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A Stunning Christmas in Pictures

Our tacky front door decorations

On Christmas eve, the peeps went out to look at the pretty
lights than I DJed for GoergetheDuck's Catmaseve pawty.

Christmas morn found me curled up and looking stunning
 on TW's NY Yankee snuggie with one of my new nip toys.

After the presents were opened, I did my usual romp thru the
mounds of wrapping paper.

This is my loot! Whoa! But that's not all of it!

I'm occupying Pop's new jacket, which is now my new bed and
 dreaming of my new cat tree (below) which will be
assembled after the Christmas tree leaves. See ya, Niles.

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  1. What great presents! Your soon to be assembled cat tree looks really nice. Merry Christmas, CK!

  2. What a great Christmas, CK! All those cool nip treats - AND a brand new cat tree! You made out!

  3. WOW CK - it looks like Santa dumped his sleigh full of toys at your house. What a haul girl!

  4. Oh Goodness look at that wonderful tree. Niles sure does need to leave. Looks like you made a great haul of toys etc.CK, please tell Mom that yes we did get the food and the card and the coupon. She is going to use the coupon this week. She apologizes for not letting her know.She has been such a slacker lately. Hope all of you have a great day after.

  5. Great stuff fur sure CK and that tree is gonna be so much fun!

  6. You made out like a bandit you lucky thing. That cat tree is just pawsome!

  7. Woohoo! Niles, don't let the door hit you in the bough on the way out.

  8. Wow CK!!! You had an amazing Christmas and I am sooooooo happy because you deserve it!

    I am impressed that your peeps can put together that GORGEOUS cat tower! Mine NEVER could!

  9. Whoa--that picture with your nip toy send my little heart all pitter-pattering. You *do* look stunning! I'm glad you took over the man's jacket--sometimes, you gotta show the people who's boss. Although I hope you gave it back since you do need his thumbs for the assembly.

    Glad the envelope arrived. Can not wait for the report!

  10. I'm glad to know that I'm not the ONLY secret softie round these parts, CK. It's just that the beddy was so soft and I hadn't been petted in FOREVER and noHuman had given me the brushies or nuffing. I'm sorry I let you down.

  11. really cashed in! That new cat tree is WAY cooler than Niles. So what are you going to name it?
    xo Katie

  12. Looks like you had a very Merry Christmas CK! Our kitties would be very jealous of your soon to be put together tower! Wishing you and your peeps a very Happy New Year! *whispering* Mom loved your card and newsletter! She's been dragging her feet here getting ours out... maybe in time fur Easter!

  13. Wowwee!! Check out that cat tree! Awesome!! It sure looks like you had one heck of a Christmas!!

  14. CK, you got some excellent pressies! Can't wait to see your cat tree. We love the picture of you in the wrapping paper, you are just the cutest!


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