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What's in a Name?

Hola kitties! I know I've been MIA this week. We're doing the big hard drive backup so we can hook up the new computer this weekend. We have an external hard drive backup but wanted a cloud backup just to be on the safe side We thought this would go faster if we didn't use the computer but it still is slow as molasses so here I am. I missed you guys so I wanted to say Hola.

What's in a Name?

Another week is almost over but before we begin I have the sads. Aunt Pauline is ailing and had surgery Monday. She's very sicky but I know with some special healing purrz, positive thoughts and the Power of the Paw, she'll be good as new soon. She's a big fan of this blog. Get well soon, Aunt Pauline! We all love you!

Music Monday has come and gone but we've gonna have some fun with the theme anyway. John from Sound of One Hand Typing chose it and I think it's a great idea for a meme! All you need to do is spell out your name using song titles! It can be your first, middle or last name. Pick a song who's title begins with each letter. I'm gonna go first. Of course you know I was named Cathy cos Gramma always wanted a girl named Cathy but never had one and Keisha as a salute to my roots.

I was gonna pick a secondary theme like song titles that are names but decided not to make more work for TW so she can play with me fan me until the air conditioner gets fixed. Well, it's fixed now—not without some drama first but that's another post—so I decided to sorta use the secondary theme of bands you may not be familiar with. Of course, some are household names. For extra credit, I did both Cathy and Keisha.

CCelebrated Summer—Husker Du. TW's old roommates for a week.
AAges of You—REM. TW chose this version cos she was standing next to the guy in the picture in the first row. The photo is actually from a show at The Rat in March 1983. This is her fave R.E.M. song. She came home from that show with the entire back of her one leg black and blue from the slam dancing. Only in Boston do they slam during R.E.M. shows.
TTake the Skinheads Bowling—Camper van Beethoven. And why not?
HHippy Hippy Shake—Swinging Blue Jeans. This is on the list cos one of the band members actually connected with us on Twitter after we played the song at Nipclub one week. We became Twitter furrends. It's also a great dance song.
YYou're So Cool—Cylones. TW never liked this song but they were super sweet people and part of the late 70's Hoboken music scene.

KKid Fears—Indigo Girls. More great human beings. They let TW and her friends follow their van to Toronto when they opened for R.E.M. Once they got into Canada, TW and crew wasn't sure where they were going in the age before GPS. They also signed some stuff not that I'm into that.
EEureka—Hugo Largo. The music is ethereal and almost dreamlike but powerful thanks to ex-WNYU punk dj Tim Sommers' guitar and some pawsome violin work by Hans Rowe. Front woman Mimi Goese is a dancer/performance artist who took on many personas during their shows which included throwing candy, unraveling rolls of coupons and tossing knives. Even Pop liked their live show and he never liked going to see bands much.
IIsadora Duncan—Vic Chesnutt. A man who left us way too soon but left us with a lot of good music.
SSwim—Madder Rose. This band should have gotten more attention. Hailing from NYC, they were critical darlings in the UK.
HHyacinth Girl—Winter Hours. The only band who ever thanked TW in the liner notes. Joe and Michael are sorely missed. She sometimes can't believe she knew someone who wrote these gorgeous lyrics. Fun fact: Joe had one of the fattest and friendliest cats she ever saw.
AAnticipation—Delta 5. Some funky dance beats from the UK.

Hear the entire playlist on my YouTube channel.

I'm joining the Music Moves Me blog hop hosted by Curious as a Cathy and XMas Dolly and a chorus of others.

Anyone else want to play? It's so fun. Since TW is #senile, we used our iTunes library to look up the songs. You can play along in the comments or on your own blog or social media.

What's in a Name?
These coupons are souvenirs from a Hugo Largo show.

Dunno when I'll be back with you. The peeps aren't very techie so hooking this new computer up might not be for the faint of heart. We'll be back visiting, commenting, etc. soon. Don't miss me too much.

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  1. Hey CK! LOVE your songs! Mommy says we will play along in a couple of weeks! Getting a new computer is NOT a whole lot of fun...ours is only 1/2 set up!
    Mommy says that will happen in the next couple of weeks too!
    Sending you guys loads of IT purrfection that it goes smoothly!
    Purrs and Love
    Marv and Barb

  2. I was trying to remember if you had mentioned going on vacation or something. I've been checking your blog, but my Kindle is starting to die on me so it's hit or miss with the internet. That was a cool idea to use song titles to spell out your name. I'll have to try it.

