needs to find a specific foto, it can take days to locate it. Lemme know if you have an idea about how I could turn this into a blog hop. I'd love to hear them.

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  1. WOW! You call those dark and bad! They look like normal photos here! Besides, why would you think any photo of you was bad?

  2. I seriously don't think there are any bad photos of you CK!

  3. The rainbow next to your ear is such a great capture! And I love your beautiful rear end placed against HHGutt :-) The last photo may be a bit dark but I'd melt, too! You are looking so adorable!

  4. I hate to own up to this CK, but all our pictures look dark like yours. it's just the way it is in this apartment. M puts them into hte picture thingy and tells it to lighten up. But then sometimes it gets too light. We can't win for losing.

  5. You should see photos our human takes of us..really bad! We think these photos are pretty good in comparison.;p our human is a bit perplexed and befuddled and your Mama might be able to help or not...she has a "friend" on Facebook who wasn't part of the Cats with Blogs group who was following a thread of conversation taking place on Cats with Blogs about our Mama and this "friend" contacted our Mama using the email address our Mama had given on Cats with Blogs that was intended for someone else's use. Not sure how that could happen if the site is closed but our Mama isn't a techno genius but she does know she doesn't want her contact info or personal life available to everyone who can Facebook. We wonder if whoever runs the site might need to check the settings on it to ensure it actually is closed to any and all Facebook users and is private and accessible exclusively to people with cats who blog or who have blogged! But maybe it is too late for that now. :(

  6. shows cat a tood

    we likes it !!!

    ya noe; ewe wood bee stunning even if de food servizz gurl taked yur fotoz bee coz

    P} ewe iz stunning

    3} de food serviss gurl couldna takez a semi mini skule good foto if sum one offered her cash money...her iz that bad...well sew iz de dee vize act shoo a dino saured eye fone frum 1823

    l) we iz cloo lezz on blog hopz; tho kitties bluez mom mite bee abe bull ta help

    7} ewe is stunning

    D} due ya knead sum mor numberz

    2} wear iz we goin with thiz...oh yea....all yur fotoz wood bee N iz......stunning ~~~~~~~

    heerz two a king oh de herringz kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. CK at least TW TAKES picture! My Mommy has had a broken camera for 3 weeks now!!!
    Mes thought all the shots were fabulishious!

  8. No photo of you could ever be anything less than stunning!

  9. Well CK, furstly, we think any foto with you in it is gawjus. And you're so wrong. Our mommy can truly mess up a foto shoot. Trust me, much worse than anythin' you've ever posted. As fur your nummerin' system, we got a big ole laff when you said ya'll never thought you'd get to 800 fotos and counting. We've had a catputer and a digital camera now fur a total of 2 1/2 years and mommy took over a 100 fotos this past Christmas alone. Y, Raena's furst day with mommy, didn't start till almost 5 p.m., and she managed to take 200 fotos and 6 videos dat day. We surpassed your 800 fotos our furst year with one of these digital cameras; and dat's not countn' all da really bad and poor quality fotos we took with da cheapo camera we had when we started. We guess mommy took so many fotos, it broke. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. I wouldn't call that bad photography! The last one especially is great!

  11. I think a blog hop would be great, but that is a good question as to how we could all join. My photos go by the month, I could count them though. I don't know what number system you could use though because most don't have as many photos as TW. Thanks for posting your prizes from us :)

  12. Those photos aren't that bad, CK. The mom has posted way worse ones of us.

    A while back there was a meme that went around where you posted for example the 3rd photo in your 6th folder. Most people keep photos in folders so maybe this is a way to do the blog hop.

  13. Don't complain, at least your human takes enough pictures of you for more than one blogpost to come ! Purrs

  14. I don't think those are bad pictures at all. And they're of you, CK, so that fixes just about anything else. I really like that last picture ... I do the same to Bear. He doesn't know what's worse ... his nap being interrupted by the camera or his wet food treat time being late because I have to take 400 pictures of him begging because he's just too cute :)

  15. Oh show great skill in the last photo CK. You don't have to do anything for nobody! Could you be so kind as to show 1355 for kali anjd Shoko.

    Shoko and Kali

  16. Hoomins and dangly paws -- go figure!

  17. Well, CK, I don't think they are THAT bad. They have you in them, so they can't be bad!


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