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Evenybody Loves a Winner!

First some news and then the winners of the Royal Canin giveaway. We've been real busy with seasonal stuff. Would you believe Pop's new TV has been sitting here for a week and we still haven't had time to set it up? At least Niles is all dressed and lit up and my cards are almost all written. Oh yeah, our other excitement was that we got a new modem and just like that, my WiFi is gone. I'll have to wait until Uncle Vince visits again next month. For at least 24 hours, we had no phone service because the peeps didn't think it was necessary to plug the phone jack into the modem. OK, TW said she couldn't get it to click in and it fell out when Pop monkeyed with it.

On to the winners! Can I have some Fanfare? TADADA DADAAAAA!
are my 10 winners. I have a bunch of your snail mail addresses already but need them from the rest of you. You can e-mail me at stunningkeisha AT hotmail DOT com or DM me on Twitter @CathyKeisha and I'll send them off to Royal Canin. Concats one and all! Can't wait to see if you guys like the Protein also.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Niles, fully dressed. His star is a bit crooked but a few cotton balls fixed that.
The yellow Santa to the upper left of the 9-11 heart is a hunnert years old.
TW saw one in NC years ago for $79!

I am a good girl who would never climb Niles or bust one
of his balls. Note how I'm doing the paw curl.

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  1. We wonned!?! woohoo! Maw, we's gonna et tonite! Thanks for having a drawing!

    Niles is rather good looking, for an un-neutered tree.

  2. Say, we just sent you an email and it came back Error 505...can you email us first?

    katniplounge AT gmail DOT com

  3. Cool tree! My human says that if she is going well on her Monday article deadline, she may actually put up a tree this year! We'll see.

  4. OMC I won! Mom better lock stinker boy out of room so I can do taste test or he'll steal the foods like he does everything else! MOL

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    And Niles, well he's looking quite dapper. Glogirly had that same 911 ornament but she broke it last year. I repeat, SHE broke it. There was no blaming me!
    xo Katie

  6. Your comment about how young the Human is made me laff and laff until she kind of glared at me and I thought I had better stop.

    Niles looks very festive!

    And CK? That Paws-Curled Pose makes me feel all melty inside.

  7. Yay!!! We is sooo excited! Niles looks beautiful. What you said about bustin balls is makin Mommy's dirty mind laff and laff. (can't she be ugly?) We'll be in touch! xoxo Thank you!!!

  8. CK, we are very excited to have won! Will email you in a minute. Niles is very handsome, and your paw curl is perfect!

  9. ConCATulations to the winners !!!
    If we had a Niles in my house I sure not would have my paws curled up ;-)

  10. Oh goodness, Mom is doing some kind of dance since we won some food. Thanks so much for having the drawing. We are thrilled.
    We think Niles is so handsome. Love the gold Santa. He is ferry old.
    CK, that paw curl is just purrfect. Hope you have a great day.

  11. That is a great bunch of winners fur sure! I love Niles CK, what a looker!!!

  12. Oh CK! I am SO happy I won! Thank you very much! I can't wait to do my own taste test. I just logged on computer after a few days (dad in hospital again) so this was much needed good news. Dad will be OK, his blood levels down due to blood thinning medication. Hope you have the bestest Christmas EVER! Love your tree!

  13. Congratulations to all the winners.
    That is a bootiiful tree CK. How long will you remain a good girl???? I must say, you look stunning in the photo tho.

  14. Congrats to all the winners!! And that's a pretty tree!! Have you tried climbing it yet??


  15. concats to ALL of the winners!!! Next time will ya have a Royal Canin RABBIT FOOD FOR CATS give-away....pleeeaaasssseee???? That stuff is like gold and costs me over $50 a CASE!

    Yep I noticed the "curled paws", she isn't going to touch a thing, will she? HEHEHE

  16. CK? Look how verreh KONVEENYENT it would be to reach right out and give that gold ornament that says Merry Christmas a good solid smacky paw. You could have it re-curled under you in a flash and no one would ever even know. C'mon. Spitty dares you!

  17. Really? Unbreakable? Well, with a tiiiiny bit more effort, you could reach the green one just above it. THAT one looks good and smackable. Also, you don't have to actually knock it off the tree, just show it who's boss.

  18. The Human read up on Silvervine before I was allowed to have it. It is a non-toxic Asian plant that has a startling (to say the least!) effect on the kitties. We first heard of it in a Maru video (do you know Maru, the Internet kitteh star?), and then the Katnip Lounge kitties had some not too long ago. It packs a wallop, CK. If your Human sends me your snail mail, I'll share!

  19. Congrats to everyone who won. Niles is looking mighty fine. And you are looking pretty adorable there with the paw curl, CK!

  20. Dis a very gud tour of Niles' attributes! We loves the hunnert year old Santy!
    Me hada wait a few minutes acause CK is so amazingly gorgeious in that lass picshur... just sayin...


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