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Cyber Monday—Anipal Style

Do your peeps always wait until the last minute to shop? Do they wish that the money they spend would go to animal rescue, rather than just to line some corporation's pockets? Now you can shop early AND rest assured that your money is being put to good use. It's the

Although the kickoff pawty is on December 1st, shop are open and ready for business NOW! You can shop till you drop at the 1st Annual Nipclub Bazaar and help your anipal furrends help their favorite charities.  There are 25 shops open and more are opening every day. Here are the list of shops with their links. Some have holiday codes for special offers.

"Um, CK—if I may call you that—where did you go?" "Oh, Buzzy, please buy me some bling!"


@GeorgeTheDuck's Typist—Handmade Crystals Jewelry with Meaning and Mystical Crystals 33% OFF Cyber Monday Sale!
@GemmathePuppy Gemma's Little Gems—Jewelry from Oz andblog
@MizzBassie—Pets Need Pretty Things Too Pet Jewelry (and Humans Too) and
@SkeeterTheTabby Mom—Handmade Jewelry Check out 30% off sale
@Whskr—Textile and Chain Maille Handmade Jewelry Free Shipping Code palsrock12

Pet toys, treats and supplies

@KritterKondo—Pet Enclosure and more
@NipandBonesLLC—What Pets Want -
@ColoradoCatnip—Homemade catnip toys, beds & more
@catshelfcompany—Pawsome cat shelves!
@laineyspawtique—Gourmet Doggie & Kitty Cookies, blankies and gift baskets
@cattyone21—A cats favorite ORGANIC Catnip toys! and
@twittinSuki—Furry, feathery cat toys
@k9carryall—Custom made leashes and strollers for your pets and Grand Reopening Sale 20% off everything coupon code K9go20

Whoa! Let's do some shopping, Waffles!"

Unique gifts, note & greeting cards, books

@ShaynaCat is our resident self help guru
@NoCrybabyDogs— 15% discount going!! Code SAVINGSROCK
@TigerBoythecat—Handmade greeting cards
@glogirly—Blog Design, Headers, Logos, Twitter & Facebook Design and Cat Inspired Cards, Tees, Totes & Gifts
@MaggieTKat—Unique handmade gifts All profits go to World Vets.
@birdhousebooks—Vintage books
@bvfeyj—Anipal Bintage Shop
@Pumpkinpuddy—Zazzle products starring Pumpkin and Summer at Lake with Petie
@artedup—Unique mixed media art specializing in pet portraits & keep-sake videos and and
@killerparrot—The Crafty Parrot Lady Shop 
@VincentRocket—Captive Essence Handmade Candles & Soaps
@sparklecat Award Winning Author, Supermodel, and Cat and her Zazzle shop
TheCatPostIntelligencer—Animal inspired images and acupuncture images

During the coming week, I'll blog more about the pawty, which has some pawsome sponsors and prizes, and spotlight some of the Anipal Shops.

A big THANK YOU to @flacatlady and @HollieCatRocks,for making this little kitteh's Shop Anipals idea a reality and for giving me permission to use their graphics and stuff. Thanks also goes to @georgetheduck and @shaynacat for doing most of the heavy lifting on the original Nipclub blog.

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  1. WOO HOO !
    This loosk pawsome !
    No all I have to do is find my mom-persons creditcard *mol*

  2. Goodness! You've been busy. Hey!! Just to say we have a little award for you CK, over at CATachresis! xox

  3. That really is an amazing list...for any time of year. Bravo CK!

  4. This is going to be so much fun! I also have a Zazzle store:, and I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from anything bought there during the Bazaar to December's charity, Black Cat Rescue - along with $1 from each book sold, and $1 from each 2013 calendar purchased directly from me using my special link page!

  5. Now THIS is my kind of shopping!!!
    Glogirly and I can't WAIT for the pawty!
    : ) Katie

  6. Wow, CK! Thanks for putting this together. We'll check out these sites and have the mom do some shopping!

  7. Wow CK! This is GREAT! I'm going to pick out all kinds of cool stuff and make the Human pay for it!! Thanks for putting this all in one place! XOXOXO

    I'm glad you liked my picture today, my sweet!

  8. You been busy!! BOL I agree with Kjelle, this looks like I need the human's credit card!!

  9. Cottons comment just made me chuckle. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Wowser, that is one terrific list. We want to copy it and save it. Looks like a bunch of great shops. We love the Etsy stuff and the Zazzle too. They all look good. Good job.

  11. That is the kind of shopping we love, CK! Thanks for letting us know about this. :)

  12. Oh this is a fabulous resource. Mommy will certainly look at the stortes and buy. xoxox

  13. Wow! that's a lot of shops! We gotta go see them!

  14. A great lot of shops! We hope to be added soon with kitten Quint's paintings now for sale. Purrs...

  15. What a pawsome list! We're sooo excited! Paws poised to buy, buy BUY!

  16. Good job on the blog CK. I'm so happy you posted this too so our blogging friends have access to the shops too., I had thought of doing it, but didn't get there yet. I'm glad you did cuz I'm running our of steam again.

  17. Just stopping in to complain that my Human has not helped me go shopping yet. 'Maybe this weekend, Spitty,' she says. As if! As if *I* want to wait for the rest of the week!!
    Hope you are having a glorious evening, my sweet girl! XOXOXO


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