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Final Foto Frenzy of 2014


We’ll soon be saying goodbye to the Christmas tree. This one looks healthy cos it was taken the day the peeps brought Fraser Sr. home. Welcome to the final 2014 Foto Frenzy! Appropriately enough, this is the end of round two. I have 11 ready for the third round. Pop picked some too. One of them was #2015. TW cropped it because there was a box with our address that she didn’t feel like cloning over. And, well, since she did that, she also decided to auto color it to get rid of the yellow from the lights.

The first foto for today was requested by Love is Being Owned by a Husky. #500 could have been included last week except that TW screwed up missed it. There are two cats lying on Pop’s bed but only one is Stunning. I don’t like to share the spotlight with stuffies so I wish TW would crop it out. That means you, Woman. Get on it!


“Laser eyes / laser eyes / It’s Christmas time in the city.” The Island Cats axed for #2333. As you can see, TW and I were involved in a game of foam rockets and she missed badly. See, they’re all on the window ledge behind me and I’m glowering at her cos she’s stopped playing to take fotos. I wish we lived in that building behind me cos that’s where sunpuddles go to die. Just FYI, apartments in that building cost over $2 million and pieces of the vinyl siding peeled off after about five years.


Sammy, Sammy, Sammy of One Spoiled Cat, you had to pick #1947. TW shuddered when she saw it. I shuddered when I saw it and you will shudder when you see it. This was the year that TW decided to bring her camera to the v.e.t. to document my visit for my blog readers. It didn’t turn out well. October 2011 was the time. I was going wild in the PTU. Later pics would show the vet techs abusing me. Then they took me in the back room and almost killed me. They were trying to steal my blood and they’d stop at nothing. I went into respiratory distress before they finally stopped. You can read about it and see more of the fotos. TW is sure that’s why I have asthma because I was fine before then. I hate that place. TW will never take me back there even if I get a discount cos I was adopted from them.

Hope you’re recovered enough from your Christmas to leave a comment and let me know what cool presents you got and if you got any of the figgy pudding, whatever that is. I got some pawsome presents. Next week I’ll be reporting on my Secret Paws … as soon as TW sifts through all the video.

I don’t want to leave you with that last foto so here’s a small preview of my Christmas.

I was out of control!

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  1. Ooooo, you do look happy with your Christmas prezzy!! I'm happy with the photo of you with your Christmas prezzy! *swoon*

  2. I see truffles :) Mommy is actually saving my silvervine for Valentine's Day because I got so much stuff from my Secret Paws and she worries that I'll just start ignoring everything. Sensory overload or something MOL --Truffles

  3. Oh Gawd, we hate the V-E-T too! They are super nice, but I don't know what their idea of nice is - seriously. So, your folks are going to let you destroy the tree? Fun Fun Fun!
    Glad you got some nip from Santa - PeeEsss - there is a lion on your bed!
    Happy Cat Family

  4. No presents here! This was an exceptionally low key Christmas - you'd never know Christmas had been here if you came to my house!

  5. Looks like you really enjoy your new toy´s , CK !
    Me two small mousies , small balls and treats from Santa :)


  6. CK looks like you had a swell day of it yesterday. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I remember when you had that horrible visit to the former vet. It gave mom the shudders.

    No, mom asked Mario for your addy. We hoped you wouldn't mind. xxoo

  8. So glad you had a nice Christmas, CK. That picture of you in the PTU and your description of the vet visit give me the shivers.
    I got a duckie with a feathered head, a squirrel with a feathered tail, and 4 spiral thingies. I sniffed them all but didn't play with them. I am a hard cat to entice with toys. Mom will marinate them in catnip and then maybe I will play with them more.

  9. That 1947 sure wasn't fun at all stunning one!

  10. Looks like your Secret Paws post will be a super fun one. We had a pretty low-key Christmas -- just a couple of new toys -- we already have soooo many. Our big present was our new tree we got a couple of weeks ago. Happy Friday.

  11. Those are great photos! Except for #1947...shudder! I'm sorry you had to go through bad experience and got asthma.
    The last photo is very cute. Looks like you got really nice presents!

  12. He he looks like. You are a little hung over there CK. I think I want some of that stuff. I love that picture tho because of the colors.

  13. Oh my goodness!!! Had I known the horrors attached to #1947 I would never have used that number - I should have suspected some horrors though since that was the year my Mom was born (tee hee). Seriously though I'm sorry it was such a terrible day at the vet for you - sounds scary. I'm glad you have said a permanent adios to that vet though - sounds like a meanie.

    Hugs and Happy Day After Santa

  14. Cute photos- I can't wait to see the rest of the Christmas photos.

  15. We enjoy seeing these fotos, CK. Hey, I got new scratch lounge for Christmas. I wonder how long it will take me to destroy it. ~Wally

  16. Love seeing the older photos. Hope you had a wonderful and joyous Christmas.

  17. ck...chex, a snax mix, a seer ee ul, yur mail box email that iz...we loves ewe N we iz loozin
    connectshun againXXXXXX

  18. Hi CK! Love your truffles! We got a box puzzle toy from Santa. Then Edgar from Clamities had my name in Angel Jazzi's gift exchange and sent me a feather wand toy, little mices and some treats! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  19. Love the foto-frenzy, CK!!!
    ...though we agree, a camera has no place at the vet.
    Well, neither do CATS!!! ; ) heh, heh.

    Say goodbye to Frasier Sr. for us. Parting is always such sweet sorrow.

    ; ) Katie


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