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Tunnelicious Tuesday

I spend a lot of time in this position.
On this week of Thanksgiving, let me give thanks for my furrends. I have the bestet furrends ever! Last week, my lookalike furrend Savvy of Savannah's Paw Tracks posted pictures of herself in her leopard tunnel. I commented: "… Wish I had a tunnel with windows." She comments back: "Hey … CK … ya never know what ya wish for comes true … just sayin … " The next day I got a tweet from her about watching for the postman. At that point, I hadn't read her comment to me so I was a bit puzzled but soon caught on.

She took this one without flash late at night.
Yesterday, when TW came home from shopping, she stopped in to say hello to the concierge, who told her I had a package. She made me wait forever before she opened it. I didn't mind cos she fed me first. Noms always come before fun. She then finally opened my box.

OMC! I have my own tunnel with windows!!! THANK YOU SAVANNAH and SAVANNAH'S MOTHER AND DAD!!! You guys ROCK!

TW didn't take any pictures of me in the tunnel until she knew that I really liked it and I do! I've been running through it and laying in it. In fact, I've even almost drawn TW's blood in it! As Savvy knows, I'm in recovery too and TW is afraid since I don't like the flashy box that if she took pictures of me in it too early, I'd associate the tunnel with bad things. She had to wait until I'm confortable with something before she innerduced the flashy box.

Savannah was a bit shy at first after I teleported over.
Now I can stop in and visit with Savvy anytime I want!
Three or four days have passed since I started this post. I LOVE my new tunnel. I lay inside it all the time. It's very loud so if I want to get TW's attention, I just stick my head inside until it crinkles. I've been running through it lots too. It's become a part of me. I've almost been ignoring my beloved Tunnel of Pain.

My Tunnel of Pain (ToP) has stood the test of time. I'm extremely rough when I charge through it and it's still in mint condition after about 5 years. My new tunnel seems sturdy enough to hold up to my roughhousing. Last night I almost had an accident with it. It's narrower than the ToP so when I ran through, my leg caught on one of the windows and I tumbled. It's all good though.

Now I've got to come up with an apt name for this tunnel and that's where you guys come in. Please tell me in your comment, what I should call it. Bear in mind the names I've already given out names like Tunnel of Pain and Cat Tree of Torture to my favorite possessions. This cat is no wuss. I'm thinking Tunnel of Terror or Terror Tunnel. If I see a name I'm fond of, the commenter stands to receive a package of nommy treats.

Many thanks to Savannah and her peeps for the wonderful, pawsome gift!

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  1. It was furry nice of Savannah to send you a Leopard tunnel with windows.
    I have a tunnel with windows but it´s not near so cool as your´s !
    I think that Tunnel of Terror sounds just pawsome !

  2. Pawsome gift Keisha and we can see you like it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a dear gift! I loved my tunnel gift too. I still do and I'm also rough on it.

    Tunnel of Fun is my name because you will be visiting all of us and having fun at our homes with us.

  4. WOW - what a great tunnel. It's leopard pattern too. How about "Slick Leo." (Leo the Leopard). Although it might not be rough enough for you. Maybe CK's Tunnel of Terror, which is what you said to begin with., You'll love it - I love mine.

  5. Bootiful tunnel! We totally dig it!

    We always make WAR over Purrime Ministerette tunnels. Haven't done it for quite a while though. But the fight over the Tunnel of Love shall continue!

    Mark our meows!

  6. Awedome gift! I have to admit I'm jealous! Maybe tunnel of doom?

  7. TNT Tunnel
    Torture-N-Terror Tunnel

    Looks PAWSOME, CK! You've got furriends in all the right places! That tunnel's so could hide breakfast, I mean Waffles, in there.

    ; ) Katie

  8. Wow, what a great tunnel! You are one lucky cat. My meowmie ought to get me one like that.

    XOXOX, Fluffbomb

  9. Awesome! It is a tantalising tunnel!!

  10. cathy keisha; how bout

    savannah street tunnel

    that iz way pawsum oh savannah ta sends ewe that.... N speekin oh tunnels, hope de ones in yur city be gettin bak ta 100 %

  11. That was so nice of Savannah and her mom! That new tunnel is da bomb, CK!

    As for the name, what about the Tunnel of Tyranny? After all, it is YOUR tunnel, so you get to rule it with an iron paw! :)

  12. That was such a sweet gift and a terrific surprise for you CK!

  13. What an awesome tunnel, CK! Sadly, we are horrible at names here (case in point: Binga and Boodie were named by my human, and never name anything), so hopefully somebody else will come up with something satisfactory.

  14. How nice of your friends to send you such a cool toy. How about the "passage of panic!" Love your names for your other toys.

  15. CK, you're gonna LOVE that tunnel! We've had ours for a few years and we still play with it!! How nice of Savannah to send it to you!!

  16. Tenacious Keisha's Tunnel of Fun!
    Sweet gift!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  17. What nice furrends you have to send you such a nice gift!!! We think it could be called "The leopard's den"!

  18. hmmmm...first...SQUEEEEE...I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT AND HAVE FUN IN IT AND FEEL SAFE LIKE ME JUST HANGIN' OUT IN IT...Ok, now that part is, my Dad said something so "lame"...I am almost embarrassed to tell anyone...but Mom made me do it...Dad said he would call it "CK's Tunnel of Love" cuz I sent it to you cuz...ahem, koff, koff...I luv ya girl furriend...what else can I say... you ROCK...and I just want to be like you...keeping it real...hangin' out at Twitter Pawties and Rockin' the Nip Clup there...nuff said, paw pats, Savvy

  19. Mowzers, CK! Is that a cool tunnel or WHAT? And mommy sesz you *cough* look CUTE in that flashy-box-wifout-a-flash photo. (Don't hit us, we swearz, it was HER that used the "cute" word, not us!)

  20. Whoa CK, theese one is a good one! What a fab tunnel and so glad you are loving it! That Savannah is an awesome furriend for sure! Ok we think you should call it "The Stunnel" aka the Stunning Tunnel!

  21. Dear Cathy Keisha,
    For your pawesome new tunnel, how about the name,
    *The Sadistic Shaft of Strife*? We haven't read your other comments yet, so you may have lots of cooler names but the huMom is absentminded so she needed to write it down before she forgot what we wanted to suggest. You look really cool in your new tunnel. But you look cool everywhere. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Purrs to You,
    Mistletoe and Hitch

  22. That's a pretty tunnel. We've got one, too, but it isn't that pretty! We decorated our tunnel with many bite marks! We wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We know you're as thankful as us that the President won. Even two weeks later, Mama says she's still quite up-tailed!

  23. That is just so cool! What a great tunnel!
    Ours is just a Walmarty Special, but we loves it.

  24. Hey, If I come over we could play in the Tunnel of LOVE! Or is that too wussy for ya??? XOXOXO Oh, and I'm expecting you around 2:00 tomorrow. The Human's abandoning me, so we can kill and pluck my "visitor."

  25. Hey CK!!! Perhaps you can teleport over in your tantalising tunnel and we could practice errr ya know ..... cuddling!!!??? Us gutter kitties have some catching up to do. Regards Austin xox


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