Monday, May 29, 2017

Supporting Our War Veterans

Supporting Our War Veterans

On this day, we honor the dead and pay tribute to those who have served and are serving in the U.S. armed forces. Whenever TW is in NYC and sees our uniformed men and women in the bus terminal, she thanks them and silently hopes that they never have to see actual military duty overseas.

I first posted this in 2013 and this perfectly sums up the meaning of Memorial Day.

"Unofficially, it’s the start of summer – a chance for us to spend some time with family and friends, at barbecues or the beach, getting a little fun and relaxation in before heading back to work. 
It’s also a day on which we set aside some time, on our own or with our families, to honor and remember all the men and women who have given their lives in service to this country we love.
That is the purpose of Memorial Day.  To remember with gratitude the countless men and women who gave their lives so we could know peace and live in freedom. 
And we must do more than remember. 
We must care for the loved ones that our fallen service members have left behind.
We must make sure all our veterans have the care and benefits they’ve earned, and the jobs and opportunity they deserve. 
We must be there for the military families whose loved ones are in harm’s way – for they serve as well.
And above all, we must make sure that the men and women of our armed forces have the support they need to achieve their missions safely at home and abroad."
—President Barack Obama 

The line "We must make sure all our veterans have the care and benefits they've earned, and the jobs and opportunity they deserve" stands out. It isn't enough to honor the dead; we need to support those living vets.

The budget that the current administration has proposed cuts many of the programs that our veterans who have been injured and can't work need to live. Many veteran organizations feel betrayed by an administration they supported. Approximately a half million veterans rely on Meals on Wheels to get over half their meals every day will see it drastically defunded in the new budget. The vets' groups are also concerned about the long-term impact on VA care from the renewed emphasis on private care.

This is not the way to honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much defending our freedom.

Supporting Our War Veterans


Brian said...

That was terrific CK and I hope you. TW and Pop enjoy the day.

The Swiss Cats said...

Beautiful tribute. Happy Memorial Day ! Purrs

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

That quote is purrfect....a few days ago, I posted something I had on Instagram (on to Facebook) and I mentioned not just those who passed, but to all who have SERVED. Loved this post! catchatwithcarenandcody


Beautiful tribute CK!

Shoko Neilson said...

Excellent post and as true today as in 2013.


Summer at said...

So true. We must honor the living as well as those who gave their lives. Lovely quote from President Obama.

pilch92 said...

Beautiful post. I am thankful to all who served.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Beautiful, heartfelt tribute.

The Island Cats said...

We agree, CK. We must support our veterans. They have done so much for us and our's only right.

Tamago said...

It's a great post honoring those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, and I agree we must support living veterans.

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

Thanks for an ever more timely post. Who know what next year will bring but we must do what we can. xoxo

The Menagerie Mom said...

What a heartfelt tribute to those who have served, CK. We are so thankful for those who have given us the freedom we know.

Eastside Cats said...

Great post!

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Don't even get me started on caring for our vets. I met a girl who'd been in Iraq and she was to the point of being committed for being suicidal ... but she couldn't get help from the VA because there was such a long wait for services ... even just a support group. We're talking MONTHS ... and when you're suicidal with your demons on your heels ... you CANNOT wait for MONTHS to receive even the most minimal care. It angers me - they do a hell of a job and we can't even provide them with essentials? And it's usually the people who refuse to do that job (due to fear or ignorance or a sense of being better than that) - who promote those cuts. Great job of reminding people about our forgotten heroes :)

Anonymous said...

We will always 'member those who gave so much so dat we could be free and live da lives we have. We purray daily fur all those affected by service to our country, as it also includes da furmilies of those bets. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

The Florida Furkids said...

Beautiful post!!

The Florida Furkids said...

A great remembrance!

Unknown said...

Wonderful Memorial Day post!
Thank You.