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So You Think You Know Me

While we were still experiencing Internet outtages, my furrends Callie and Sassy gave me an award. It's been a long time since I was given one so a heartfelt thanks to the ladycats at Troublin' Times.

The name 7 Things About Me is pretty self-explanatory so I'll get right to the task at hand.

1. I'm an extremely slow and picky eater. I like to have an audience while I eat and won't eat unless TW or Pop is standing there. They have to stand still cos if they move, I'll stop eating. I get 3 meals a day. I won't get up for lunch unless I know TW is in a hurry to go out. Then I'll beg for food and make her stand there so she's late wherever she's going.

Put away the flashy box or I'll stop eating!
2. I only pee in the front, left corner of the litter box. I never pee on the right side. I am NOT an equal-opportunity pee-er. I usually poop on the left side also.

3. I like Chinese food but the peeps won't let me have any since Ryker's Boys ran a blog post about how toxic onions are to cats. I owe you one, guys.

4. I don't play well with others. I go to my office UTB when company comes. The only exception was on Halloween when I greeted the trick or treaters.

5. I was adopted along with another cat, Mitzi but I sent her packing after only a couple of weeks. Then my peeps tried to force another sisfur on me and I sent her packing also. I'm the Queen of my castle.

I'm bored! I have nothing to play with!
6. I like interactive toys. I won't play by myself and I won't play with nip toys unless TW throws them and we play fetch. I'm high maintenance; but in return, I don't scratch the furniture or rugs and I don't climb the drapes.
7. I posted my first blog post on September 15, 2009. I had exactly three comments.
Now I should pass this award on to 7 other bloggers. TW is feeling lazy tonight so we're gonna toss the 7 awards up in the air. If one lands near you, pick it up. It's yours. Besides, no one ever posts about the awards I give them.

OK. I have 2 volunteers who will accept this award. I hereby bestow it upon:
Katie Isabella Colors My World
Kruse Kats' Maggie and Parker

If you want it, give me a shout out and I'll be happy to pass it along.

Would you like to comment?

  1. Well done on your award Keisha and we like the fact that you are Queen of your castle. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. ConCATulations to the blogaward CK !
    It was fun to learn to know you a little bit better by reading the 7 things about you <3

  3. I will do it this time! and do one for the parkerman, too.

  4. Well, Keisha, you made Mom chuckle. I'm so like you. I don't keep her from leaving anymore. But I need her near when I eat.
    xoxo Kassey

  5. True to my word:

  6. You´re a lovely and sweet kitteh!

  7. cathy keisha...we noe tissed sum purrson strategically placed ( who new we new those two werds !! ) yur EMPTEE foodz dish over de werds FEED ME on yur cat mat N like we NOE this mat haz thoze werds on it coz we haz one two; we gotta call inta garfield if ewe dont get food in ......


  8. Wow, CK, and I thought I was high maintenance! Concats on the award!

  9. Those were great CK and I did not know you were a lefty!

  10. Wow, you are quite the Diva Cat, aren't you?? (and that is a compliment, because that is how it should be!). Great post!

  11. Hey Keisha! Concatulations. Love your blog by the way, is very nice!

  12. Concatulations on your award. Now we know a lot more about you.

  13. Hi Keisha! Well, we were fired up and ready to go, and our Mama got a big blister Monday night walking a precinct for the President. Ateret wants you to know that she admires you for being queen of all you survey, because she wishes she could send Abbi packing! We hope you're having a great Wednesday!

  14. ha ha - good job CK. You are so unique you would be a hard act to follow.

  15. CK you are one high maintenance kitty! I'm a very picky eater too and I need someone (HER) watching my back!! You had approximately 3 more comments than I did !! xx >^,.^<

  16. I knew SOME of you...but certainly not ALL of you!!!

    ...The litterbox preferences, not THAT'S new information! haha!

    ...of course I knew you don't play well with others. We are fur sisters in that regard.

    ...and you beat me! I had two comments on my first post and one of them was from Glogirly!

    Love your answers. ..and love your new Thanksgiving blog design! heh heh
    ; ) Katie

  17. CK, you're so much fun to read about.
    You had three comments on your first post? We had one, I think and we thanked him by mentioning him in our first book..I found your litterbox leanings..politically correct (I think) hehe


  18. HAHAHA~~~
    Excellent information about you!!
    Happy to know!

    I am also a slow and picky eater!!!And I only pee on the right middle spot, only there, nothing else. If that spot wasn't cleaned, hey, watch out for my bean's table!!

  19. CK, Sassy here. I am like you. I must have my head scratched while I am eating. And I appreciate Mommie telling me how good I am while I am digesting also.

  20. Hey, CK. Congrats on your award! We like your peeing style!

  21. Miss Cathy Keisha, you are a ladycat that knows what she likes and makes certain she gets it. I only eat when no ones looking. Sometimes, when I eat crunchy food, my huMom hears me, but she doesn't look up from her book, or I stop.

    I like your Thankgiving Banner. I like Thanksgiving because I like turkey. I only get a little, but it's worth the wait.

    Cobcatsulations on your award, it was fun to learn more about you.

    Purrs to you,

  22. Hey, CK, we just wanted to let you know that African violets are one of the few plants that are not toxic to cats. Even though, I still didn't eat the flowers...just bit and spit. ;)


  23. You always think you're such a tough gurl, but then you want your Mommy to stay with you and watch you eat. That's so adorable! I know you would hate to be thought adorable, but we really can't help ourselves.
    Also, if your peeps order you some nice fried prawns, I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be any onions in them. Mmmmmm. Tasty! XOXOXOXO (I have this award but I haven't been able to think of seven good things. Maybe I'll work on it this weekend.)

  24. Way to go CK! Concats! *ducky hugs* and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  25. Hey CK,
    Yous don't like room mates! We would get along pretty good, me only uses the right side of MY litter box.
    Loved reading all the cool things abouts yous and Concatulations on the award!

  26. You sent TWO other kittehz packing??? Do tell us your secrets!

  27. Congratulations on your award! We love learning more about you!!

  28. Con grats on your award. The seven things are terrific. We also go UTB if anyone other than our Person comes in the house. Hope you have a fantastic day.

  29. Hope you guys are holding up ok, and no further storms. We'll keep you in our thoughts.

  30. I think you must get another award for the "Most In Charge Cat Ever"


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