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Gotcha Day: A House w/o A Cat is NOT a Home!

I hope you read part 1 of my story, which told why the peeps were in the market for another cat.

After losing Nicky and Autumn within 10 days of each other in August, the peeps didn't want to rush into getting another cat. Ma suspected that she was allergic to cats. After getting Nicky, who slept at her feet every night, her throat kept closing up. Then after they took Autie, she had a recurring eye infection. She figured she'd see if she got better w/o a cat; of course, not knowing that cat dander can stay in a house for a couple of years, no matter how well cleaned it is.

Their friends were determined that they get another cat or two. One kept calling to tell her about kitties that her friends rescued who needed homes; another had a friend who worked at a shelter that would personally deliver the kitteh of Pop & Ma's choice. She also told Ma about

In October, Ma says she "didn't know how good she had it" and gave in. She started looking at, specifically at Companion Animal Placement's cats. CAP was the rescue organization who they'd adopted Autumn from for Grandma. Her throat wasn't feeling any better so she figured it wasn't the cats. On first look, the peeps didn't find that special cat, even though I was one of the cats listed that fit their criteria. They were looking for a young cat, though not a kitten; a female since none of the male cats they ever had lived to be 10 years old; and a small cat cos Pop was having back surgery and wouldn't be able to lift a large cat like Nicky. Ma sent Pop links to a couple of calicos that looked like Autumn but nothing came of them. Pop wanted to get two siblings, who would get along unlike the two they had. Finally she gave up.

In December, she started looking again. This time, she sent Pop the link to my PetFinder page. (Sorry about the dead link. Apparently CAP has gone out of business and have removed their cats from PetFinder.) This is what Pop read: "What can we say about Kittee (that's me!)? She's definitely got personality and character! These pictures don't do her justice, we'll have to take more to show her true colors! One minute she is calm and the next....she's off chasing something, exploring, climbing to the top of the cat tree. Very playful, energetic, and athletic. Kittee is young only about a year old and will allow you to pet her and pick her up until she's off to the next adventure!" The rest is history. It was love at first sight for Pop. He knew he's found his girl. I was starting to get a bit antsy in my cage, not knowing if I'd ever find that furever home that others spoke in hushed tones about. I'd been taken from a kill shelter in Jersey City months earlier and was now in a kennel in Hillsborough.

This was one of my PetFinders' pictures.

Ma filled out the online adoption application for me and sent it in along with a note for them to please make sure I was at the upcoming Adoption Day at the Hoboken Animal Hospital on January 29th. They wanted to meet me to see if we bonded. What the hell was she talking about? Pop didn't care; he wanted me!

The 29th came and Pop's back was so bad, he could hardly stand up. They got to Hoboken full of excitement but I was nowhere to be found! Ma played with a long-hair named Ashanti and Pop admired Gunther, a huge Maine Coon. Ma wanted to pick one and go home. Even though Pop was in pain, he wanted to wait. They told him there might be more cats coming. He held out hope that his little Kittee would be one of them.

On Friday, I'll post part 3. Would I show up in Hoboken? Would I ever find a furever home?

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  1. Oh, the suspense! I want to read Part 3 now!

  2. OMC. I can't wait to hear part 3. Purrs to you and your fambly....

  3. You has a very interesting life story friend. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

  4. I can't wait for part 3 girl! SeattleP

  5. Hiya Cathy Keisha! We came over from Rumblepurr's blog to wish you a furry Happy Purrday (even though it is tomorrow)! And, we read your story and you know what?!? We grew in in NJ! Right by you in South Bound Brook! Our mom is from East Brunswick and our dad is from Iselin! We hope you have a GRRRR-8 Purrday and get LOTS and LOTS of toys and treats! Stop by anytime...

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew
    aka...Skeeter, King, Pandora, and Cricket

  6. Hi Skeeter, King, Pandora, Cricket, I notice you guys have tons of blogs. Which one should I be following and linking to?

  7. CK, I am so glad I went to these links. <3


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