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Wednesday Word of the Day—Family

Just 3 of the adorable sweeties available at
Brookes Legacy.
Yesterday was a busy day for the peeps and a mostly boring one for your's truly. Well, except for the pawty I threw while the peeps were out but I can't mention that because TW is typing this.. The peeps went to visit family up North Jersey. Every year, TW gets to meet someone she's never met before. This year it was cousin Karen and her family. Karen is really cool. She works for Ark Natural Pet Products (I'll be reviewing some of their products next year) and volunteers at the Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue in Naples, FL. Karen was telling the peeps that they rescue animals from kill shelters and sometimes have an easier job adopting out the less-adoptable cats and dogs, who may be blind or missing one eye. Their secret is they give those pets really cute names and humans can't seem to resist them. She handles adoptions so she makes sure they go to good homes. Since they don't have a place to house their rescues, they rely on fosters. If you live in Florida and can foster, get in touch with them. Karen sometimes fosters 20 cats at once! They placed about 400 pets in 2011.

Cousin Makena
The peeps abandoned me from 8:30 am until almost 9 pm but TW didn't forget to get a kitty bag for me. She brought home some left-over American hero sandwiches from the gathering. They don't eat red meat, so they removed the roast of beef and gave it to ME!!! It was the best new taste in this little kitteh's mouth all year! They brought lots of tissue paper home and what cat doesn't like to play with tissue paper! I also got a gift from my cousins BB, Isabel and Makena—a "cat in a bag," which you can see me playing with in the video. I have some really pawsome kitty cousins.

They told me that all entire crowd of about 18 was chanting my name at one point!!! Imagine that!!! OK, instead of yelling "cheese" during their group photo shoot, they were yelling "Cathy Keisha." WHOA! I wish I could include a shot of the motley crew but TW didn't bring her camera. I can always count on her to mess up my blog.

Everyone knows about the peeps' stunning cat so they get cat-related gifts. This year, they got a calendar from Brookes Legacy, a cat tea pot and TW's Aunt Ruth and cousin Kevin gave them the butter dish (at right), which matched the serving plate they got last year.

Pop likes the get-togethers because all the women bake tons of cookies and Pop eats tons of cookies. It all works out for him.

Since CK DID got 2 meals out of the roast beef, it worked out for me too.

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  1. Looks like it's still Christmas at your place! Roast beef! Cat in a bag toy! Cookies! Yowza! I'd better have a talk w/mom!

  2. Wow, your humans really made up for being gone all day with the stuff they brought home! The Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue sounds awesome!

  3. Two meals, wow CK, you really done good sweetie!!! Hooray for great rescues everywhere!!! I hope you are ready to ring in the New Year!

  4. I'd say you made out like a bandit with left over food. Hmm, I see you at least show interest in the bag thingy - not me - I totally ignored it and told M "You expect me to get excited about that?" I've never seen it since.

  5. Lucky CK you got so many presents! Unfortunately Naples is about a four hour drive from us. Your cousin sure has a great job. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  6. CK your extended family knows the right way to party and give gifts. A suiting way to make up for being left for the day.

  7. That rescue does sound wonderful for sure. CK, congrats on the roast beef and I think you were really brave with the Cat in a Bag, I may have run for the hills...Love your new header.

  8. Roast beast!!! We're moving in.

    To answer your question, we have five you can imagine, we STILL squabble over them!

  9. You're livin right, CK. It sure looks like you've got the Peeps very well trained. Me...I've still got work to do here. Baby steps...
    xo Katie

  10. Wow, the holly-daze just keep goin at your house! Yay fur the cousin's rescue! Happy New Year to the world's most stunning cat! xoxo

  11. Well, SCORE on the roast beast sandwiches, but I gotta be honest, CK: If anybody put that "Cat in a Bag" anywhere near me, I'da been UTB in such a flash I'd be an invisible blur. That thing looks like it could KILL a kitty.

    Can you still love a coward?

    PS: Love your header!

  12. I have never seen that "Cat In A Bag!!" that is BEYOND cool but CK looks like she thinks you guys have lost your mind! lol.

    Where did they find that????

    What a great family, remembering the kitty!

  13. Yer makin' me hungry, girl!! What a nice festive, food and goodie-filled get-together. I heard something about giving animals cute names helps them get adopted. I think that's so true! Hats off and hearts out to cousin Karen for the work she does.

    Cathy, much love to you and your family. Enjoy when you come by my blog and leave a funny comment as you did today!



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