  3. My human wants to do the music thing with my name, but I don't know - they would all be HER picks, and I'm not always a fan of her Spotify channel rotation.

    Tell Aunt Pauline I'm sending her lots of healing purrs!

  4. Pawsome choices - I are gonna hafta play along too!

  5. Forgot to send Aunt Pauline some healing thoughts. I hope she will feel better quickly.

  6. Very cool post CK! Purrs to Aunt Pauline from all of us here!

  7. Computers drive mom crazy. Thankfully dad is an IT guy and can fix most stuff. Hope your Aunt Pauline gets better super quick. You are the pro at the music challenge, love your pics. Purrs

  8. Great songs! And great game! If our Mom did our names, we'll be here all day and half the night, and knowing our Mom, she'd get lost somewhere along the line and end up forcing us to listen to something like Electric Light Orchestra and Foghat. UGH!

  9. This is so fun, CK! We love when you share these challenges. One or more of the furbabies around here will be participating in this one very soon. Happy Friday!

    Purrs, woofs, and prayers to Aunt Pauline!

  10. Good luck with the big computer hookup this weekend. And sending good thoughts to your Aunt Pauline.

  11. Hope all goes well with the computer. I am sending good wishes for your Aunt Pauline.
    I have done the song titles with my own name.
    J: Jealous Guy - John Lennon (Also recorded by Roxy Music)
    A: Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
    C: California Dreaming - Mamas and Papas.
    K: Killing me Softly - Roberta Flack.
    I: I Can't Dance - Genesis.
    E: Eight Miles High - The Byrds.
    For Flynn.
    F: Fairy tale of New York - The Pogues
    L: Lady Jane - Rolling Stones
    Y: You Really got Me - The Kinks
    N: Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tina Turner.
    N: Nashville Cats - Loving Spoonful

  12. Purrayers & POTP for Aunt Pauline - and that your computer gets done properly !

  13. I will be praying for your Aunt Pauline. Great job with the Mewsic moves me, you went all out with 2 names. I knew you would work REM into it :) Have a nice weekend! XO

  14. I've always wondered how you got your name, CK. We're praying for Aunt Pauline and for the backup process to complete without too much trouble. We miss your brand of stunning, CK!

  15. Wishing good luck with the new computer!
    We send positive purrs to your aunt Pauline xo

  16. My friend was into the Indigo Girls in the 80s I think. The lead singer has a good voice.

    Mimi Goese is definitely an interesting character. lol

    I like the sound of The Cyclones.

    I have heard of Camper van Beethoven a long, long time ago. I can't remember what I've heard of them, but I like their music.

  17. That musical challenge sure is fun, CK. We have missed you; amazing how long computer stuff can take.

    We've been thinking about Aunt Pauline lots, and purring and praying!

  18. Wow, this post is a College of Musical Knowledge - I did not know any of these songs and I loved the non mainstream vibe of the Cyclones and Camper van Beethoven, just to name two. The Indigo Girls song had such a beautiful mellow vibe and I loved the guitar. Alana

  19. Cathy,

    Switching over to a new system can be a big headache. It pays to have a couple of good sources for backing up your system to do a restore when you get a new computer. We learned this many moons ago when we had a HD failure. That was an epic moment to say the least and one that cost us quite a bit of bucks to retrieve the data. Normally, we can get the info off a HD that dies but this wasn't the case that time. We had to let the pros pull it off! How's Aunt Pauline doing? I hope well.

    I'm sorry for just now getting around to dance with you. You're so right none of your mewsic is familiar to my ears but that's pawsome because I love introductions! I will listen to your YouTube playlist in the background this morning while I do some chores. Thanks for sharing with the Monday's Music Moves Me gang! I hope to see you back in cyberspace before now.

  20. Aunt Pauline is a favourite here as it's the only aunt of TW's mom can remember. The power of the paw to you Aunt Pauline. I can send a little kitten to bite and scratch you. She makes one appreciate being alone. mol

    Your music is cool CK.


  21. I missed this post. Wow, you have a lot of great music choices. I have to admit I've never heard of several of them.
    I'll try to do this meme... but it will take me a while...and it might take a twist since I listen to a lot of classical music.

  22. I hope you get everything backed up.
    I'd love to know ow to back things up on the cloud and what cloud.
    Thanks for the music also! Well done!


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